Tuesday, February 25, 2014



For all of you who have not gone to the temple recently I rebuke you and call you to repent because there is nothing like going to the temple and partaking in everything that goes on there!!  I love and already miss the temple.  It is something that I hope I will never take for granted again.  And there are some interesting things there.... so all those who can go. :)

The Boston temple is really amazing!  I love it so much.  Everything there is just beautiful and it is so calm and quiet.  Which is odd because it is right next to a freeway.  And just going there and learning everything again.  It was great!!!

So this week was not so exciting.  This was due to that fact that tuesday night I got really sick.  IDK what it was just that I was cold and shaking and I couldn't get warm.  So Sister Vanderhoef let me borrow her electric blanket and I slept.  It was really odd.  I've never been sick like that before.  So the rest of the week one of us was either sick or recovering or back to being sick again.  It was horrible.  But we decided we were going to go to church and work no matter what this week, so that is what we are doing.  

I really hate being sick.  Every morning I woke up saying today is going to be great, and by the time I studied... well... I was back to bed and ill.  I guess that just shows that when you are ill sleep.  You recover much quicker.

So unfortunately that was mostly our week, on Sunday we did teach chelsea.  That was good.  Unfortunately we also found out that her family is not to hot on the church right now so if you want to keep her in your prayers that would be great.  I know that she need it.  She is such a cute fun girl!

So this week was not exciting since we were both sick, but it was so amazing to go to the temple.  GO people.  You will never regret it!

Yeah... That's all for this week!

Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Wonderful Life of Snow

Dear Family,
I love snow.  Yes.  I do  I love it so much.  Until it makes me stay inside and do inside missionary stuff. Because all any missionary wants to do while on a mission is teach.  That is all they ever want to do.  And that is all I want to do, teach and serve.  We did do some service.  We shoveled some people, the only thing is since we are in the boonies, everybody has a plow. or has someone plow.  So we had little to do.  But I'm getting out of order,

Monday we had FHE with the Iacopucci's.  It was a lot of fun because I brought some of the object lessons that dad sent me and they really likes them.  It was cool to see.  

Tuesday we Had some mormon.org time and it was odd because there were some people who had a knitting club meeting at the library, and I realized that the world really is going away from a lot of things just by the manner that they spoke and the things they said.  it was discouraging.  But then we saw one of our members on a computer and she was really sweet.  We also went and taught our investigator Allison.  She remembered everything we taught her the week before and it was really cool to finish teaching her the restoration.  We then had dinner and our apt with our other investigator Chelsea fell through, which was odd.  Then we drove to danbury for exchange.

I went to Hanover again and I was there with Sister Korman our sister Training leader.  We had a fun time teaching all her investigators and being able to share the gospel with them.  They have a bunch of great things going on there.  Unfortunately we had to unexchange back that night because there was a crazy snow storm coming in and it would have been bad if I was stuck in Hanover, fun but not good.  So we exchanged back that night, luckily Sam was able to get the sisters and come all the way over to Hanover about a 2 hour drive.  So that was good, but unfortunately we didn't get home til 10.  But we made it home and it was all really good.  :)  because on 

Thursday I did some things inside.

And friday, valentines day we were still snowed in.  The snow kept coming and coming it was crazy.  So we went and shoveled some people out  and helped the swains with some things for valentines day, like we made the biggest thing of lasagna ever.  I think it rivaled the size of the one at girls camp.  not the taste though.  

Saturday we had coordination with the Ortons.  They are a fantastic family and are so much fun to work with.  We then came home to finish weekly planning. and some other things.

Sunday was fun, the Goodriches came to church.  they are in the mission presidency and Sister Goodrich was telling us some really funny things.  It was great!

So zone conference we did a study thing of something called the fourth missionary.  It explained basically how a missionary should be to be successful and things like that.  It was great.  I loved it!  We also were at the jsm(Joseph Smith Memorial) and it was good to see it again.  It was in the snow, but it was still a beautiful as ever! :)

Well I love you all and hope for the best for all of you!!

Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello Family and Friends!! 
This week the greatest news ever came to our ears, but to let you wait in a little bit of suspense, I will go through the week so Monday you already know about, but we went later to the Orton to have FHE and it was really cool to see how they do it.  What they do is they have a question that they will ask everybody and then share feelings and a lesson and schedules and stuff like that.  It was interesting. 
Tuesday we went and taught our new investigator Allison.  She is 12 and the sweetest girl.  We taught her the restoration and used the Apostasy cups to help demonstrate it.  It was cool to see her understand it and then see the importance.  We are going to finish teaching her the restoration this week.  We then went dinner at S. Smith's house.  She is so sweet.  We helped her stack some wood and then she fed us Tia Pad stuff and it was delicious!!  Like really good.  I wanted to eat the whole thing!
Wednesday we had a snow day.   It was very sad because Wednesdays are usually the days we get to teach the most. We usually have apts. the whole day so we had to call and cancel all of them and figure out other things to do, like work on our visuals and stuff like that, because sister Vanderhoef still can't do very much lifting.  It was a little difficult.
Thursday though was fun because we had district meeting.  And while we were there we were talking and I asked Elder Lund if there was any new announcements from MLC or Mission leadership council.  He didn't really answer, but a little bit later come to find out at MLC they anounced that we can GO TO THE TEMPLE NOW!!!!!!! Every 6 months if we are in certain areas we can go to the temple.  Which is fantastic, because our area can go to the temple so we are trying to go in the next week because there is a possibility that one of us could be transferred. TEMPLE!!!  Side note,  you never really realize how much you love and need the temple until you can't go to one because it is too far.  so all of you at home, I challenge you to go to the temple every week, even to just sit outside and look at it, because it really is great.  And you never know how much you'll miss it until you can't go. 
Anyway, so the rest of that day had us going to a doctor's apt for sister Vanderhoef.  It was good.  Then we went to dinner at the Brignano's house and that was good because we are able to help her our and we showed her a really cool object lesson with 2 copies of the BOM.  What you do is you take them and interlock the pages in big chunks to show reading scriptures occasionally, then in little bits, so when you try to pull them apart in the big chunks it is easy, but small, it is impossible for them to pull you apart.  So when we read our scriptures daily we cannot be pulled from our savior.  We then taught chelsea later that night.
Friday, Weekly planning! we finished it all!  And then we went on exchange.  So I was sent to Hanover for the day.  It was fun, because the last time I was in Hanover was at the beginning of my mission and it was really odd to see things that I recognized, and to think that my last area was just 15 miles away.  That is close in new England terms.  It was really cool.  Especially since one of the investigators there knows a family in South Royalton.  That was crazy!
Saturday I was still in Hanover, but it was still good because we were able to do 12 week and I was able to see some more ways to use Family History.  We then came home and I had a package.  Full of awesome stuff!  I was so excited!!  Everything has basically already been used to some degree or another.  :)
We then had a meal with a member and it was great.  She is super funny and we always have a good time with her.. It is S. McCarthy.
Sunday was great.  We had a goal to get 6 people to sacrament meeting, and boy did we try.  We called people and texted, and stopped by people's houses for preparation, and in the end, one investigator came to church.  It was Chelsea the girl who is getting baptized on the 22.  We were so glad she came because there was a big fishing derby this weekend and we were worried she wouldn't.  But at least she came. :)
We also had dinner with a family named the Ayers and they used to live in Lehi and he worked for PG city.  He also knows the Brocious family!!  It was really fun.
So that was pretty much my week. :)
Love you all!
Love Always and Forever,
SIster Lundahl

Monday, February 3, 2014

Boldness in Laconia!

Hello family!  
How are y'all?  This week in New Hampshire has been one of craziness! It all started tuesday,  we were going out to teach some people and we taught one of our investigators named beverly.  She is a sweet old lady, but she is sharp as a whip, and it is soo cool to talk with her.  She read the Joseph Smith pamphlet and really liked it.  She said that for some reason everything that we were telling her sounded familiar, like she had heard it before.  So we asked her if she would come to church and she said, nope sorry, sunday is family day..... we are working on that.   I mean it is great that it is family day, but really?  no church?  but we have faith that she will come around. Later that night we went to young womens.  We had 2 investigators there.  And we played volleyball.  It was so much fun!  And the youth were fantastic.  It was so cool to be able to work with them and get to know them.  I feel like our investigators are in good hands there.

Wednesday we went out to a town called Belmont.  There we saw some of our less actives.  One was baptised and she really felt that she was clean at baptism, but she was smoking and we asked her if she thinks that is why she had a hard time feeling the spirit at church.  I don't know about you, but that is kindof a bold question to ask someone who is going to another church.  And she answered honestly and said that she would pray this week and ask heavenly father if she needs to come back to the Mormon church.  and she said she would listen with her spirit.  It was really cool. :)  We then had a lesson with the Marcoux kids.  They are a handful.  from 14-7  there are 5 of them, plus whatever friends they decide to have over, so it makes for interesting lessons.  Unfortunately this week was interesting, as one of the boys did not want to listen, which resulted in a fight and things being thrown and us sitting there not knowing what to do.  Well, sam, the member we invited to come with us showed up and saved the day.  It was so good.  Because otherwise we would have been absolutely lost.  we talked about the stripling warriors and how cool they are and things like that, because at that point the spirit wasn't there... but it all worked out.  We then had dinner with some members where we tested out a plan of salvation game that we made.   It was ok.  We need to make some adjustments.  Then we went and saw another less active lady and shared with her the plan of salvation game as well.  Her son came and played and her hasn't been to church for about 6 months, which is a long time especially considering he is only 13.  But it was a good lesson. :)

Thursday we had district meeting, and it was really fun. We talked about the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost.  We had to leave lunch early so that we could go and see a part member family.  And without really meaning to, basically the spirit took over and made us really bold again we asked if her kids wanted to have the lessons.  Her kids started to show up from school and she said well ask them... So we did, and Allison her daughter wants to learn more!  Crazy I know.  It is amazing what boldness can do sometimes. After that we tried to teach a lesson to another less active lady, and let me tell you, some new englanders like to talk.  and if they are professional story tellers, don't expect to get a word in.  She said a lot.  We tried,  and literally had to walk away while we were talking to her so we could leave.  It was crazy!

Friday  Sister Vanderhoef was ill, so we did some planning and watched some more of the church dvds.  And got some free pizza. :)

Saturday we went and taught another less active lady.  Her name is Lauri and she has a great testimony, the only problem is she doesn't live it all the time.  So we are working on her, and our boldness came out again and we just said basically will you stop drinking coffee?  Will you come back to church.  It was bold, and great, and she said she would try. She has some health things and takes some pills that make it hard for her to get up in the morning, but we are going to work with her and help her come back.  We then went out with one of the members in the ward her name is Kayla and she is going to USU this coming year!  She is so much fun!  I love her.  It was great.

Sunday we had church and there was a surprise birthday party for sam, so we helped out with that a little bit and then tried to find S. Vanderhoefs wallet, because it is missing and we had a doctors apt today and thankfully we didn't need it, but we are getting a little desperate.  We've looked everywhere, so prayers for finding that would be great.. Well thats all for the week.  Also if any of you have seen what about bob, We have been to lake winepesakee.  I think I spelled that wrong, oh well.  

Love always and forever,
SIster Lundahl