Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!
This week was another week of madness.  It started with monday where we had FHE and then we made phone calls. Not too exciting I guess. 
Tuesday we went and helped stack wood.  We were only able to do it for a little bit, but the family gave us some lunch, which was really yummy.  Then we rushed to the memorial where we had the chance to have our meeting with all the senior couples.  The senior couples here are fantastic!  So of course we had a good time.  Even though we had phantom dingers going off.  Basically it would signal that someone was here, but nobody was driving there.  So afterwards we had to hurry back to our apt.  Where I had to  finish packing, because I was going to Montpelier for exchange.  So we hurried and packed up so we wouldn't have to waste any miles.  I packed and then we drove up to a members house who fed us.  We had Hot dogs that we roasted over a fire.  I can't believe how long it has been since I had a hot dog over a fire.  They are much better when cooked over the fire.  We also saw one of the less actives we have been working with.  So we had dinner then we rushed around trying to contact some people.  Unfortunately we have not been able to make contact with a bunch of our investigators and people in the Randolph area.  So we went and met with the Montpelier sisters and I went to randolph.  And Let me just say.. their apartment is really ghetto.  It is in an old Hotel and to get into their bathroom you have to take a step up.  And the whole building smells like smoke.  It is pretty bad.  But they are right in the center of town so they can walk everywhere. 
So Wednesday we went and served at the library.  We checked in books and things like that.  That was a temptation.  But Thankfully I was able to resist.  Then we went and taught a member our 7 min. Restoration.  That was fun.  She told us that she is actually thinking about going on a mission.  We told her she definitely should.  After that we got lost.  Yep.  Really lost.  The GPS was really slow so we didn't know where we were supposed to turn until it was too late.  Therefore we missed the turns so many times that we ended up in Brookfield.  That is in our area in South Royalton.  I thought it was super funny.  So we finally made it to the place.  And the lady was really nice that we were late.  Then we went to see another less active.  And talked with her neighbors for a little bit. We even gave them a book of Mormon.  It was really cool.  Then we taught her.  By now it was 6:15 and we have to be at the church by 6:30 for young womens.  Unfortunately we were super hungry.  And for some odd reason we kept smelling french fries.  So we stopped at burger king and got some food.  
Meanwhile in South Royalton Debbie, the investigator that has a baptismal date texted the sisters and said that she needed their help.  They went over, and she is moving.  She is moving to Waterbury so she will be in the Montpelier sisters area.  That was it.
Thursday We went to district meeting, but  Sister Smedley and Brown didn't show up.  Because Sister Smedley was sick.  They ended up getting there late.  But they got there and then we ended up going to get our car fixed.  Our window had a chip in it.  So we got that taken care of and then we drove to South Royalton for Chat time at the JSM.  We had a few good chats, and then we went to the relief society activity.  We learned how to do a dance.  It was really fun.  And I actually got a little sore from it because we were supposed to kick out and we don't usually kick that was in soccer, so I kept messing up.  It was kind of funny.
Friday we had weekly planning and we got a little bit done.  Then we went and gave some tours at the JSM  we gave a great tour to this man and wife named Michael and Lisa.  They were from mass.  and they were going up to meet some friends so they stopped and here because it is in Sharon and they live in Sharon Mass.  So we gave them a quick tour and got their info and then they rushed off to Burlington.  Well funny story they stopped by monday to give us chocolates.  Unfortunately there was nobody here because we were all in church.  lol.  So they left the chocolates for us on a bench and sent an e-mail to Elder Osborn.  So now we have some yummy chocolates.
Saturday we worked on finishing our weekly planning, and then we went to the JSM for some more tours.  Then we went and had a quick coordination where we told our Ward mission leader that we have a great goal!!!!!  We are going to get one baptism by the end of next transfer. We are so excited!!
Then we went to our lesson with Dave.  We taught Pray often. We then stopped by a referral named Marie.  She is amazing, and I am inclined to think that she is going to be our baptism!  That was Saturday for us.
Sunday we had a good time at church.  Then we went to choir practice.  We are singing this great song called I testify of Jesus Christ.  It is great.  So then we went and gave tours.  We gave a tour to the lady who I went to the Temple with a couple of months ago.  She knows the Parsons.  So we talked with them.
Then we went and had dinner with some people and talked to more referrals.  It was just great.  sorry there aren't too many details.  I think I'm a little out of it.  We have been really busy.  We then taught the restoration to Marcie.  She is super great.  She wants to come to church, but she is first going to find a new job and she is coming to FHE tonight and wants to make commitments and commit to church, but she is just having the problem of her job.  But we are so excited for her.
Monday we have just been doing the usual, but our district is going to be coming so we can hike patriarch hill, and play games and watch a movie.  We are excited.  So that is about it.  Thinks are going really good. here!  I love you all and can't wait to hear from you!!
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

