Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 11

Hey Family,
I'm starting week 11, but I think you want to hear about week 10 cuz there were a few really cool things that happened.
So Saturday was so cool.  We were at the visitor center for a ward activity and Elder Johnson pull up in the limo golf cart that we take people on to see the ruins here at the site. And told us the our mission president was at the visitor center.  And he wasn't the only one there.  President Hallstrom
came to the visitor center.  In case you are wondering he is a president of the 70.  So we asked them if we could go and meet him, and so we saw him as they were looking at the monument and taking pictures so we were able to shake his hand and see how he was doing.  It was really cool. 
I guess I haven't really told you much about the visitor center.  There are 3 main rooms that we show people.  The map room/ entrance foyer, the theater, and the meditation room.  The map room has some cool pictures and a map.  surprise surprise, it is a di cutout thing that looks like what the area looked like back then.   The movie room, that's pretty self explanatory.  And the meditation room has a big statue of Joseph Smith and a timeline of his life and a thing full of books.  Then the outside has this giant obelisk.  That stands for the prophet Joseph Smith.  I'll try to include a picture. 
We had a really cool experience this week where we met this lady who works in the Vermont government and wanted us to go do a devotional there.  But it was outside our area so we called the Elders who have the capital in their area so they could go and do that.  It was really cool to meet her and she was very nice.  She took a Book of Mormon and even gave us a referral. It was really cool.   We are excited to go back and visit her, but it won't be for a while.  She is awesome.
I attached some more pictures so I hope that makes up for the lack of e-mail. :) (I don't know how to get the pictures to show up yet, sorry -Candace)
Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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