Monday, September 1, 2014

Bonjour Family!

This week has been super fun!  And very busy.  it has been great!

So monday we drove down to Manchester with the waterville sisters.  So of course it was so much fun!  It was fun.  Unfortunately I had a Dr. Pepper so that night it took forever to fall asleep.

Tuesday we had a great meeting in manchester.  We learned a ton.  And it was really good.  I learned a ton.  Meetings for missionaries is equivalent to going to the temple because we can't go very much.  After the meeting we just drove home.  That was all.  We went to a mall to get some food and it was really odd to walk in there.  I felt really odd....  Malls still exist. 

Wednesday we had district meeting where we had the assistants there.  It was funny.  We had a good district meeting about receiving revelation.  Then we saw some people and then we had dinner with a less active.  We taught the restoration and they said that they were going to be at church on Sunday!  We were so excited. :)

Thursday we went out and tried to contact some former investigators.  One was moving so we helped her move some boxes and get things ready for the move.  She really appreciated it.  She was super nice, but didn't seem too interested.  
We then went and saw one of our only investigators.  She is not progressing at all, but we want to give her one last chance.  So we are starting to give her more commitments and seeing where it going.  I think that we are probably going to have to drop her though.
We then saw a less active and talked with her about getting her home and visiting teachers.  We are so excitied that she is willing to have some!  She is just so great and I really like her!
We then went to pick up some brownies from a part member family.  The wife who is not a member made me the raspberry truffle brownies.  Oh my goodness!!!  They are so good!  I am just so happy.  We took them to book of Mormon class where we shared them.  Luckily we still have some... or maybe not so lucky, I don't really need the calories.

Friday we did weekly planning!  Yay! We then went to contact a former investigator and instead of a house we found a huge farm that has been there for 5 generations.  We talked to a lady there and invited her to learn.  She seems decently interested.  We then had a meal with a member and had a good time there. 

Saturday we tried contacting a ton of people and then had dinner with a non member family who live off the grid.  it was really good.  I like their philosophies.  
We then saw some less actives and had dinner with a member.  2 meal appointments in one day!yay!

Sunday the less actives came to church!  We are so happy! Anyway I am out of time.  I gtg!  

Love you all tons!

Love always and forever,

Sister Lundahl

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