Monday, July 1, 2013

First Full Week

Hey everybody,
Wow, everything sounds super crazy at home.  I'm sorry that the AC isn't working, I know that I would be dying.  But hey, at least there is no humidity to keep you hot no matter where you are, even in the shade or basement.  The heat permeates everything.  
But I am learning to love it.  My companion and I are really learning to get along.  I think that we will be able to help the people in this area a lot.  The only real problem is having enough time to visit everybody on our list.  We made a list of everybody who we need to see and there were 48 people.  I don't know about you but with 17 hours at the visitor center each week, plus 2-3 hours a day for studying, plus trying to get everything to match up with their schedule, it is hard.  We are constantly going, and we need to do splits to visit everybody, only i just got out here a little over a week.  It is frightening.  But I know that somehow i can do it.  If we can find people who will be able to go on splits with us.  
But awesome miracle of the week, well there are 2 but this one was amazing!  So there is a man in the ward who is going through some hard times. Well he has in his ear an earring.  And while we were teaching him Sister Fratcher decided to bring it up.  It was crazy, because nobody has told him about it before, plus there was a recent convert there who had 2 sets of earrings and we gave them both a for strength of youth pamphlet and she read that and next thing we know she was taking them out.  It was crazy!! Then the Brother he took out his earring as well.  He has been wearing that earring for about 40 years, and he just took it out.  We thought we was going to rip his ear to have to get it out, but he didn't thank heavens.
Another miracle was when we were out on Saturday.  We were going visiting contacts, and all of them were not interested.  It was really disappointing.  So Sis. Fratcher said, lets go visit Chip, he has been one of our reffereals for a while.  So we decided to go, and he lived in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.  Nowhere.  But we made it to his house and of course his road is super muddy with lots of potholes.  One thing to note, most of Vermont roads are not paved.   Well I said we are not going on that road.  Our car would not make it.  No more goat paths.  (My comp took another girl on a class 4 road once...) So we tried another part of the driveway, but it was worse, so my comp was about to give up when we see a jeep coming up the drive and it was struggling.  So our little car would have died.  But In the jeep this punk looking kid asked us if we needed any help.  He was Chip's son so he turned around and drove to get his Dad.  We were surprised.  Never judge anybody by their looks.  So he comes back and he dad is following him in his truck.  Long story short we give him the first lesson at the end of his driveway. and it was amazing.  As we told the first vision, the sun came out and lit us up. And the moment he stepped out of the truck, he said, oh, I have goose bumps.  I know this was meant to be.  I know you were supposed to be here.  The only problem was his friend was there and he is a new born again christian.  And he basically thinks we believe in false prophets and in a nice way told me as such.  I told him, in a nice way that the only way to know the truth is to pray and find out.  He said, God told him to be a born again christian.  So as long as his friend doesn't anti Chip.  Then we will be extremely blessed if this man joins the church.  
So President Wilkey has left the mission.  He is now out and free.  He have not met President Stoker yet.  Although, President Wilkey came to the Joseph Smith Memorial before he left, so here is I picture with me and him and his wife.  They are awesome and I can't wait to meet President Stoker. Here is a funny picture with him.  
I haven't been able to give tours yet, but i have read the book with all the information and I feel like I could give an adequate tour.  As long as i have the spirit with me I could give anybody a tour.  
Well I love you all, and know that you are all amazing!!
Lots of Love,
Sister Lundahl 

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