Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week of Work (from September 15, sorry it's late)

Hello family!

So this week was a busy week of really just working as hard as we can.  At least trying our best to push a little harder, and work a little better. 

So the highlights for each day since I am running out of time:

Tuesday we got a new investigator.  We stopped by a potential that Sister Welling and I found when we were lost one day and she was interested and said we could come back on Tuesday.  We are so excited!  We were supposed to meet with a referral, but unfortunately he cancelled on us again.  It was really sad :(

Wednesday we ended up not having any evening appointments so we went home and went for a walk.  It was already dark so tracting wasn't the greatest option so we went and as we were walking we saw this lady outside smoking.  We stopped and talked with her and asked her if the wanted to try quitting she said that is an eventual goal.  It was really cool that she was so nice and we were able to be real with her.

Thursday we had planned on tracting a road first thing in the morning, and when we plugged it into the GPS it didn't exist.  So we went to a different road and found some really good potentials.  I have great hopes for them.  That night in Book of Mormon class I totally forgot my notes for our lesson, so I said, well Sister Dastrup, your taking the lead.  I felt a little bad at first, but she did a really good job.

Friday we actually finished all of our weekly planning!  Wow.  That was a miracle.  We then got a voice mail about getting 12 ITLs a day.  ITLs are invitations to learn.  I will be honest I wasn't the most happy camper, but I am excited to say that we did reach 12.  Not that day though.  We went tracting, and the whole thing went rather poorly until we got to this big farm house and we talked with the people there for a good 30 mins.  They weren't interested, but the gave us some corn and tomatoes, and they said they would show us this cool processor which they have to convert the waste from their cows to energy that they put on the grid.  It was pretty impressive.

Saturday we did a lot of contacting we saw one of our investigators and she said that she wants a break for a while.  That was sad.  So we stopped by a member and she helped cheer us up.  Then we knocked on some doors.  We contacted a few people and some of them were actually really nice to us, others not so much.
Then we had dinner with the Holmes family.  Their daughter is visiting from Utah and they took us to Anglers.  We had Lobstah!  It was so yummy!  I really am starting to like Lobster.  One of the Elders did not like it so much... It waas rather funny.

Sunday We played the song in church.  We played nearer my God to thee.  It is a really pretty arrangement.  The only problem is I was so nervous that I started shaking a lot as I played.  Sometimes I wish nerves would just go away, but I guess that isn't how things work sometimes.  We went and saw an investigator afterwards and wow!  That lesson was rather frightening.  Sometimes people just really like to talk and don't let you respond.  So it was hard to share what we wanted to share with them.  We mainly wanted to talk to Debbie to figure out her thoughts.  So yeah it was hard.

Over all this has been a very busy week. We are working really hard to talk to more people.  Preach my Gospel says that we should be talking to 10 people outside of our usual people every day.  So that can we hard when there aren't very many people here, but we are doing out best.

I think that is it.

Love you all!

Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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