Monday, December 22, 2014

Hello Everybody!

So I am officially home and I have re-entered the real world.  I cannot believe this day has really come.  I think I am more shocked to be able to wear pants than anything else.
So my family never really posted a lot of pictures on my blog, so I am going to put a few up today. I hope that anybody who sees them will enjoy. :)
This is my and my mission president and wife.  the Stokers.

Some of the Senior couples and MacKenzie:
All of us sitting in a mustang! 

Well those are just a few for now!
Word cannot even describe how I felt about my mission and it is just a blessing for me to have been able to serve.

I know with all my heart that this gospel it true and that it changes lives.  I know that if we follow our savior Jesus Christ that we will be able to face every concern that we have in life with confidence and know that with his help no matter what happens we will make it out on the other side.  I know that we can live with him one day.  I am so grateful for this gospel.  I love it.  And I hope all who read this will read the Book of Mormon so that they too can come closer to the savior and his teachings!  And especially come to know the peace from reading those words.

I love you all!

Bridget Lundahl

Monday, December 15, 2014

Last Week.

Hello Family and Friends!
So this last week has definitely been really odd! All of our plans cancelled because the snow came and came and came!  Wow!  So monday night we went on exchange and to our surprise we had snow and we got grounded.  So we walked 4 miles to the memorial and then got stuck due to snow.  So a senior couple gave us a ride home after we got permission.  

Wednesday we had the great experience of exchanging at 7 in the morning while the road were good so I could get Sister Erickson back.  Then all our set appointments cancelled and we headed out to the memorial to do chat.  We got home rather quickly though because the snow started coming and everything else that evening got cancelled.  Even the electricity.  We slept like we were camping.  Sweats and sweatshirts.
Thursday again everything cancelled so we walked around and then we went to the memorial and we ended up sleeping there that night because we didn't have power. 
Friday we went home to power and it has been back ever since.  And that was great!  We had a traditional maple candies and sugar on snow. 
 We saw some people but our appts still got cancelled.  :(  Even though we could go out. That was it for the week.  They are taking Sister out of So Ro. This is my last e-mail so I want to say that I am so happy that I've been a missionary and I am so happy that I have been able to learn so much!  I love this gospel and it has changed my life.  I know this Gospel is true and I will see you all soon!


Sister Lundahl

Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Picking Up!

Oh Boy family!
Things are so great here!  I am so excited and happy.  We had a miracle week for sure.  To start off, it seems to me that everybody we talk to is anti the Book of Mormon.  From that guy at the store to a ton of chats which we have taken.  Many if not all have brought up things negative things about the Book of Mormon, and most of them have never even read it.  So the past 4 district meetings have been about the Book of Mormon.  And how to use it better and more and testify of it.  And this last one was killer.  We talked about how the Book of Mormon has helped us come to know the savior and it was so powerful.  The spirit was really strong.  And then we set our goals.  And we all set a goal for 4 new investigators!  So far we have 2 solid potentials that we are going to be seeing.  It is great!  I am so excited. :)
We have had snow, rain and freezing rain this week.  people have been coming to church.  and some haven't. 

This week sister Erickson has been super sick.  It has been really sad.  We will go to set appointments, but other than that she has no energy.  But I have been making phone calls and getting appts set up and members to come teaching with us, and so I still been really busy.  I ran out of time today for some of the exciting stuff. Probably because I am in shock that I will be home next week.  So if you have any last words of encouragement let me know!  Igtg.
Sister Lundahl

The End is NOT in Sight! (From December 1)

