Monday, October 6, 2014

Everyday is Sunday as a missionary. Except Monday. Monday is Saturday

The title of this e-mail if a prime example of most of what my companion says.  It is rather amusing.  I have lots of opportunities to laugh. :)

So last Monday we went on that amazing hike!  It was so super cool!  The colors were amazing I will send lots of pictures home. :)

Tuesday we started doing service at the Dexter library.  We are helping them go through some old obituaries and get them submitted online into a database. It is really cool.  I feel like I am doing family history work.  They are very interesting.
We saw Laurie again on Tuesday.  She is doing really well. :)  We also stopped by out investigator Felicia and invited her to general conference. :)  She said she would come, but unfortunately she didn't. :/

Wednesday we had a fun district meeting and we watched the Mormon message God's light or something, here is the link, you should watch it is amazing!

we talked about receiving revelation and how to help our investigators do better at getting revelation.  Mainly through reading the Book of Mormon. 

We then saw a few less actives and taught them about the Book of Mormon more and invited them to read from it.   We had an appointment scheduled with a new investigator at the church and we were really sad because he didn't show up and when we called him, the number was disconnected... so we don't know what happened there, but I guess he doesn't want to meet with us.  :(
We did go to Felicia's house and read from the Book of Mormon with her and her kids.  It was really cool.  The book of Mormon is really amazing because people are able to grow so much from reading it.  Everybody in the family struggles with reading, but as those who could read read from the Book of Mormon they already started to read better just by reading the first chapter.  It really is cool to see how the spirit can help enlarge someone's mind.

Thursday we had the great time of tracting and also teaching 2 great lessons!  We went with a member to teach our investigator at the library.  It was really good to be able to meet and he has been listening to the Book of Mormon on CD.  :)  He really likes it, and we are trying to get him to commit to baptism, but the only problem is, is he has narcolepsy so he pretty much sleeps during the day.  So I shared with him Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.   So hopefully we will be able to help him really just come to the gospel and really take this chance for happiness. We also taught Felicia and her family about the plan of salvation. :)

General conference was so amazing!  Oh my goodness!  I love it so much!  It was just so cool.  Sister Dastrup and I discussed some of the themes that we noticed and it was really focused on making our own testimony strong and making sure that we know the truth and that the gospel it true. 

 I think it was interesting how much was talked about with sustaining the prophets.  I think that it is so important that we know that we have a prophet today.  It is such a blessing to have the knowledge that he is looking out for us and that if we need to know about something he will let us know and if we have questions he can help us.  It is a big blessing to have a prophet.  And I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet for us right now and we really are so blessed.  I've seen so many people tossed in the whirlwind that I know this gospel is true. 

We need opposition in this life, but I loved Richard G Scotts talk about the 4 tools to overcoming challenges.  I would highly suggest and encourage to take those 4 things of 1 prayer 2 Study the scriptures 3. Weekly family home evening and 4 Going to the temple.  Another favorite talk of mine was Jorg Klebingat the 6 practical steps for peace!  Wow.  Those talks were so good!

Well, I've rambled enough.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Love always and forever,

Sister Lundahl

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