Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Letter Home!

Hey Everybody!!
Craziness has been going on here at the MTC.  We just finished our last day of field training and are now moving on to the great beyond, AKA visitor center training.  So this week we will be transfered to a new district and will be focusing on all that good stuff.  This week I will be going to Temple Square and serving in a call center.  Not to mention all the studying and classes I will be in.  Our days consist of studying, studying, and teaching.  Then more studying.  
So I mentioned last time that my comp went to AF.  Well we also were in a class together.  We had World Religions!  We were in the same class,  that is why we kind of knew each other, but didn't at the same time.
Here is a picture of the 2 of us.  So the picture wouldn´t send so I sent it in another e-mail. 
So we get 2 p-days today!  This is because we switch into a new district and with the visitor center training we will be getting another p-day. Also in case you were wondering, my eye is doing better.  It was infected or something so the doctor gave me some antibiotic drops and now it is good.  I have seen a bunch of different people in here it is crazy how everything happens.  I will look for David when he gets in here.  But he may not recognize me. 
So in my comp´s letter home she has to send a miracle of the week or day, and I think my miracle of the week was when my comp and I were able to connect in a lesson and were able to teach together.  I´ve been having problems speaking up and helping teach, but we were actually able to do it. 
Right now i feel like a piece of clay.  And the Savior is the potter and he is trying to take oyut all the bad so that he can make me into something amazing while in the MTC.  Unfortunately it is taking a bit of work and it is hard to let go but I know that if I just let him mold me I will become a greater person.
So I got my hair cut.  It is completely different.  I cut off probably about 12 inches.  So I donated it again.  I hope you all like it, welL, actually you can´´t see it since the computer I´´m on right now will not let me upload it. So you will just have to picture me with short hair and layers and looking good.  I´ll try to get a picture to you somehow.
Love you all tons,
Sister Lundahl

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