Thursday, June 12, 2014

One more week of awesome! (june 9, 2014)

Hello Family!
So this week has been lots of fun!  We had some really good experiences this past week.  I'll start with the very beginning I guess. 
Tuesday!  We changed our schedule around so that we go to FM on Wednesday now instead of Tuesday.  So we had tuesday to go and see some people.  Wow that was a little crazy!  We went and stopped by some less actives then we went over to Sister Pease.  She is an old lady that can't come to church so we played our violins for her and helped her out a little bit.  Then we dropped some cookies by to an investigators who was sick.  We then had a meeting at the JSM. It was a good meeting.  We talked about prayer, and I thought about some ways that I could improve my prayers.  Like having a more of a conversation for prayer instead.  We then went and saw some people in Randolf in preparation for a dinner that we were having up there.  They only problem was that we got up there earlier than we expected.  So we decided, the first house with a red door we will stop driving and knock on their door, because they will be ready.  Well that is exactly what we did.  And guess what.  She was ready. We had a great conversation with her, and she has great potential.  I know that that was where we were supposed to be.  We then went and had dinner with the family and guess what!  They had someone there for us to teach!  What?!  That was really cool.  We had dinner then we shared the Restoration with them. Unfortunately he didn't want to learn any more, but at least we gave him the option.
Wednesday we went to FM and we weeded for a very long time.  It was good though to be outside.  The only problem was that we got a few black fly bites.  After which we we went and helped out Marie.  She is a potential, and we helped her around her house.  Then we went to dinner.  Well the couple gave me the wrong address, and we got a little lost.  It was sad because we had some members following us to the lesson... yeah.  Awkward.  But we found the place and made it all right.  This was a lesson with Tim.  He is a recent convert and he just got married.  So we are teaching the new member lessons with him.  It is good.  We had dinner with them then we taught him about priesthood and auxiliaries. We then stopped by some members house and gave them some cookies that we made too.
Thursday we had District meeting.  That was really cool becasue they told us about this new thing, or I guess old thing that they want us to do.  They want us to be able to teach the Restoration in 5 mins.  Using the pictures in the pamphlets!  What?  Yeah it is cool.  We have started at 7 mins and let me just say that it is hard.  We always want to put in a bunch of fluff, but if the apostles say it is possible we will do it.  We were told we will 2x baptisms if we do this.  So we are doing it!  Well on the way to district meeting we were having some car issues.  So the member we rode with called her dad he came and they took the car to get fixed.  Well, apparently the lug nuts had fallen off.  How? IDK.  But they fell and the wheel was therefore having issues and if we had driven home we would have lost a tire along the way. :(  But since they took it to get fixed, we are still here to tell the tale of what would or could have been.  Thank goodness.  So because of that little dilema we were a little late in getting back to the JSM for Chat.  But it turned out ok.  We had a good chat with some people and then we scurried off to Woodstock to help at the community dinner there. That was really good. 
Friday we were supposed to have a lesson with some investigators, but then he called to cancel.  It was Rob.  He had a bunch of things come up and he was actually upset that he had to cancel.  
 So we just did our weekly planning and then we went up to the JSM to give some tours.  Well.  then we went home and did some more weekly planning... yay.
Saturday we were supposed to have coordination, but that fell through and it was also the mormon media blitz.  So we decided to go crazy and get to work!  We went to the bishops house and we called a bunch of people to come out with us and take pictures etc.  Well that is what we did and we had some good times.  We were a little crazy in everything that we ended up doing, but we are missionaries.  We went and talked to some people and shared the restoration in 7 mins.  It actually turned out to be 10. But it was so cool.  The lady accepted a soft baptismal and not only that she said we could come back and teach her more!!!!!!  It is working already!  So we were super pumped about that.  Then we went to the JSM.  We were there then we went to Camp Joseph where they were having a YSA activity and we went to go say "hi" to a less active who was there. It was cool cuz I saw a family from Laconia there!  Then we went to Dave's lesson.  He actually made us dinner. It was general Tsao's chicken.  It was really good.  And we had a great lesson about the plan of salvation.  He is doing a great job!  After that we played our violins and the piano so that Sister Brock and Brother Sypher could post them on facebook.  So now they are out there for all the world to see.  If they so desire. So that was about it for Saturday.
Sunday we had church and then we had linger longer.  That was fun because people took pictures of us there and posted them on facebook and all over.  Then we went up to the JSM where it was super busy with us giving tours all over the place. After we gave tours we drove down to see an investigator down in South Royalton to set up a return apt.  Because we haven't been able to see her for a long time.  So we set that up then we went and stopped by a less active.  She is not interested at all.  In fact she is actually going to a different church now.  Which was sad to hear.  She doesn't want anybody to stop by her at all.... we still were able to have a nice chat with her about different things.  Then we went and had dinner with a family with 6 kids.  The youngest of which is 2.  She is a very cute girl.  And sometimes those cute girls are the ones who do silly things. For example,  on Sunday we were in Gospel principles.  And well, this little girl coming running in and says while lifting her dress, "Mommy look!  I pooped!"  Haha.  That was so funny.  We all just started laughing.  Well of course that meant what she did was a good thing, so of course she tried to do a repeat in relief society, but her mother was able to stop that from happening.  It was super funny!
Well that is this week for ya.  Today we have a tour group from amerian fork and lehi and surrounding for heritage tours.  So thats all for now!
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

