Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hey All!
That is soooo exciting about Lauren!! She will be a fantastic missionary.
So Candace sent me some questions that must be answered...
How is the mission field?
Well, it is busy.  There is no such things as naps.  And sometimes eating doesn't always fit into the time schedule.   But the field is white already to harvest.  And we are working, and finding those who are willing to enter the fold. 
Do I knock on doors? 
Well yes. As a matter of fact I do.  Most people don't like it when you walk into theri house without knocking first... lol.  But we do knock a bunch of doors.  It is not always tracting, but we will go and knock on the doors of referrals and talk to them.  Don't worry, I'm sure I will still come back an awkward duckling. :)
How am I received at the doors?
As a person, people are really kind, as soon as you mention being a missionary or religion, people don't appreciate that as much.  Most people do a polite, quick conversation.  Some will tell us they are not interested.  Some say sure you can come back.  And some let us teach them.  Sure some have slammed doors. But if they don't listen, we can't talk to them.   We can only do the best we can.  
How is the JSM Memorial building and the people there?
Well, I should take some pictures and send them to you.  But basically the building that we are in now was built in 1961.  It replaced the Memorial cottage that used to be here which was built in 1905.  From what I've heard this place was the very first Historical Site.  But I will double check that.  
The buildings are very nice, especially since they are the only places with central air conditioning. 
The people here at the Memorial are very nice.  We get a bunch of tours and people who don't even know who Joseph Smith is.  In fact last Monday we had the heritage tours come here and I say a bunch of people from AF.  It was weird.  And they didn't recognize me at first since I cut my hair.  But it was great to see them again.  
The Senior couples are fantastic.  They really help us a bunch.  They are always feeding us and looking things up for us, like directions, and they are always trying to help.
This is the end of Candace's questions. 
There have been so many things that have happened here.  First is we have 2 new investigators!! Basically one is this really cool gu ywho took a BoM the first time the sisters talked to him.  And then when we stopped by he went and grabbed his BoM and Bible and cam and had us teach him the first lesson.  He son was there too and was the other investigator.  He is a really cool guy, but has had a major concussion and now cannot remember most of his childhood and cannot read very well, but when he hears the stuff he learns it, so we are getting him a BoM on CD for him to listen to.  And he totally will. 
So we have exchanges this week, so the Sister Training Leader will be coming here and I'm going to be in charge of the area for a day... :-/ I'm not sure if it will be a good thing, but it will happen.  And hopefully I won't get us lost.  Because if you look at the roads here there is no grid, there is no system.  They are all wherever people decided to to settle down 100 yrs ago.  So we will find out if i get us all lost.
Well I love you all and want to hear from you.  Written letters are greatly appreciated.
Love always,
Sister Lundahl

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