Monday, January 27, 2014

Laconia, Week 2

Hello Family!

Well this week has definitely been a very odd one.  It all started with not being able to go out and do much and ended with not much still. 

Tuesday:  We stayed at the swains a lot because they had a chair that was perfect for sister vanderhoef.  then we ventured out into the real world to pick up some necessities, like food.  Mainly food.  After that, Sister Vanderhoef was wiped so we went back and I read some scriptures and cross stitched a little bit.  Also we have now watched ever single movie that a missionary can watch.  So all the ones we own.  There are not very many, so we have seen them multiple times now.  I think I can almost quote the restoration movie... the long one.  And that has actually been much of this last week.  Our social event of the week was going to district meeting on Thursday.  There I had the grand opportunity to play accompaniment on the violin.  Now this was not just any violin this violin was old.  And not in the best of shape.  every time I tried to tune it it kept sliding, and oh, I forgot to mention that it had a giant crack down the front of it.  And then I got really nervous because I hadn't played in a long time, and suddenly I was expected to be great, so I started to shake and everybody could hear me warming up, plus it was people I had never met before and the assistants were there as well so I got even more nervous.  But after the first couple of notes I was ok.  Not great.  But ok.  So I survived.  The district leader, Elder Holley was nice and said I did a good job, he is the one that supplied the violin.  Yeah.  I just felt really embarrassed.  But hey, life is great.

Oh yeah, We ate at a members house, and they are vegan, and the tofu they made was really good.  I loved it.  They were fantastic.  Their names are the paladinos and they were so funny.  And it was great because all the food they made sister Vanderhoef could eat. 

Oh another random topic,  the members we live with have a dairy farm, and I told them that I have always wanted to milk a cow, so this transfer Sister Vanderhoef and I are going to milk a cow. :)  I am so excited.  It will be great!

To be honest that has basically been my week.  Sister Vanderhoef and I have had a lot of bonding time.  Since we have both been out for a while we both has lots of stories and she played soccer for Lehi so we just have fun stories to share and we get along really well.  I really like her. :)

So that is pretty much it for this last week.  I am super excited for this coming week though, because now I will be able to go and meet some more people! :)

I really like it here though and the people here are great.  It has been really cool to meet everybody that I have so far.  :)
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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