Hey Family,

Oh boy.  So I first want to start with today.  Today was crazy.  It started out good and normal, and then it went odd.  So what happened is, we were shopping in the grocery store and this guy stopped to ask us where something was.  When he realized we weren't workers he said oh ok.  But then he came back and started railing into us.  He basically told us we were going to hell and that we don't believe in Christ and that all the work we are doing is a waste of time.  We were both a little shocked.  
It was very frustrating because he wouldn't even let us talk.  He just kept speaking and we would try to say something and he would talk over us.  So we asked him if he has read the Book of Mormon.  And that sent him off saying that there is nothing that could possibly be put up next to the bible.  And anything that did is a fallacy.  He was really rude.  And so I said, well, I'm sorry but we need to leave.  But he kept talking.  And my companion didn't realize that she said this, but we said he could say anything about the Book of Mormon unless he has read it.  And he refused and said stuff, and my comp said, well you can't have an opinion about it until you read it.  And we walked away.  He was really fired up.  And it looked like he wanted to keep talking to us, but he left.  And then he disappeared. it was so odd.  We didn't see him in the store.  He was just gone.  
Needless to say we were a little shaken.  I was honestly frustrated that someone would claim to believe in Christ and then attack us to shamelessly.  It was ridiculous. It made me think back to the crusades and all those people who thought that militant Christianity was the way to go and they must force their opinions on others.  And I guess it is just sad to me, that the 11th article of faith really is necessary because of people like that.  I am still in a little bit of shock about what happened.  I mean, I've gone my entire mission without someone explicitly saying you're going to hell.  They have definitely implied it, but never said it to my face.  But this guy did.  And all I can say is this, I feel bad for the guy.  I feel bad that he refuses to let the Gospel of Jesus Christ change him.  And that is his choice.  Depressing.
So on to a happier note. Thanksgiving was super fun!  We had dinner at the memorial.  With all the senior couples and a few others.  It was a party!  And they cook really well!  That was definitely a bonus.  I love all the senior couples here.  They are awesome.  It is like have grandparent around always willing to help.  And we try to help them too. :)
Friday we had an odd day.  We did our weekly planning and then we went up to the memorial.  The directors there asked us if we would make a ginger bread nativity.  I've never made ginger bread until that day.   And I didn't realize what it took to make ginger bread.  We then had to decorate and make it all look nice.  It took us forever.  But we got it done just in time for the Christmas lighting ceremony at the JSM.  What they do, is they have a live nativity and then they turn on the lights of Christmas.  Which we helped set  up. :)  It was so cool!  There were so many people there and missionaries.  And we were able to talk with them and invite and testify.  It was so cool! I am so glad I was able to be there and see everything there.  It was beautiful!
Saturday we went out trying to contact some less actives.  And then we went back up to the JSM for the next lighting ceremony. That was fun. More people and lots of fun.  I love Christmas.
So the reason why I titled my e-mail what I did is because there is a ensign message from years ago about always being in the middle.  So I figure, I will always be a missionary.  So going home is just a place that I will be in not regression, but the next step for progression.  But that doesn't mean I want to go home.  No offense to you all.  I love you and want to see you.  I just want to be a set apart missionary. :) 
That is all.  We had a few less actives at church.
I saw a couple families from past areas.  The Swains from Laconia came here.  :)  They were the family we lived with.  That was fun.

That's all.  I love you all!
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

So About Yesterday (from November 25, sorry it is late)

For all you who are wondering why I didn't e-mail yesterday it is because we ended up having zone interviews.  So we had to move out p-day to today. 
So I just want to give a quick synopsis of the week and then go on about everything else. 
Tuesday we went to the chiropractor for Sister Erickson.  We then went to FM and helped put up more lights.  We were supposed to meet with some investigators... but the cancelled. :(  So we had to go tracting. :)
Wednesday we had a great district meeting about gratitude.  And Elder Zilles had us just take 5 mins to write down everything we are thankful for.  And that list kept going and going.  And then he challenged us to keep the list going and then take that list in prayer and let Heavenly Father know all those things you are thankful for.  And so I challenge you to take 15 mins to write all that you are thankful for and then do the same.  It is a truly amazing experience.
We saw Sara our investigator and taught her quickly because she took a muscle relaxant and was waiting for it to kick in.  We invited some people to learn more and went about tracting and talking.
Thursday we had FM again and put up more lights.  I never realized how much work it must take all the people at temple square.  Wow. Lights lights lights!
We went to the chiropractor  again.  The final adjustment.  And then we contacted a lady and she became a new investigator. :)The relief society activity was that night and it was fun we did crafts.
Friday was friday.  We did chat and we helped an investigator clean her house.  It was really good.  I think that she saw that we really jsut care about her.  And I think that she was really happy about our help.  I don't think she would have been able to do it on her own in time.
We had dinner with a senior couple the mooney's.  I love all the senior couples.  They make me feel like I am at home.  They are great!
Saturday we had an eventful day! We had to get me a prescription for my tooth, and then we went and tried to talk to people on the street.  That wasn't too effective because it was cold and nobody wanted to stand and talk.
We went east to another town and we saw this road called osgood dr.  The senior couples here are osborn and ogden.  And for some reason the ward here calls them all asgood. lol.  So we went and knocked on the house's door and they became new investigators.  It was funny though becasue their last name was steward.  :)
Sunday our investigators didn't come to church. :( We had a great lesson with a less active, and that is about it.  I love you all!
So yesterday I had my departure interview with my mission president.  Wow!  That was so good.  I love President Stoker so much!  And I am feel so lucky that he is my president.  He has helped me so much!  And I am so grateful to be here on my mission.
I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you!
Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl