Monday, January 20, 2014

Laconia, New Hampshire

Hey all!
So that is where I am.  I am in the glorious state of New Hampshire!  And I love it.  I have now been to all the three main states of our mission. :)  
So to start my: 
Tuesday, we had transfer meeting and it was crazy.  We were running a little late to it but at least we got there.  And then as they were announcing I totally didn'tt hear where I was going just who my companion was, Sister Vanderhoef!  And then where I found out that I was gonig t oLaconia! I was so excited.  I heard about Laconia on my very first day in the mission and ever since then I have wanted to serve here. :)  and now I am.  
I also found out on Tuesday that my companion was getting her Gall bladder out on Thursday... What?  Yes you heard correctly, she officially has no gall bladder right now. But Tuesday was good because we had a few appointments and they have a huge teaching pool here.
Then Wednesday we went out teaching some more.  And I love out investigators.  Chelsea and 18 year old girl is fantastic.  She is scheduled to be baptised on feb. 22!!!  I'm so excited.  Then we teach the kiddos.  They are 5 kids who are so smart.  They are really cute and they get it.  Their ages are Becky 14, troy 12, Lucas 11, Patrick 11, and Emily 7.  They are the cutest kids and I love them already.  They are great!
Well Thursday we went down to Manchester and Sister Vanderhoef had surgery.  Sam, a member, drove us and it was fun we waited for her to be done and then we took her home.  Since then we have been chilling while Sister Vanderhoef recovers.  It has been very odd.  Every morning I get up and go through the normal routine and then we just stay at our apt.  or go down to the Swains.  We live above their garage.  They are a fantastic missionary minded family.  They are always an example and are so great!  I love them!  And we are at their house quite a bit right now with Sister Vanderhoef not able to do too much. 
We did make it to church on sunday though. We went to sacrament and then we went home because Sister Vanderhoef was feeling very ill.  It was great to meet the members.  It is odd to be in a ward again.  The building is much bigger. 
Other things that I have done this week is quite a bit of cross stitching.  Yes that is correct cross stitching.  I have one that I work on after I've studied.  
So that has been my week.  It had been very good, but odd. :)
Love Sister Lundahl

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