Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey Family!
How are things going?  Things in Vermont are crazy.  So everybody keeps pestering me for a schedule, so here is basically what we do.  Basically every morning we wake up, then do exercises, get ready then we have personal and comp. study.  Then we are in the Visitor Center, or on chat, or learning about the birthplace.  Then we are out proselyting. It is pretty crazy.  And super busy.  We have 8 towns in our area, and some of them we have to drive 20+ minutes to get there.  Most of the roads out here are still dirt, and central air conditioning is  really new.  Or non-existent. So basically, we are withering driving all the time or on chat.  
But the training broadcast said that all missionaries will be able to be online now!!  That will be crazy.  I wonder how they are going to do that.  
The weather is a little crazy here.  Since it is so humid it will get super hot and then it will be pouring rain.  It is bizarre.  It kinda feels like we are living in the canyon.  It is crazy green and the forest is super thick.  It reminds me of Fangorn Forest.  It is super thick and comes all the way to the road in some places.  All the roads are super windy.  
My companion is Sister Fratcher.  Guess what?  She also went to American Fork High.  She is a year older and was in orchestra with me in Junior High.  We are still learning about each other so it can be hard to teach.  But we are learning.  We are not very similar.  First off, I like to run, and she doesn't, so instead of being able to run in the gym I am trying to do all the strength training things that I've learned over the years.  So if you want, could you send me some workout ideas.  I really need to figure out some more things.   
In this mission they are super big on miracles and so every night we write down some of the miracles we noticed in the day.  One miracle was that one of the ladies for who we do service said we could teach her the lessons.  She is in charge of a community dinner once a week and we have been volunteering there.  She is so cool.  Basically after Irene, the White river flooded.   Many people lost their homes and crops, etc.  Well she started a community dinner, during that where all the people could come and eat every day.  Now that that is over, she does it once a week.  And that is where we help serve.
She lives in a town here that reminds me of the town in Gilmore Girls. It is called Woodstock. It is small, and has a town square area, and a little theater.  When we drove up I loved it.  It is so picturesque.  But I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.  Also, there are quite a few covered bridges out here.  It is actually kinda cool. 
The "mountains" here aren't mountains.  They are little hills that people build houses on and that the roads have to wind around but that is it.  We live in a little apartment right behind a plumber place.  In a little valley type thing. There are 4-5 apartments and 3 of them have missionaries.  2 of the missionaries are couples, but it is very nice.  It has lots of space and is pretty. 
 We will be getting our new mission president this week sometime.  We are all excited.  Hopefully we will be able to learn lots.  
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Sharon, VT 05065

Sister Bridget Lundahl

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hey everyone!  
Inline image 1Bridget's new haircut!!(sorry it is sideways)
Life is super crazy in the MTC as we are doing our visitor center training, and I am learning that it is much harder than everybody else realized.  First Sister Welch one of our teachers said that the reason we are called to visitor centers is for 2 reasons: 1st that we are called because when our pictures come up they can see the light of christ in our eyes.  And second they can see our testimony of the Atonement.  Talk about frightening.  We are called to be the face of the Church for that reason.  I never knew that.  
Also as we are in the mission field we don't just have one area where we are tracking or serving.  We are literally serving the world.  Because we are at the visitor center getting referals and online chatting with people and finally we are taking calls on the phone.  We are talking to people who want to know more.  We are recieving revelation faster than those in the field because we need to receive it for those who we only have a few minutes with.  It the beginning I never realized how hard being a visitor center sister was.  Because not only do we do all that we also give tours and have to relate everything we see to the gospel.  Yesterday we were practicing this and we took everyday objects and related them to things.  For example we had to relate the "Gospel Blesses Families" to a Garbage can or "The Great Apostasy" to a fire hydrant.  Then we had to go out to different missionaries out and about and relate something on them to a principle we had already decided on.  So I related a watch to faith.  It is so cool how much I am learning.  
We also have been chatting with people online on mormon.org.  If anybody has questions we get them.  And these are the questions people don't ask the missionaries, or take their time to ask them.  We get them as the get to know you q's.  It is very interesting.  Then at the same time we have to communicate the spirit to them over chat or phone.  And somehow we are able to do this.  
This is a picture of our district.  Their names from left to right; bottom: Elders Jensen, Kelley, and Cosman
Back: Sisters O'leary, Kim, Lundahl, Sumsion, Brother Evans, Sisters Noble, Kasparian, Miller, Harline.

