Monday, May 12, 2014


Hello all and one!
This is Sister Lundahl reporting to you from a wonderful spring morning on the eastern side of the country in South Royalton,VT.  And let me just say,  it truly is lovely!
This week of adventures has included crazy fun service, zone meetings, and businessy stuff.  Next weeks plans include the same.  So I send this to you with love and hope you will enjoy the stories of VERMONT!!!!
So this week has really been so busy!  I don't know where it has gone.  I feel like it just started and now it is over and we are in the last week of the transfer.  What!  Transfer call are this week and I must say I am pretty sure that we are both staying.  I've only been here for 1 transfer and Sister Smedley has only been here for 2 so.  Yeah, we just need to stay. Because we like eachother, and we work well together.  Which is exactly why I am worried that we will not be staying together.  But pray that we will.
Monday we had the JSM and we waited for tours to come... none did.  Our plans fell through, so we went and contacted a former investigator.  He is really nice kid named John.  We talked to him for a really long time.  unfortunately he is moving. :(  But we are gonig to try and teach him still or send his information on. 
Tuesday we went and did FM.  We were working on lights again.  Then we had our meeting and we went to work a little outside.   We then went to go and contact an investigator.  She said that she is no longer interested right now. :(  But we will try her again in a couple of months.  Afterwards we had dinner with the Turinetti family.  They have 9 kids and are a little crazy!  But so much fun!  I love them so much. :)  Then we went to contact a referral. She isn't interested right now either, but was super friendly and appreciated the visit.  :) 
Wednesday We had an awesome day!  We went to go see Barbi.  And investigator that I taught last summer and we helped her clean a little bit.   She broke her back and almost died last summer.  But she is doing a little bit better right now.  We helped clean and then we taught her the restoration.  It was so cool, and a little odd because she doesn't really have a strong christian background at all.  So it is like teaching someone who has heard of God, but doesn't really know what God means and things like that.  She is so cool!  I really like her.  We then had to rush to Marie's house we brought our violins and played for her there.  We then helped her polish some silver.  I've never polished silver before, and it was a little tedious, but it was done and it turned out pretty good for the pieces that we finished. We had to leave so we didn't get it all done.  We then went with a member to go and see Debbie.  She is our investigator that is going through a really hard time and we really just want all her problems to go away, but we know that isn't possible.  So we are doing our best to help her as much as we can.  That lesson, kind of was all over because she is going through so much. It was a little crazy.  Then we had dinner with the Harmans.  A senior couple here.  They are so nice and fun to be around. Elder Harman is so funny, and likes to pick on people, so I give it back a little bit.... yeah. then we went to young womens.  So yeah.  That was a really great busy day.
Thursday we had a zone meeting.  It was from 10-2 and it was fun!  We were taught by our zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders and we learned so much and were able to just really feel the spirit and see how we can help the people here in this area.  We have a goal of asking inspired questions.  And we totally were able to do that this week.  It was really great.  After Zone meeting we went to the JSM to do some Chat.  That was ok.  We had some interesting chats that day, but we also had some good ones.  Then we went home made some dinner and went to the Perrons.  That was fun.  We did the object lesson with 2 copies of the BoM that you interlock the pages.  And then try to pull them apart.  Yeah.  It was great!  They really liked it. :)
Friday we had weekly planning.  It is one of the best days, and one of the longest, because weekly planning just takes so much time.  we have so much to do that we have to finish it all and sometimes we feel like we don't have enough time in the day to see everybody.  But I really like it.  I really like being busy.  We didn't quite finish it though because we then had to go to the JSM for a meeting with a person from the mission department from Salt Lake.  Well he asked us, meaning Sister Smedley and I to give him a tour. what!  Well we did it.  It was really really bad. but hey we learned a bunch.  We also were able to ask him questions and just learn.  It was really interesting. A very neat experience.  He was actually part of the group that did the Because of Him video.  So wow! We gave some tours then we went and had dinner with an investigator named Pat.  She is so sweet. I really really like her.  And I want her to have the gospel so much in her life.  the only problem is we have been having a really a hard time seeing her consistently.  But we think that we will be able to do it once we get everything figured out.  After Dinner with her we had another lesson with Debbie.  Where we used our inspired questions and taught her.  We were able to teach her and set a goal for her to be baptized June 14!  What!  I think I am more shocked than she is. :)Today we are going to be teaching her the Word of Wisdom.