Monday, June 2, 2014

The best is here

Hey Familia!
So last week we had a really odd week which I know that you heard a little bit about, monday was the parade and then Tuesday was our p-day, then Wednesday was odd too!
Wednesday we went to district meeting.  We usually have it on Thursday, but since they mission was having MLT (mission leadership training)  And that was on Thursday we had to move district meeting to Wednesday.  The reason MLT had to be moved is becasue there there some people from the mission department that came up.  So wednesday we went to district meeting then we went and did chat at the memorial.  Well we got a call from the mission president saying the people from the mission department were coming up for a tour.  Well... Luckily we didn't have to give them the tour we were doing chat that day and we were having dinner.  But in the middle of our dinner we were told that they wanted to meet us.  I'm not sure exactly why, but we went and met them.  They were really nice and it was crazy, because one was Brother Donaldson and he was the mission president for the District 2.  So if you go watch it on mormonchannel.org he is the mission president.  And the other one, Brother Hemingway was the other person who came and he was the executive producer for the District 1.  It was kind of cool to be in their presence.  So we talked with them for a minute then went back to dinner while Elder Osborn took them on a tour.  Then we went to Young Women's that night,  They were doing camp certification.
Thursday we had to change a few of our plans as an investigator texted us to let us know that she had strep. :(  Not good.  So we went and tried to see a less active and we did some area work.  Basically fixing up our visuals.  We then drove up to Randolf so we would be able to so see Rob and Bob!  Our great investigators who are progressing so well!  We went and Taught the Plan of Salvation.  We only taught half of it.  And Rob had already read the pamphlet.  He is so good about that.  We tried to help him out as best as we could.  It was great!  We then went to a members house to do some service.  We stacked some wood and then we had dinner with them.  They are a very funny couple. 
Friday we went and did our weekly planning.  So I guess we didn't really go anywhere.  But we did our weekly planning and it was good.  While planning we got a call from a member who wanted us to go visiting teaching with her.  We said of course!  So we went with her to see some members and go visiting teaching.  It was really good.  We then had dinner with her and her family.  They are triplets and those little kids are so cute!  They are adorable.  So we saw them and then tried to finish our weekly planning.  Unfortunately we sill are not finished.
Saturday we had another great and sad day.  We went and had coordination, and then we went to see Dave.  The investigator from Brother Sypher.  It was amazing again!  We taught him and Brother Syphers sons were there so they added to the lesson a bunch.  It was so good.  We had a great time! It was amazing!  We also taught him part of the Plan of Salvation.  We also unfortunately had an investigator drop us that day too.  They gave us a call and left a message.  It was sad.  But we moved on and went to the JSM to give tours. And then we went and had dinner with the senior couple here at the JSM it was the Ogdens.  He was the principle at AFJH.  They are so great.  I really like them.  They also know the Jensen's in our ward.
Sunday we had a good time at church.  Unfortunately none of our investigators came to church, but we were really happy anyway.  Because it was a good day.  We had choir after church.  And I really like the song we are singing. We then went to the JSM for tours.  After giving some tours to some great people we went and did the stop smoking program with a person who is struggling.  It was good.  We are sure she will be able to do it. :)  Then we went to the Perrons.  While there we saw our investigator Dave!  He was there with Brother Sypher.  They were taking a piano.  It was kind of really funny.  It was really good to see them. 
So that was our week.  It was a really great week.  I am really liking it here right now and things are really great!  
That is all for now! 
I love you all!  Also I need you all to do me a favor this week.  I need you to write a note to my companion Sister Smedley and send it this week.   Just send it to the address:
136 Caron Circle APT #14
South Royalton, VT 05068
She could realy use a note!  So please send one!
Love you all tons! 
Love always and Forever!
Sister Lundahl