Inline image 1
The Elders have already left for their missions, but we all leave this next week.  So I leave at 3:30 am on Monday.  And I can buy a phone card here.  So you don't need to worry about that.  If you want to send me anything you should send it today, because I will not be able to get it Monday.  
Oh yeah,  miracle of the week.  So yesterday, we were taking calls for the first time.  And while we were waiting we kept getting spanish speakers for some reason.  And we had to keep having our teacher take the calls since she speaks spanish.  And all of our chats were ending early or people were just leaving and it was getting annoying, and depressing.  So I sat there and I prayed, asking Heavenly Father to send us someone who was prepared and wanted to learn the gospel. And 3 min. later we got a call from a man in canada looking for friends and help!  Of course we referred him to the missionaries and got his e-mail so that we could stay in contact with him.  It is crazy how we are able to influence those around the world just by sitting in one room. 
I am honestly excited to be a Visitor Center sister now.  I love it and I am excited to get out into the field.  
With our Visitor center training we are going to Temple square.  We already went once but we are going again on Saturday.  And we will be the ones giving tours with the sisters.  We will teach and share the gospel and invite others to come unto Christ.  I am so excited as we will be practicing and actually helping real people.  
The Lord puts different people in our life.  Everyone you meet the Lord is preparing somehow.  They need this, and we might not be the person who they are converted with but one day it will happen.  They say it takes 8 contacts with the gospel before people are ready to accept it.  So we might be that first one or the seventh or even the eighth and be helping them on their journey.  We don't know. All we do know is that we need to help them.  And that they are children of God.
I love the Gospel.  I am excited to share it with the world.  Because I will be doing just that not just to those in NH but everywhere. This is his truth and we as missionaries are here to share it with all!
one of the things that they have told us to do on the mission is to expect miracles. well one of the sisters here is from colorado and as you proabably know there is a huge fire going on over there.  Well the fire started 1/2 mile away from fer house and they didn't know if  it had burned down or not.  But she prayed and prayed and while her neighbors houses were burned, hers was safe.  And she will have a house to go to when she gets home.  It was such a blessing to know that while we are here, our families are protected by the Lord.

Sister Lundahl

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Letter Home!

Hey Everybody!!
Craziness has been going on here at the MTC.  We just finished our last day of field training and are now moving on to the great beyond, AKA visitor center training.  So this week we will be transfered to a new district and will be focusing on all that good stuff.  This week I will be going to Temple Square and serving in a call center.  Not to mention all the studying and classes I will be in.  Our days consist of studying, studying, and teaching.  Then more studying.  
So I mentioned last time that my comp went to AF.  Well we also were in a class together.  We had World Religions!  We were in the same class,  that is why we kind of knew each other, but didn't at the same time.
Here is a picture of the 2 of us.  So the picture wouldn´t send so I sent it in another e-mail. 
So we get 2 p-days today!  This is because we switch into a new district and with the visitor center training we will be getting another p-day. Also in case you were wondering, my eye is doing better.  It was infected or something so the doctor gave me some antibiotic drops and now it is good.  I have seen a bunch of different people in here it is crazy how everything happens.  I will look for David when he gets in here.  But he may not recognize me. 
So in my comp´s letter home she has to send a miracle of the week or day, and I think my miracle of the week was when my comp and I were able to connect in a lesson and were able to teach together.  I´ve been having problems speaking up and helping teach, but we were actually able to do it. 
Right now i feel like a piece of clay.  And the Savior is the potter and he is trying to take oyut all the bad so that he can make me into something amazing while in the MTC.  Unfortunately it is taking a bit of work and it is hard to let go but I know that if I just let him mold me I will become a greater person.
So I got my hair cut.  It is completely different.  I cut off probably about 12 inches.  So I donated it again.  I hope you all like it, welL, actually you can´´t see it since the computer I´´m on right now will not let me upload it. So you will just have to picture me with short hair and layers and looking good.  I´ll try to get a picture to you somehow.
Love you all tons,
Sister Lundahl