Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A New Area!!

I love Waldoboro!  It is a fantastic place and the people here are so incredibly friendly. While we still do not technically have an apt. we are living with some members.  They are the Duffy's and they are so incredibly nice.  They are so sweet and have been very good to us while we have been here.
Also, my comp. father apparently found my blog, so here is a shout out to him, Hi Bro. Huefner! :)
We are working hard, we have been painting out apt, and finding investigators and less actives, and all those in between.  It has been really good! 
I also went on my first exchange of five for the transfer.  We exchanged with the Augusta sisters and I was with Sister Wray, another former Caveman.  It was so much fun to work with her.  We went and tracked all day, but we had some really great experiences while we went out.  Also here is a shout out for planning.  Make sure you plan where you will go and who you will see at night, because here it gets dark early, so if you don't have anybody to go see, try to use your car to go visit others, and not just walk around in the dark.  It was very... eventful. :)  But the lord protects us, when we are doing what he wants us to do.
The members here are so excited for sister missionaries.  The last time they had sisters was about 2-3 years ago and all the members here are just so pumped for them to be back.  When we pulled in on Monday last week they all came out and gave us hugs or shook our hands and were so sweet and excited.  That night we painted our room.
Here is a suggestion for all: learn all sorts of random skills now, cuz you never know when they will benefit you later.  Like electrical, and canning, and mudding dry wall, because those are all things that have been done on our apt this week and we have helped with all of it in some way or another. 
The members are so helpful too.  They have given up time and money and goods all for them to put us sisters in this apt that they are building.  It has a pioneer type feel about it with all the work everybody is doing.  :)
S. Huefner is a great companion and we have been doing a bunch of impromptu lessons with people and they have been going well.  Everybody has been so nice thus far and it has been such a blessing to get to know the members here.  And hopefully I will get to help a member shear a sheep soon. :D 
Well that is all, sorry if it is a bit jumbled I have a bit of a cold right now and I'm not sure how straight I am thinking. Haha
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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