Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Zone Conference

Hey All
Zone conference is super cool.  The mission president comes and tells everybody what to do to be better.  And it is great.  Because he gave us some good ideas on how to help to ward here.  I am so excited to implement them..  They are all about helping the ward members and getting them to involved.  He also said that tracking is very ineffective.  And I completely agree with that.  When we tract we will maybe get to talk to 2 people and mostly they aren't interested.  Or they would be but can't cuz they would feel embarrassed to leave the church they are in so they don't.  If only they would let the gospel bless their life now.  Anyways, I digressed.  
I was able to meet the people in different zones and I am so glad I am here at the JSM.  It is so wonderful here and it is such a blessing to be so close to the memorial.  Zone conference takes my back to the MTC almost cuz the stirit is so strong and the people there are all there to help and strengthen each other.
Can you believe I have already been our for 8 weeks?  I feel like I just came out of the MTC sometimes.  Yet I know what is going on... to some degree.  
I saw in David's letter that he ran into an ex JW.  We met one here too and she is way cool.  She loves to talk with us but we are slow to bring op too much.  Sis. Fratcher gave her the first lesson with sister caffell the sister here before me so now we are proceeding slowly. 
They have some very interesting beliefs.  She actually sent us a link about some missionaries in the 
 Harlem area.  We can't look at in our missions but I thought that it was really cool that she was interested in it. 
Here is my little plug for missionary work at home.  Do your visiting and home teaching. That is so important.  And it is so easy there in utah.  I am realizing this.  In Utah your visiting teacher/ home teacher lives around the corner or up the street.  Imagine if they lived 20 miles away.  Or farther? Well that is how it is out here.  It is apparently a hard thing to do visiting teaching here.  And I can understand why.  But it is such a blessing.  Now I'm off my soap box.
So our investigator phil has dissapeared.  The one with the baptism date.  Yeah, basically he had some family issues and won't talk to us anymore, and we keep trying to meet with him, but he won't answer his phone.  :/
Is there anything that you guys want to know specifically?
Oh and a miracle of the week was when we were able to give a church tour to our investigator.  it was so quite and nice, and then we took her to the JSM and got her a blessing so that she would have comfort since she just lost her job.  So hopefully she will come to church really soon. :)
So that is all. Things have been a little crazy right now, but know that I love you all. :)
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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