Monday, January 13, 2014

My Last Day in Waldoboro

Yes all,

Today is my last day in Waldoboro Maine.  Also I'm going to deviate from my usual format.  We got the call this Saturday night as 8:20ish.  We came in to work on a project and we were the first call of the night by that assistant.  This is what he said, "Sister Huefner, you are going to remain in the area, and remain as Sister Training Leader. and SIster Lundahl, you are going to leave the area and remain as junior companion. Do you accept this call?"  Yep.  Yes I did accept the call.  But oh my goodness!  I'm leaving Maine!  I know I'm leaving Maine because when we got our travel plans the next day I am going all the way down to transfer meeting which is in New Hampshire.  So if I was staying in Maine they would have told me different travel plans, like, go to your new area here, etc.  Soooo, I'm kinda scared!  Somehow I have pick up a ton! of stuff here in Waldoboro, and I have no idea how to pack it all.  I know it will fit, because I made sure when I came out I had lots of extra space, but still, somehow I have much more, like a coat and jacket, and skirts and stuff.  Just stuff.  I think that I need to downsize, so I will be sending a few things home. :)
These past few days have been full of tearful goodbyes.  Last week Brother Duffy said that whoever was leaving would be giving a talk.  Well I had this feeling I would be leaving, but everybody kept saying that Sister Huefner would be leaving, so I joined the bandwagon and said yep, she is.   Well, that's now what happened.  So I had to give a talk.  It was on love, and since I was banking on Sister Huefner leaving, I didn't write anything.  And everytime I tried to write I couldn't.  Nothing  came.  So I wrote Love down on a notecard, wrote a scripture down in my notebook and gave my talk off of that.  Suprisingly, I did not say very many, you knows and what nots.  In fact I didn't say any.  they whole talk just flowed.  I shared a few experiences and then read the scripture a definition of love from true to the faith and bore my testimony.  It was about 8 mins, which filled up perfectly the remaining time.  Yes, I did cry.  Yes, I made many in the congregation cry.  And the rest of my time here, has been full of tears.  not mine.  I said no more after that talk.  but Linda and Arnez were not happy that I was leaving and it was so hard to say goodbye.  Obviously it is not forever, but it is still hard.  I will miss them and being able to teach them. 
The exciting news is that Sister Huefner knows who her companion is already.   It is Sister Tait.  She is serving in the next ward over, and we are in the same district!  That is very odd.   It almost never happens that way.  But I think she will be great here.
Saying goodbye to everybody else has also been very hard.  I really don't want to leave, but I guess it is my time.  I am going to my third area to a third companion.  That is kinda cool. 
Ok so this past week we had MLC so driving we did a lot of.  and we weren't in the area on tuesday.   Then wednesday was the usual stuff-district meeting and we read with Sister Russel and saw Sister Gove.  And then went on exchange with the oxford Sisters.
Thursday I was with Sister Smedley and we went and taught Linda and Arnez.  It was a difficult lesson, because we found out that Arnez was smoking this past week.  It was very difficult.  Then, our afternoon apt cancelled so we went and contacted formers and tracted a little bit.   One of the formers we found actually became a new investigator!  So exciting!! Unfortunately, I will not be able to teach her, because I'm leaving :/ But Sister Huefner and Tait will be great.  I'm sure they will be able to help her.  Then we drove over to Auburn to un-exchange with oxford.  :)
Friday was weekly planning.  And I was sooo sick.  I got a fever somehow and I had a sore throat.  But I was determined to feel good enough to go and see the seversons.  Well, I'm not sure we should havve, but we went and saw them.  We ate with them, took some pictures, shared a scripture and then headed out.  My fever shot back up when we got home so I went to bed.  That was odd.  But by the next day my fever was gone and I just had a runny nose and typical cold stuff.  It was great.  I am now almost completely better.  It's crazy what a little bit of sleep will do.
Then saturday we went and saw Linda and Arnez again.  We taight them about faith.  It went really well.  And we told Arnez that we would do the Stop smoking program with her this week.  And then we went to 2 baptisms!  Yep the elders had 2 baptisms.  It was really cool.  This first one wa at the church and the second one was at a community center!  Yep.  That's because Norm, the guy being baptized is in a wheelchair and can walk a little, but could not take the steps into the font.  So with the approval of the mission president he was baptised in the Wiscassett community center pool.  It was so cool.  definitely not something you usually see.  It was really cool.
Then we we went back to linda and arnez's for dinner.  I guess you could say our last supper. :) Then we got our transfer calls as previously described.  And that has been the week.
:)  Oh how it been so crazy!  I can't believe that I am leaving.  And probably going some other state.  I think I am going to New Hampshire next.  But wherever it is I am just too nervous, and stressed about packing and getting everything taken care of that I am kind of a basket case.  It doesn't help that we need to be at the church at 6:10, so leaving our apt at 6 so we can meet the Topsham sisters at 6:50.  That is very early, especially since we usually get up at 6:30.  Oh boy.  I guess I must leave this area.
I think this might be my longest e-mail home :)
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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