Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey Family!
How are things going?  Things in Vermont are crazy.  So everybody keeps pestering me for a schedule, so here is basically what we do.  Basically every morning we wake up, then do exercises, get ready then we have personal and comp. study.  Then we are in the Visitor Center, or on chat, or learning about the birthplace.  Then we are out proselyting. It is pretty crazy.  And super busy.  We have 8 towns in our area, and some of them we have to drive 20+ minutes to get there.  Most of the roads out here are still dirt, and central air conditioning is  really new.  Or non-existent. So basically, we are withering driving all the time or on chat.  
But the training broadcast said that all missionaries will be able to be online now!!  That will be crazy.  I wonder how they are going to do that.  
The weather is a little crazy here.  Since it is so humid it will get super hot and then it will be pouring rain.  It is bizarre.  It kinda feels like we are living in the canyon.  It is crazy green and the forest is super thick.  It reminds me of Fangorn Forest.  It is super thick and comes all the way to the road in some places.  All the roads are super windy.  
My companion is Sister Fratcher.  Guess what?  She also went to American Fork High.  She is a year older and was in orchestra with me in Junior High.  We are still learning about each other so it can be hard to teach.  But we are learning.  We are not very similar.  First off, I like to run, and she doesn't, so instead of being able to run in the gym I am trying to do all the strength training things that I've learned over the years.  So if you want, could you send me some workout ideas.  I really need to figure out some more things.   
In this mission they are super big on miracles and so every night we write down some of the miracles we noticed in the day.  One miracle was that one of the ladies for who we do service said we could teach her the lessons.  She is in charge of a community dinner once a week and we have been volunteering there.  She is so cool.  Basically after Irene, the White river flooded.   Many people lost their homes and crops, etc.  Well she started a community dinner, during that where all the people could come and eat every day.  Now that that is over, she does it once a week.  And that is where we help serve.
She lives in a town here that reminds me of the town in Gilmore Girls. It is called Woodstock. It is small, and has a town square area, and a little theater.  When we drove up I loved it.  It is so picturesque.  But I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.  Also, there are quite a few covered bridges out here.  It is actually kinda cool. 
The "mountains" here aren't mountains.  They are little hills that people build houses on and that the roads have to wind around but that is it.  We live in a little apartment right behind a plumber place.  In a little valley type thing. There are 4-5 apartments and 3 of them have missionaries.  2 of the missionaries are couples, but it is very nice.  It has lots of space and is pretty. 
 We will be getting our new mission president this week sometime.  We are all excited.  Hopefully we will be able to learn lots.  
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Sister Bridget Lundahl

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