Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hello Family!
This week has been a week of miracles.  And big miracles to boot.  It was great!  So last monday, I mentioned that we were meeting with a potential investigator and his name was Bryan.  We had dinner with him and a member came with us.  It was a little awkward but he is very interested and we are really excited.
Tuesday we went and worked on fixing all the lights that they were taking down from the memorial.  Let me just say there are quite a few lights here and it is crazy.  After working on lights we went out to Randolph to teach a less active... or so we thought.  What ended up happening is we came in and she said, " Hey I want you to teach my brothers. "  Well they are now 2 investigators and learning about the Gospel.  We are so excited to teach them  We are seeing them this Saturday. We then went and met with a bunch of potential people and well, they were not as excited about learning about the Gospel.  They actually are not interested at all.  So yeah.  That was a little disappointing, but in the end Heavenly Father still provided a way for everything to work out.
Wednesday we tried contacting a bunch of people and we also were able to teach one of our investigators with a member.  It is actually someone that I taught when I was here last time.  Her name is Debbie, and she is great.  She even came to church on sunday and brought her daughter.  I skipped a little bit, but it was just so exciting!!  I was so happy! We saw the Perrons another family that we sorked with when I was last here.  They were so excited!  I was too!  they are great!
Thursday we had District meeting which was fantastic because we have a crazy awesome district.  We have 5 sets of missionaries in our district!  I think we are one of the biggest in the mission.  Plus we have the Zone Leaders and the Sister Training leaders in our district.  So it is a very... leadership full district.  Yeah.  They are Great. After District meeting we went to see Misty, a less active that we started teaching last week.  She wants us to keep coming back and she is going to start trying to get work off on Sundays so she can come to church again. :)
Friday came and we did weekly planning.  That was fun, but very long.  As usual.  We did that then headed to the JSM to do tours. Well also we are now both playing the the sisters conference this week.  The Sister Missionaries are getting together for a conference.  We are going to be playing Come thou Fount.  It is an arrangement we found on  It is really good.  One of the violins we are playing is really old.  And the strings are too.  Well they were so old that I broke the E string... So a member bought us all new strings for the violin.  It sounds completely different. Like a different violin.  Well Friday we walked out and to give a tour and I saw 2 familiar people.  It was the Ellis's!  It was so exciting.  It is crazy how small of a world it is.  
During the tour a member showed up and she handed us a second violin so we could do a duet.  Her name is Sister Kill.  She rented the violin for us!  For 3 months!  We were in total shock.  Like complete and utter shock.  But we are really excited to play now.  
Saturday we were told that we should be doing more chat this weekend for the Easter weekend and for the Because of Him website.  We Got online and realized that the number of chats we could do increased from one to 5.  We could have 5 gospel centered conversations going on at once.  I don't know about you, but my brain still hurts.  We tried doing 4 but that was too much and one of the conversations didn't even say anything.  So we just did 3.  That was so crazy.  I felt like it was a race to type and find videos and scriptures and talk with my companion and get everything sent out.  Oh my goodness it was so crazy!  We did that for a while.  My brain just wanted to shut down, but we kept going.  We had coordination next and talked about a bunch of things with our ward mission leader.  Then we went and tried a few people.  We went to the Hoyts a less active family here and part member family.  We shared the Because of Him video and the spirit was so strong.  They went to a different church for Easter, but we are hoping they will come next week to hear me speak.  Oh we are also playing a duet in sacrament meeting next week.  Yep.  It is a little crazy.  Then we went and saw a referral.  His name is Steve.  And the Lord has his timing perfectly.  Because we knew that his girlfriend is not interested and doesn't want him to learn.  Well we came at the perfect time, she was asleep, but in the house so we could come in and teach him.  It was perfect.  And he is so excited and ready.  He really need this right now especially with the things that are going on in his life right now. It was a very crazy saturday.
Sunday EASTER!  We went to church and we were so hoping that all of our new investigators were going to come.  Unfortunately they didn't.  But Debbie did!  It was so great!  We were so excited!  She is great!  We then went to the JSM after church to give tours and do more chat.  There were so many people coming online.  My brain is still having problems typing.  We then had dinner with all the senior couples at the JSM. :)  It was so much fun.  I love all these people. 
It was a great Easter.  :)
Well that was my week.  It was crazy and fun and very tiring.  And well worth it.  It think this next week will be even better. :)
I can't wait to hear from you all! 
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

Monday, April 14, 2014

New Area???

