Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Wonderful Life of Snow

Dear Family,
I love snow.  Yes.  I do  I love it so much.  Until it makes me stay inside and do inside missionary stuff. Because all any missionary wants to do while on a mission is teach.  That is all they ever want to do.  And that is all I want to do, teach and serve.  We did do some service.  We shoveled some people, the only thing is since we are in the boonies, everybody has a plow. or has someone plow.  So we had little to do.  But I'm getting out of order,

Monday we had FHE with the Iacopucci's.  It was a lot of fun because I brought some of the object lessons that dad sent me and they really likes them.  It was cool to see.  

Tuesday we Had some mormon.org time and it was odd because there were some people who had a knitting club meeting at the library, and I realized that the world really is going away from a lot of things just by the manner that they spoke and the things they said.  it was discouraging.  But then we saw one of our members on a computer and she was really sweet.  We also went and taught our investigator Allison.  She remembered everything we taught her the week before and it was really cool to finish teaching her the restoration.  We then had dinner and our apt with our other investigator Chelsea fell through, which was odd.  Then we drove to danbury for exchange.

I went to Hanover again and I was there with Sister Korman our sister Training leader.  We had a fun time teaching all her investigators and being able to share the gospel with them.  They have a bunch of great things going on there.  Unfortunately we had to unexchange back that night because there was a crazy snow storm coming in and it would have been bad if I was stuck in Hanover, fun but not good.  So we exchanged back that night, luckily Sam was able to get the sisters and come all the way over to Hanover about a 2 hour drive.  So that was good, but unfortunately we didn't get home til 10.  But we made it home and it was all really good.  :)  because on 

Thursday I did some things inside.

And friday, valentines day we were still snowed in.  The snow kept coming and coming it was crazy.  So we went and shoveled some people out  and helped the swains with some things for valentines day, like we made the biggest thing of lasagna ever.  I think it rivaled the size of the one at girls camp.  not the taste though.  

Saturday we had coordination with the Ortons.  They are a fantastic family and are so much fun to work with.  We then came home to finish weekly planning. and some other things.

Sunday was fun, the Goodriches came to church.  they are in the mission presidency and Sister Goodrich was telling us some really funny things.  It was great!

So zone conference we did a study thing of something called the fourth missionary.  It explained basically how a missionary should be to be successful and things like that.  It was great.  I loved it!  We also were at the jsm(Joseph Smith Memorial) and it was good to see it again.  It was in the snow, but it was still a beautiful as ever! :)

Well I love you all and hope for the best for all of you!!

Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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