Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lobstah anyone?

Hello family!

So I' running out of time so I am going to try and cover the most important parts first.

Thursday we went on exchange so the Sister Training leaders came to Newport with me and Sister Dastrup went to Bangor for the day.  Sister Shipley and I had a bunch of fun.  We taught quite a few people and we also were able to teach in unity.  We taught the plan of salvation to one of our investigators and he said, you know this is all very logical.  I like it.  It just makes sense.  Really?  You don't say?  So we invited him to be baptized and he said I do want to be but not yet.  We told him that it takes time for someone to be ready and that we need to teach them a few more things first.  He said he still needed some time to think about it.  His aunt is a member, and he said, " maybe she is right, maybe this is the right church."  Oh boy!  I am so excited for him!  I think that he will be great as we continue to teach him and once he reads the book of mormon.  I have one on cd that I am going to give him to listen to.  We also saw a less active that said she is going to stop coming.  She knows the ook of Mormon is true and that she just needs a break.  We didn't let her get away that easy so we committed her to come to the Book of Mormon class that we teach every week.  We saw another less active, Laurie.  She is our most progressing person.  She always reads her scriptures and prays she is just scared to come to church.  We are trying to help her.  Yesterday we were supposed to have dinner with her, but she was so sick.  She called us and she just sounded dreadful. That was sad, we hope she gets feeling better soon. 

We then had to drive and go to Newport so that we could un-exchange and I could get Sister Dastrup back from Bangor.   

Friday was a fun day of weekly planning.  Yay.... Anyways we went and saw a few less active.  One cancelled, the next one we stopped by and she started to get really upset about some mail so we left, and the last one we talked with we shared with her about Tithing and Fast offerings.  That was our district meeting study on Wednesday.  It went over... well like a brick.  Bricks don't really roll very well.... 
We had dinner that night to see part member family and we shared the restoration using Apostasy cups.  I will have to take a picture of it to show you what they look like.  

Saturday we went to a former investigators house to clean up their yard.  We cleaned up some brush and helped them burn it.  It was a lot of work.    After wards we were supposed to have a meeting with Marty.  He is a referral that we got the other day.  His friend from Arizona called us the missionaries in Dover and they called us to meet with him.  We called him and set up this appointment.  Well he called us that morning and said that he couldn't come because he was working since the weather was nice.  So we rescheduled to a time that there is no option but to meet.  :)  Tuesday at 6. :) 

So we ended up contacting a bunch of referrals that we got from the branch president up in the Dover area.  He gave us about 20 names of people to go see.  The only problem is that we have no addresses so we have been looking them up in phone books and asking people.  Unfortunately our phone books only cover a certain area. :/  So we are going to members homes and using their phone books.

That night we went to a members home for dinner and they made us lobstah!  It was so good!  You have to cook them fresh aka while alive, and you have to steam them so they don't take very long to cook.  We ate them and they are delicious.  There is the liver part that is green and called the tamale or something like that.  I tried it... I didn't like that part of the lobster.  

Sunday was ok.  We got a ride to church to save miles, and we also had a very interesting testimony meeting.  One guy got up and basically said some cowboy poetry... and yelled into the microphone.. You never know what you are going to see while on your mission.  it was very interesting.  
Thats all for now.

Love you all!

Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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