Monday, October 20, 2014

Miracles Continue to Happen

Hey family!  How are y'all doing?

This week we had a fantastic week! 

I'll start with Tuesday this week.  We had to change the time we were going to be seeing Nicole.  Our investigator so we actually got to do time.  we watched a priesthood conference talk and looked up different things there.  I had no idea how many temples the church is in the process of building.  wow!  So many. 

We taught Nicole and it was really hard to get the spirit.  She tends to ask off the wall questions that really derail us and we have to think.  She is sincere about learning though.  I am just trying to figure out how to help her.  We are going to teach her about the Savior this week, especially about his atonement.  I think that it will be a really good lesson.
We saw Laurie that day.  She is doing good.  She didn't come to church because she wanted to go see her boyfriend.
We then had dinner and a lesson with Branigan our new investigator at the Watsons.  A member in the branch.  It was so cool.  We taught the restoration using the apostasy cups for her little girls and it was really cool!  Branigan has been reading in the Book of Mormon, and the pamphlets and is really just soaking everything right up!

Wednesday we had district meeting and the Elders had a baptismal interview!  It was with a wonderful lady that the Elders have been teaching for a very long time now and she is so ready.  She is sweet and We have worked with the family a little bit and she is basically amazing.  She asked me to play the violin at the baptism, so I have been practicing a bunch of songs and trying to figure out how to order them and whatnot.  I can only really do that during our personal time aka getting ready for the day lunch and dinner and getting ready for bed, so hopefully it will all be ready for Saturday. :) 

After Kerri's baptismal interview we went to go contact some potentials that we have found.  They went well.  We taught one lady and we were trying to leave because we had to walk back to our apt and then we had to drive for 10 mins.  So about 20 mins of travel time. Well we got out a little late so we had to run back to our apt for our car, and we were about 3/4 a mile away and both of us are super out of shape, plus in churchy shoes and dresses and we were running down the road [probably looking like crazy people in Maine}. 
We got to our car and rushed to our appointment.  We were doing the stop smoking program with her. basically you are guaranteed to quit smoking in 1 week if you follow all the steps.  It is cool and it works. 
That was a great Wednesday!

Thursday we had plans to teach an investigator, but she wasn't home. :(  so we went and tracted and street contacted.  As we did so we met this lady who really is seeking direction in her life.  It was really cool how we were able to relate the story of Joseph Smith to her and then to invite her to learn more.  We set up a return appointment and are super excited to see her this next week.
We did a lot of street contacting and trying to talk with people.  We then had pie and a lesson with Branigan and a member. :)  It was a little scattered because little kids were all over the place, but it was great still because Branigan is just making so much progress. 

After we had to rush and pick up the Elders to get to the Church because they don't have a car.  Nobody came to book of Mormon class. :(  But life goes on.

Friday we got weekly planning done rather quickly it was quite amazing.  So we went and saw some less actives and then had dinner with one family.  She was making a bunch of excuses about not reading the book of Mormon.  And I said, look I know that it is hard, and I know that my family wasn't always the best at it either, but I do know that you have done it before and it is possible.  And you know and I know that it will make you happier.  That is a little bit more bold than what I said, but that is the gist of it.  We committed them to do their best.
We then went to clean the church.  We got assigned that duty this week.  The Elders and our Branch mission leader were supposed to come, but only we showed up.... So we did our best. 

Saturday we planted flowers and had some great Chinese food.  Then we were planning on going to a baptism, but that didn't happen the ride cancelled and so we called Branigan and committed her to coming to the baptism this week. 
So since that changed and we were already in Newport we saw our Newport less actives that we weren't able to see earlier that week.  One just got out of the hospital and had read a bunch in the book of Mormon while she was there. :)  So we read another chapter with her and really tried to help her understand. 

It is crazy how low reading comprehension is out here.  I am so grateful for the education that I got in Utah, because there are so many people out here who just don't think anything about an education while young and then they find out that it does make a difference.

Another thing that astounds me is how many teen mothers there are out here.  There is one lady we see who had her first child when she was 14.   Wow.  that is all I can say to that.  So remember that education is important and it changes lives and wait to be married before you have kids.  Yeah.  That is all I can say.

I love you all and I know that this church is true!  It is amazing to see how much it blesses peoples lives in so many ways.  I love you all! 

Love always and forever,

 Sister Lundahl

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