Monday, April 7, 2014

A Week of Wonders

Hello family and friends!

Ok this week was crazy!  Tuesday I was sick so nothing to report there, then Wednesday.  Oh Wednesday that was a great day!  We went to contact some less actives and tract.  Well none were very interested, but it was great.  We had fun talking to people.  We then went and contacted a media referral that we got the other day. well we went and contacted her and said her mom sent us. Well she hasn't talked with her mom in 5 months!  So she was really surprised and open.  For some reason we didn't teach her the first lesson, we gave her the articles of faith.  It was a really good lesson.  I could definitely feel the spirit and I really want to keep teaching her.  Unfortunately I will not be able to do that.  We then had dinner at Judi's house.  That was fun.  Her 5 dogs are so cute!
Thursday we had district meeting.  We took pictures and had a great time.  This was a really fun district.  We then went and contacted a few more people did a little bit of tracting and then had dinner with Rachel.  She took us to to this place where we had strawberry short cake the correct way.  Instead of pound cake or angel food cake we had it with a biscuit.  And yes, it was good. We had fun talking with her.  She is in the relief society presidency and is super funny. 

Friday we did our weekly planning.  It was good because we got it done rather quickly and then headed out to do things.  Well we then got a voice mail from the assistants letting us know that we were getting our calls that night!  Because of priesthood the next night and they would be out till 10 for that.  So we went out and when we came back we got a call right at 9:00.  Oh goodness that call was a shock.  President Stoker made the call and told us that me Sister Lundahl would be going Senior companion and leaving the area.  And Sister Vanderhoef would be leaving the area and being a co- senior companion in a trio.  What!!  We are both leaving Laconia!  It is crazy!  That rarely ever happens but I am really excited for that the future will bring.  I am really nervous about being a senior companion, but I guess it will all work out.

Saturday the shock still hadn't worn off and we went to conference.  That was so good!  I loved Elder Hollands talk! Way to start out with a bang!  That was so powerful.  That first session was just one powerful talk after another.  I loved it. And then the rest of it was amazing too!  Wow.  I am just so happy.  Conference really is a spiritual boost. 

Sunday That talk Elder Ballard about Following up.  How true it is?  As a missionary I think that nothing would ever happen if we never followed up.  So I think that was very wise.  So have you been reaching out to anybody?  What have you done? 

Saying goodbye and trying to get all packed up has made this a very stressful day.  We have been all over the place trying to get everything taken care of.  I hope that it will all work out and things will be good, but I must say that these past few days have really put on the stress.  

So today I got another miracle.  Do you remember Mikkel, the investigator online from when I was at the JSBM?  Well he e-mailed me today and he has a baptismal date!  I am so excited!  His parents have gone from complete and total anti to letting him get baptized!   It isn't until August, but he has waited this long, I know that things will work out. So even though I am leaving I know that blessing are still happening and the Lord is furthering his work. :D 

Love you to the end of an exponential function and back!
Sister Lundahl

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