Saturday We went to the JSM and waited to give some tours them we went back home and finished our weekly planning.  Hallelujah!  I am so glad because now this week is all taken care of. 
Sunday Mothers day!  So this whole week I kept forgetting that it was mothers day and then it was the day before and everybody kept asking, and I was like oh yeah.  We can do that.  lol.  But then I started getting really really antsy.  It was funny.  Both Sister Smedley and I were both.  We gave 1 tour to a family of 6 and there were 3 boys who were all over the place and then we went and saw a less active family and then we went and got really for skype.  We got it all set  up and called home.  It was really fun and I am so glad that we were able to talk with everybody it was just really good.  So that was my week.  It was so much fun!  And I am so glad that everybody was there.  :)
I love you all!!
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Best is Here!

Hello all! 
 So this week has been full of awesome adventures of craziness!  We have been pretty busy here!  Like really busy.  We have been going all over the place trying to get everything done that we have to do.  I hope I will have enough time to tell you everything. 
Monday we had a little problem and lots our cell phone for a little bit.  We had to find it and apparently it feel out of Sister Smedley's bag at the JSM.  But we got it and then went to the Perrons for a lesson.  That was really good.  We brought the polymer dad sent me and used it to show our faith and read Alma 32:26-27.  It ended up being a little crazy with some hard questions of the soul being asked, but we did our best to help them.
Tuesday we went to the JSM for facilities management.  And before we went we set up phones for chat.  So now we can call and talk to people online when they want something.  We haven't done them yet because to be honest I am scared to a little bit, and 2nd we haven't had time to really do them yet.  But we will this week.  After taking care of lights at the JSM we had a Skype meeting with some of the missionary department people in Utah.  that was a little odd.  We talked about chat and online things.  So we need to start doing more chat at the JSM.  I'm not sure how we are going to have time to do all of the stuff are supposed to be doing, but hey that is a good thing for a missionary. After the meeting we went up to Randolf to see some people then drove up to Montpelier for exchange.  Well the sisters were a little late so we didn't get home till.. well needless to say late.  So that was fun especially since I had to drive.  But hey it all worked out which was good.
Wednesday, Sister Aeshebacher and I went out and about.  First we went to the Talbots to help them set up their basement.  Sister Talbot was pregnant at the time and they wanted to get their house all set up for when the baby arrived.  Lets just say we got it done just in time because they had their baby today as in Monday!  Actually Sister Talbot's father is Mr. Jesse the old principle of Barratt Elm.  So we helped out there then we went and did some chat at the JSM.  That we cool.   We were able to commit a person to be baptized!  He had been taking the lessons but wanted to know some more and he had felt the spirit and knew it was true we just helped him along the way. After some good chats we went and tried to contact some people.  That didn't go so well.  But then we had dinner with the  Likes a new senior couple who is here.  Afterwards we went to Young Womens.  They were having camp kickoff and a bunch of girls are going who are non-members.  We talked to them and the rest of the girls it was fun  Also we found a popcorn that looked like yoda.  It was super funny, apparently I was not allowed to eat it, so I gave it to one of the girls.  lol.  So that was our day.
Thursday we had district meeting.  That was a big district meeting because we already have 10 missionaries and then the assistants showed up.  So it was a big meeting.  Our district leader had a great lesson.  It was a really good district meeting.  We then had lunch together.  Then we exchanged back and headed back to SO Ro.  We had 2 lessons.  We say Sandy and Steve.  Both are doing well.  We also saw Misty.  She went to a relief society activity this past week and it was really good.  :)
Friday we did our weekly planning and I made some curry.  hmm mmm that was good.  we then went to the JSM to give tours and then we did more weekly planning.  Luckily we got it all done.  So that was really good.  Our coming week is completely full.  I've never had that happen before. :)
Saturday we had coordination and then we went to the JSM for tours and then we went to teach Zachariah and Francis.  that was a really good lesson too.  Then we saw another great family who is less active afterwards we went and saw a Recent convert and then we went home.  After stopping by a member's house.
Sunday was fun we had church.  Unfortunately nobody showed up, but it was still good.  Well investigator wise.  We then gave tours at the JSM for a while a guy who is in the army came and he is a member, but he really liked the tour.  We then had dinner and we taught an investigator.  She is more interested in the church intellectually but we are hoping to change that.  If we can.  She is very smart. 
Well my time is up I gtg!
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl