Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello All!
Life is still crazy here in the Waldoboro area!  Do you prefer when I list out what we do each day?  or general things like I usually do?  Today I will do each day.
Monday of last week was crazy as we had to drive back and forth doing laundry and shopping and such.  Definitely not the most effective use of our miles but we did finish everything.
Tuesday: We had another lesson with Arnez, Linda, And Tom.  Actually Tom wasn't able to hitchhike over to Linda and Arnez's so we just retaught the Book of Mormon and helped fill in the many gaps which they were starting to gain.  It was really helpful because they actually asked questions and are trying to learn everything.  It is so cool!! 
Wednesday:  We had District meeting.  We then went on exchanges where I went to Topsham to be with Sister Tait and Sister Huefner stayed in Waldoboro with Sister Hoffman.  It was so cool.  We did a bunch of street contacting and met this really cool lady in the park.  She had gone to  a religious school over here where they had studies the book of Mormon from an academic point of view it was very interesting to hear the difference.  She then shared with her Moroni's promise and invited her to read the Book of Mormon in a new way.  She said she would.  We wish we could teach her but she lives in Portland area with is like 1 hr away.
We also met a few other people on the street.  A statistician who doesn't believe in God, and a another lady who is a catholic.  It was definitely different, because the Topsham sisters are in a car share, and the day I was there all we did was walk.  And walk and walk and walk.  No we did not sing.... ok maybe for a little bit.  But it was really cool to go there and work in another area and see how they work.
That night we had a member meal, and a little girl gave me some crab apples and said the would fix my hand.  She was super cute and funny!!
Thursday:  Sister Tait and I had to wait to exchange back so we went out to find people.  It was so cold!!  One day is was medium weather and now it is starting to get really cold!  I'm not ready!  I just want it to stay mediocre. So we went out and we met an old investigator of sister Tait's.  She was very nice and apologized for some things she had said, and then prayed with us... It was interesting, but hey now they know they could probably come back and see her again.  We then ran into a lady who is Pagan. Like the believes in a mix of Native American things and old Celtic stuff.  It was a very short interesting conversation.  We eventually were able to exchange back, and we then got to work in Waldoboro.  We tried to contact an investigator, but he wasn't there, so we tried to other people until it was time to go to a relief society activity.  We made pumpkins out uf long sleeve t-shirts.  I should have taken a picture, but I will send one home next week.  They were actually kind-of cute.  I think if you really want you could find out how to do in on pinterest. 
Friday:  Friday is Weekly planning.  And boy is it a long day.  We basically try to figure out where we are going to be and work.  It is fun.......  I am learning to make it fun. :)  We then had a meal appointment.  It was really good and the people are originally from Utah.  It was a very good day because we had other lesson with Linda and Arnez, and this time Tom was there.  So we finished talking about the Plan of Salvation.  They are so excited.  Unfortunately they will not be able to make it to church this week because of Arnez's grandson's Birthday. 
Saturday:  Oh today was so cool because there was a baptism!!! Not one of our investigators but the Elder's investigators.  There were 3 people who were baptized A couple and a 14 year old girl.  They were all confirmed on Sunday!  But the rest of the day we so cool because we were able to see how the Holy Ghost was able to guide us to different people.  From one house to the next we could feel how we were helping these people come closer to Christ and it was such a blessing to share that Love.
Sunday:  We helped with the primary program, and it was super cute!!  All the 3 investigators are not members and a lady who was there to watch said she would be back next week!  We I need to Go I love you All!!!
Love Always And Forever,
Sister Lundahl

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello! Hello!

Hey all!
Transfer calls were this weekend.  And while we sat waiting we thankfully did not get a call!  We were so worried since we finally moved in a couple of weeks ago that we were going to be separated especially after we have 2 awesome investigators.  i will talk about them in a minute.  It has been so good working here.  Even though SIster Huefner is gone a bunch doing lots of Sister Training Leader stuff, we have been able to find and help people.

In regards to the queries about the Royer's lost pigs, they came home.  Nobody found them.  What happened was when the Royers came home to watch conference they went outside to count the pigs and see if they had come home, and the still counted 10, well they turned around and one pig came out from under a barn or something and another came out from under a horse,  not exactly sure on the details, but they are home and save to one day be sent to freezer camp.... If you know what I'm talking about.

