Monday, July 15, 2013


Hey All,
I've some bad news, this last week I was sick.  It all started on Monday, which of course was P-day.  So we went along doing all our stuff like e-mails and such, but the whole time I just felt like I was getting the flu or something.  So when we finally get done shopping and e-mails we come home and I had a fever of 100.3  Well I thought ok we can still try to go out.  But my comp had me go lay down.  Well within an hour I was at 101.3.  So she started to freak out a bit, and I just wanted to try and sleep.  (Yes I had taken Ibuprofen.) Well we stayed in that night.  And then I slept in a little bit and I still had a mild fever.  I did get a blessing as well.  So I had a fever for 3 days, but still went about teaching as best as I could.  My comp was going a little stir crazy, cuz i had to go take a nap one day.  But I couldn't control it and neither could she.  It was really odd.  
We did exchanges this week.  They do it with the Sister Training Leaders.  They are the equivalent to Zone leaders, but Sisters.  So I went to an area called White River Junction.  And went about teaching with a really nice girl named Sister Morgan.  She too when to Utah State.  We went and saw some really nice people and had a good time.  It was nice to just see how other sisters work together.  
I still like my area the best so far.  Even if we do have to travel 20-30 minutes to the nearest grocery store.  It is so beautiful.  
An odd thing that has been happening, is we have had tons of rain.  While rain is a free air conditioner, the problem is too much rain.  We have had severe flood warnings and the road conditions are terrible.  As I said before, most of the road are dirt around here.  So on the side of the road are lots of deep banks where the water drains away.
I have a great funny story.  So we were out and about one day and we're trying to find these less actives.  Well think we find the house so we look for a place to park.  Well she decided that she found a good place and so as she drives in we suddenly drop down quickly and stop.  I looked at her and said, you just got us stuck.  She claimed innocence but no matter how much she pushed the gas we wouldn't move.  We were partially in a ditch.  She drove us into a ditch! Well I get out of the car into the ditch and just start laughing.  We were going to have to get help or call the nearest ward member and he would have laughed so hard he wouldn't have been able to get there to save us.  Well my comp was upset, since she didn't want to call him.  Then we were saved.  This jeep happened to be coming up the road with 2 big guys who just got out to help.  They told her to turn the wheel, and she did, and then hit the gas.  And they pushed.  Then they left.  It was so nice that they were able to help us and it was definitely a miracle.  
There are so many simple miracles in our life though.  That was a big one, but just someone sending us a message or writing a note.  That is always a blessing and a miracle too.
So I'm going to try and send some cool pictures home.
Sister Lundahl

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