So I'm sure you are all wondering where my new area is.  Well I think that you will be very surprised.  I have returned to an old area!  I am back in South Royalton at the JSMB(Joseph Smith Memorial Building)!!!!!  Yes.  I am.  It is kindof crazy, but I am here, and boy has it been busy. My companion is Sister Smedley and we used to go on exchanges when we were in Maine, so I already knew her and that she was a Visitor Center Sister, and well I had a feeling we would one day be companions.  And now we are!  It is great. 
I guess this week back has been very fun!  And busy!  we have been going all over, plus with everything else that is going on it has been crazy!
It all started with the Largest Transfer meeting since President Stoker has had since he came out.  It was huge!  There were so many missionaries there.  All of my past companions were there and it was good to see them. 
We then hopped in that car and headed up to South Royalton VT.  There we stopped by a few members and said hi and tried to get in contact with a few less actives.  We helped our ward mission leader with some service and all together had a very busy day. 
Wednesday we headed up to the area of Randolf and north.  We tried to contact a referral and the boxed out because he wasn't there.  That means we tracted around his house.  We met a very nice woman who has great potential.  She already knows a few mormons and we hope to be able to see her soon.  We then tried to see a few other people, but they weren't there so we did some more tracting, and it was a very fruitful day.  We set us 3 return appts. and can't wait to see them.  Hopefully they will turn into new investigators because they seem really interested.   
Thursday we went out and about and saw a less active who I really think she could and easily could be coming back to church.  We are going to start working with her more and I am really excited to.  She is very nice. We then went to the JSM and did some chat.  That was fun because it has been a very long time since I've don't that.  We got a new investigator on there.  So that was good.  We then had dinner with a member that night and they are great!
Friday we did our weekly planning and we were so busy.  There was so much to do and so little time.  We didn't finish because we went and did some service for a potential.  Her name is Marie and we helped here when I was here last summer.  it was so much fun.  She is old and pretty on top of it.  She did confuse me a little bit with another Sister but she was so great.  I think that we may be able to help her become an investigator and really teach her.  I hope so because she is wonderful and would be a great mormon.  We then had coordination.  And then a dinner with the Kills.  He is in charge of the speakers this month so guess what?  I'm speaking in 2 weeks.  Yay.  That will be fun.  I am going to be speaking on conversion.  I am actually really excited about that.
Saturday we had Zone conference.  Wow this week has been crazy.  Transfer meeting, zone conference and then Sunday was stake conference.  I may be tiered, but President and Sister Stoker must be exhausted, because they had to speak at every single one of those meetings.  Well it was a good zone conference.  We were in Essex and that chapel actually looks like a Utah chapel.  And I noticed something.  All the chapels out here have a baptismal font where as the chapels in Utah only the Stake center has a baptismal font usually.  I just thought that was interesting and for some reason that never really hit me until now.  
So I learned a lot at Zone conference.  We are going to be trying a but of things with the people we are teaching to help them.  I am so excited. 
Sunday we went to Stake conference.  that was good.  then we come home ran up to the JSM and gave some tours, because we had a New Member fireside here.  President Stoker and Sister Stoker both spoke at that.  We made some brownies and cookies for it.  It was really good.  I got to see missionaries that I've worked with before and members.  It was really fun!  So one of the things that they want us to do is share this website  it looks really good and I suggest you post it to your facebook somehow. 
Well that is all for this week.  We have been busy busy and I love it!  There are a bunch of new senior couples here at the JSM for me to meet and get to know and I am excited to be able to be back and am lucky enough to be blessed with this second chance to serve here. :)
Love you all!
Sister Lundahl

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Week of Wonders

Hello family and friends!

Ok this week was crazy!  Tuesday I was sick so nothing to report there, then Wednesday.  Oh Wednesday that was a great day!  We went to contact some less actives and tract.  Well none were very interested, but it was great.  We had fun talking to people.  We then went and contacted a media referral that we got the other day. well we went and contacted her and said her mom sent us. Well she hasn't talked with her mom in 5 months!  So she was really surprised and open.  For some reason we didn't teach her the first lesson, we gave her the articles of faith.  It was a really good lesson.  I could definitely feel the spirit and I really want to keep teaching her.  Unfortunately I will not be able to do that.  We then had dinner at Judi's house.  That was fun.  Her 5 dogs are so cute!
Thursday we had district meeting.  We took pictures and had a great time.  This was a really fun district.  We then went and contacted a few more people did a little bit of tracting and then had dinner with Rachel.  She took us to to this place where we had strawberry short cake the correct way.  Instead of pound cake or angel food cake we had it with a biscuit.  And yes, it was good. We had fun talking with her.  She is in the relief society presidency and is super funny. 

Friday we did our weekly planning.  It was good because we got it done rather quickly and then headed out to do things.  Well we then got a voice mail from the assistants letting us know that we were getting our calls that night!  Because of priesthood the next night and they would be out till 10 for that.  So we went out and when we came back we got a call right at 9:00.  Oh goodness that call was a shock.  President Stoker made the call and told us that me Sister Lundahl would be going Senior companion and leaving the area.  And Sister Vanderhoef would be leaving the area and being a co- senior companion in a trio.  What!!  We are both leaving Laconia!  It is crazy!  That rarely ever happens but I am really excited for that the future will bring.  I am really nervous about being a senior companion, but I guess it will all work out.

Saturday the shock still hadn't worn off and we went to conference.  That was so good!  I loved Elder Hollands talk! Way to start out with a bang!  That was so powerful.  That first session was just one powerful talk after another.  I loved it. And then the rest of it was amazing too!  Wow.  I am just so happy.  Conference really is a spiritual boost. 

Sunday That talk Elder Ballard about Following up.  How true it is?  As a missionary I think that nothing would ever happen if we never followed up.  So I think that was very wise.  So have you been reaching out to anybody?  What have you done? 

Saying goodbye and trying to get all packed up has made this a very stressful day.  We have been all over the place trying to get everything taken care of.  I hope that it will all work out and things will be good, but I must say that these past few days have really put on the stress.  

So today I got another miracle.  Do you remember Mikkel, the investigator online from when I was at the JSBM?  Well he e-mailed me today and he has a baptismal date!  I am so excited!  His parents have gone from complete and total anti to letting him get baptized!   It isn't until August, but he has waited this long, I know that things will work out. So even though I am leaving I know that blessing are still happening and the Lord is furthering his work. :D 

Love you to the end of an exponential function and back!
Sister Lundahl