So our investigators!  I think I mentioned Arnez and Linda last week.  Well this week we returned to teach them the Plan of Salvation, when we got there and Arnez's boyfriend was there.  It was a little intersting at first, but we started the lesson.  Well her boyfriend-Tom- can't read to her was looking through the pictures in the pamphlet and just kept staring at one of the pictures later on.  We were doing something different for our lesson, since we don't usually use the pamphlets and we were just reading through it and discussing it.  So of course we felt bad that he couldn't read. Well we kept going with our plan though and when we got to the page that he was on it was the picture of Christ is Gethsemane.  Praying.  And he just kept staring at it.  He told us, I just keep going back to this picture.  We had been talking about the atonement and how through Christ we can be forgiven of our sins, and he asked us what he needed to do to have that forgiveness.  Talk about prepared.  We told them about baptism and following Christ.  The spirit was so strong.  Sister Huefner was in tears, and surprisingly I was close, and so was Tom.  It was a great lesson.  It was to cool to see how the Holy Ghost worked through us.  Cuz we didn't do anything, that was all the Heavenly Father, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
They ended up coming to Church.  At least Tom and Arnez.  Linda had a headache and didn't come.  She has 3 brain tumors.  And I guess Larry, Moe, and Curly were being a little problematic.- that is what she named them :)
It was so cool.  We then gave them a church tour afterwards to show them the rest of the building.  We ended at the baptismal font and committed them to be baptised on Nov. 23.   They said YES!  AHHHH!!!! Neither Sister Huefner nor I have ever had a baptismal date and people who will actually strive to meet it.  Stressed much?  Not yet, but I'm sure we will feel it later.

So wood stoves, I know I've mentioned them before, but we now are using one to heat our section of the house.  It is outside our apt.  So sister Brooks the member whose house we now share usually takes care of it, but she is going to teach us what we need to do to keep it going and how to work the furnace/ stove and what not.  Sometimes, I remember that I really am a city girl especially when it comes to wood stoves. :/

Well, I'll see if I can send some more pictures today.

Love you all!

Love Always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Great Week In Waldoboro!!

Hey Family, 
1st I would like to say, that I am extremely grateful to even be writing you right now.  Today all the libraries are closed, and we were not going to be able to write e-mails home, but then we came to Topsham for district p-day and now we can write e-mails. So tender mercy from the Lord.

This week was amazing.  We picked up an amazing investigator.  Her name is Arnez, and she is soooo excited.  She is so awesome.  She wants to be part of the gospel, and ever since we taught her the first lesson she said she feels like she has had a heavy load lifted off her.  We are so excited to keep teaching her.  She already understands the importance of church. We just need to get her to come.  She committed to coming this week, then for some reason she didn't and we are concerned, so we will be seeing her tonight to see what happened.  

We also met with another family, they are the Seversons and they are really nice and sweet.  I know that as we teach them the gospel they will want to come to church and grow.  They are already really awesome, they just need this little extra push.

We are starting to see more and more success.  It has taken a while, but as we have been diligent, we have been able to find more people.  And it is a blessing to be able to see the work starting to pick up.  

Also transfer call are this week again.  I feel like we just got here.  How can transfer call already be here?  We think we will be staying, but there is always that dread that somehow we will be moved.  And I love the area so much that I don't want to leave.  But I guess that just means that you are going to leave.  I sincerely hope not. 

Yesterday, another tender mercy from the Lord.  A member had their family visiting, and the mother sings in the Mormon tabernacle Choir.  So I went and asked her if she knew Tracy Warby and Valerie Jensen, she did.  Apparently, Tracy has adopted a little baby!!! I had no idea. That is so exciting!! So as were talking she pulled out a cd, and said, "Would you like a cd?"  of course I said, "missionaries could always use a cd."  And when I saw the cd, for some strange reason I just burst into tears.  It was so embarrassing.  here I was crying, and then she started to cry.  And it was just a huge mess.  The cd she gave me was "Consider the Lilies." And what did that remind me of?  Grandma Lundahl's funeral, and for some reason it just hit me right then and I started weeping.  But it was such a tender mercy, because I knew that Heavenly Father is watching out for me, and so are our ancestors.  Including Grandma & Grandpa Lundahl.  It was such a tender experience, and I am so grateful that Sister Barker was willing to share and give the cd.  

So now that you all know that I am just a silly person who cries.  But i want everyone to e-mail or write me their favorite song/hymn so that everytime I hear/ sing it I can remember you all.  That sound a little cheesy, but it is those little things that can help a person in those times of need. :)  So for future reference, if you feel so inclined, and if you want you can also tell me why.  if not that's cool too.

Well I love you all!!

Love Always and Forever,

Sister Lundahl

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 4 in Waldoboro!!

Hey everyone!
This week has been extremely crazy!  1st Sister Huefner had MLC so I was in Topsham for the day (pronounced top-sum).  Then the next day we went on exchanges.  So sister Smedley came here and we did stuff and S. Huefner left to be with S. Jensen.  Then we had to drive back to topsham the next day and get a new phone number and the next day was conference and we had to go pig hunting, and oh boy has it been crazy.  That looks like a jumbled mess let me explain.
Tuesday: Topsham was lots of fun. We went and served at a soup kitchen and then we walked everywhere since they are in a car share and did not have the car that part of the week.  My feet have not had to do that much walking in a long while.  A really long while.  So by the end I was tired and sore, but it was great.  We tracted into some really cool people and placed a couple copies of the Book of Mormon.  Sister Huefner came home that night and we had to drive all the way back to Waldoboro at like 8:30.  That doesn't seem late, but for missionaries who have to be in at the absolute latest 9:30 and the trip is about 1 hour anyway.  It is kindof crazy.  Especially when we are not supposed to speed.  (Don't worry, we didn't.)
Wednesday:  We had to drive back to Topsham for District meeting.  It was a good district meeting, plus I got a rubix cube.  I had forgotten a lot of things but now I am back on top of it and I can do rubix cubes again. :)  We then came back after lunch and both of our appointments fell through so we figured out some other things to do.  And then we had to drive 1 hr and 15 min so we could exchange with the oxford sisters.  There I picked up sis. Smedley and drove all the way back home.  It was a wee bit crazy, since it gets dark at like 6 here, so that was a fun drive. 
Thursday:  Sis. Smedley and I came to the library to do chat since I got permission from the Mission President to go and do it, and we are both Visitor Center Sisters. But for some reason it wouldn't lets us log in and we had some other problems, so basically it was a bust.  We decided to go help a member.  Also I found out that Sis Smedley lives in Nibley, Utah.  She said she thinks she knows Taya.  She graduated a year before me.  We tried to go and teach some other people but they were all busy are recovering from gall bladder removal or something like that. So we started tracting.  And we found a lady who wants us to come back.  She is a major talker, so we are not sure how we are going to get information in, and help her, but we have hope and she is willing to listen a little bit too. :)  So we wrapped up with her ( She talked to us for 45 min.)  And drove back to unechange.
Friday: So this is the day we do weekly planning.  It is basically where we try to plan all our activities for the next week so we can be most effective.  As we were planning we got a call from Elder Pettingale in the office and he told us we had to drive somewhere that had sprint coverage so we could change our phone number to a maine number.  The nearest place was Topsham. 1 hour away.  So we drove, and we got coverage in Bath.  It was a little closer.  But then our phone was having problems and wouldn't get the new number and we couldn't make calls.  So we were stuck in Bath with no way of calling anybody, and having no idea where any of the other missionaries were. So we prayed and hoped to find the Topsham sisters at their apt.  Hoping that weekly planning had taken a long time.  Nobody was there.  So we went to the library and tried their community phone.  Their cell phone was not a local number.  So the libraries were really nice and let us use their library phone on the condition that it was short.  We found out that the sisters were at the church.  Definitely a tender mercy and booked it over there.  We then proceeded to use the church phone to call the office, and then call sprint and get our phone fixed.  We then drove back to Waldoboro, needing to finish weekly planning.  We got back around 5.  So the rest of our day was weekly planning.
Saturday:  We still hadn't finished weekly planning so we were hoping to finish it that morning, when we got a text during personal study (8:30) from the Branch mission leader asking for help cuz 2 of his pigs were missing.  So we changed and went to go pig hunting.  We got to the high school and then found out a little more about the situation.  They had been missing since the night before and they had gone over to the neighbor's house and they were drunk and were threatening to kill the pigs.  They all came home except the 2.  We searched and search.  And then we were dropped off at different parts to go searching in the woods.  Well we started Bushwacking through the forest.  And We got a wee bit lost.  Not like majorly lost, we could still hear the highway, but just enough to get nervous.  To be honest I was pretty sure on the direction we needed to go but s. Huefner disagreed and that was how we ended up not going to the place we were supposed to.  So we prayed and I still felt good about the direction I had initially said, saying that was where the high school was, and she thought differently.  So we started my way and found a nice little Boggy area.  We then got a call from the Branch mission leader wondering where we were.  We yelled a little bit, he yelled back, and low and behold it was through the bog we needed to go.  by this point the Elders had found us, and they led us through the bog.  Well we get out of the Bog, and guess who lost the phone... Yep, I did.  Anybody surprised.  Didn't think so.  So we went back into the bog and I found the phone.  Another tender mercy from the Lord.  We then had to book it to our cars so we could go open the church to watch conference in the chapel.  The elders still had to return to their apt to get their suits so we got it all set up, but we had no projector.  But there was a tiny 4 inch black and white tv in the corner with the sound system that we started to watch it on.  The elders when they finally got there called the member with the library key and got the projector out.  We then proceeded to watch a super awesome session of general conference.  It was so good.  I'm glad we were able to watch it, cuz it was a little crazy getting to that point. 
Sunday: Much less eventful.  We watched conference, taught an investigator, and I met someone who lived in Grandma and Grandpa's stake.  Their names are Ray and Kleah Nelson.  Apparently, he was in the stake presidency or something. They said they would call Grandma and Grandpa. and let them know.  So that's all.
I have 2 minutes left, so I want you all to know that I love you!  And can't wait to hear more from you!!
Love Always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl