Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Interesting Week

Hey all!
I saw the COAST!! I have yet to touch the ocean since we were driving, but I have officially seen the great Atlantic ocean.  I have gone from sea to shining sea!  I'm just a little bit happy about it.  I have pictures, but I forgot the connector, so you will just have to wait until next week.  Also all the leaves are changing and it is beautiful, the mornings are lovely and the scenery is splendid!  There are so many colors and it is just beyond beautiful.  I can't wait to send you pictures!
Since Sister Huefner is the Sister Training Leader we have been going on exchanges every week, and this coming week is going to be the craziest, since we are exchanging with oxford sister who are ~2.5 hours away and she have Mission Leadership council this week in Manchester.  So I will be in a trio for a day and then we will go on exchanges the next day, and i will be in charge of the area.  It had definitely been a learning experience being a STL companion because now there is a lot more pressure on me than before, but it is a good kind of pressure, the kind where you need to rise up and face the challenge.
I realized that while at home, I was involved with the missionaries very little.  Like we heard of them, we saw people go and and come home different people, but I never really did much to help the missionary effort.  And I wish that someone would have told me to get more involved. And said, that Less actives are just as important if not more important than investigators.  These people have already made covenants and are not following them, and it is the active members that can love them back into activity.  Missionaries can't be everywhere all the time, and the members can help in so many ways.  They don't have to teach, but they can love, and help those people come back just by knowing that people care about them.  That is the biggest thing, let them know.  Like bring a plate of cookies over or something.  I don't know, but helping those around you always is a great way of being a missionary.
Did you go to the Relief Society General broadcast?
We watched it at the Church with some other sisters, and I love how the focus was on covenants and commandments.  I love the scripture that was shared that said, when thou are converted, strengthen thy brethren.( Luke 22- I think-) I loved that thought, I also loved how Sister Burton said that making covenants is binding ourselves to God.  Those were 2 of my favorite thoughts.  Any that you noticed?
So sometimes even as missionaries we get down on ourselves so this week we have been writing down 5 good things we have noticed in addition to any miracles we have seen.  And it had been good to notice even more the positive things that are happening in the work.  Some are a little silly like "oh nellie took on a whole new meaning." Because of some things that nellie our investigator said.  They aren't exactly appropriate comments.  But some are really cool like "Set up a return apt. with investigators the Smiths."  All the little things are those things that help you get through the day. :)
So our apartment situation is still in the works.  We have a tub and a vanity, and a toilet, but the plumbing is in the works and so we might be in friday, or maybe not.  We'll see.  We are being very hopeful, but it is a little crazy.  And there are not as many people working on it anymore, but it is moving forward, slowly but surely.  We honestly are just hoping to get in by the end of the transfer, which is in 3 weeks.  Yeah, we are definitely praying for it to get completed.
Well, I'm not sure of anything else you want to know, but I love it here, and we are so glad to be serving here.  the members who we are staying with are fantastic and treat us like daughters.  We love them so much!
Well, Love you all!
Love Always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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