Did someone say miracle?(late)

Hola Familia! 
How art thou?  This weeks marks a week of miracles on the Eastern country side.
Monday for p-day we went and played games like wiffle ball and ultimate Frisbee and just had fun.  I must say I am really out of shape.  Actually all missionaries are.  One Elder said, the reason why missionaries get injured is because they go on their missions get out of shape, but whenever there is an opportunity to do something they do it and then they injure something because  they no longer have the ability to do what they used to.  I think that is very true. 
Tuesday we went to facilities management.  There we worked out on the grounds at the JSM and spread mulch around the trees at maple lane.  It was tiring.  We were so sore afterwards.  Really it was hard.  Then we went and saw a referral.  His name was Bob.  Well we went to the house let me just say the directions were not good.. at all.  We had to ask for some help.  Well we made it there and when we got there, there ended up being 2 Bobs.  Actually one was Rob and the other Bob, but they both had the same name of Robert,  it was a father and son.  We talked with them for a little bit and then set up a return appointment.  It was amazing that it all worked out because we were leaving their door right as they came to it, so we talked to them and set up a time for this week. :)
Wednesday we had a few changes in some plans, but we went and helped a member in the ward cut down some trees.  That was fun.  Definitely not the usual service.  Then we went home to have lunch and clean up.  Well I was debating if I really needed to take a shower or not.  I did and good thing too because I found a tick on my clothes!!  Thank goodness I took a shower!  That was a little crazy.  We then went and saw Debbie.  We taught the Word of Wisdom.  It went... well it went.  Ok, it actually went really well.  SHe has no problems with it, except, she is a social drinker. So we talked about that for a while, and we promised her blessings.  Well she has been having problems finding a job, and miracle of all miracles when we left, later that day someone called for an interview.  coincidence?  I don't think so!  hahahahaha the gospel is true.  
Anyways, then we went and had dinner with the Egans.  One of the senior couples here with their daughter Mackenzie who has special needs.  It was fun.  They are so great!  Then we went to young womens where they are getting ready for girls camp.
That was fun.
Thursday we had our last district meeting as a district.  That was fun  we went to a cafe and had district lunch,  Then we came back and gave a tour to Misty the LA that we are working with and the n we went to the community dinner down in woodstock to serve down there.  That was fun.  Then we stopped by the perrons on the way home. 
Friday we had weekly planning which we did not finish because we had lunch with some women and  Eatons sugar shack.  2 of which went through the temple the next day for the 1st time. :) 
Then we went to the JSM to give tours.  After which we had dinner with the Olado's.  He used to be the Ward mission leader last summer.  Sister Olado is a really good cook.  She made some spaghetti and brownies.  She said that if we gave her a recipe that she would make it for us.  I am totally going to give her the raspberry truffle brownie cake.  :)  yumm.
Saturday we had coordination with our ward mission leader then we went to a post card fair!  I got some cool post cards.  :)  just 3  for some reason if they are old they cost more money, and all of then were old.  I will send some home.  One was for that old salt palace resort that used to be on the Salt lake.  I thought that one was really cool.  After the post card fair we helped pick up.  Oh, that was fun.  because al lthe people were really grateful and wanted us to get involved in things in the community and help them out.  :)
We then went and helped milk some cows.  It was sister smedley's 1st time.  It was fun.  It was a different experience than the 1st time.  We then went to a lesson.  Well.. we wanted to but we smelled so bad that we called a member to see if we could come to her house for a minute to change, she basically forced us into the showers.  haha.  That was good because then we came to the lesson all good smelling.  That lesson was a miracle.  So we were with a member and he called us and told us about this friend that was going through a hard time and wanted to turn his life around.  Well the member told him he would help, but that he had to meet with the Sister missionaries, aka us. :)  So we set up a time to have dinner and a lesson with him.  And that was a really powerful lesson.   Hopefully we will continue to be able to help him :)  We set up a lesson for this week.  his name is dave. 
Then sunday came around and we had church.  No investigators came to sacrament meeting, but Dave came to the linger longer afterwards.  yay!
We then went to the jsm and gave tours it was really busy and we were busy until the end of our time and then we went and had dinner with a senior couple the Mooneys.  That was fun.  He is a carpenter and he just had to bring his lathe out here to work.  lol.  So he made then the table that they have.  It is cool. 
So that was the week.  it has been busy and crazy.  And full of miracles.  Thanks for all your love and support!
Love always and forever, 
Sister Lundahl