Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello! Hello!

Hey all!
Transfer calls were this weekend.  And while we sat waiting we thankfully did not get a call!  We were so worried since we finally moved in a couple of weeks ago that we were going to be separated especially after we have 2 awesome investigators.  i will talk about them in a minute.  It has been so good working here.  Even though SIster Huefner is gone a bunch doing lots of Sister Training Leader stuff, we have been able to find and help people.

In regards to the queries about the Royer's lost pigs, they came home.  Nobody found them.  What happened was when the Royers came home to watch conference they went outside to count the pigs and see if they had come home, and the still counted 10, well they turned around and one pig came out from under a barn or something and another came out from under a horse,  not exactly sure on the details, but they are home and save to one day be sent to freezer camp.... If you know what I'm talking about.

So our investigators!  I think I mentioned Arnez and Linda last week.  Well this week we returned to teach them the Plan of Salvation, when we got there and Arnez's boyfriend was there.  It was a little intersting at first, but we started the lesson.  Well her boyfriend-Tom- can't read to her was looking through the pictures in the pamphlet and just kept staring at one of the pictures later on.  We were doing something different for our lesson, since we don't usually use the pamphlets and we were just reading through it and discussing it.  So of course we felt bad that he couldn't read. Well we kept going with our plan though and when we got to the page that he was on it was the picture of Christ is Gethsemane.  Praying.  And he just kept staring at it.  He told us, I just keep going back to this picture.  We had been talking about the atonement and how through Christ we can be forgiven of our sins, and he asked us what he needed to do to have that forgiveness.  Talk about prepared.  We told them about baptism and following Christ.  The spirit was so strong.  Sister Huefner was in tears, and surprisingly I was close, and so was Tom.  It was a great lesson.  It was to cool to see how the Holy Ghost worked through us.  Cuz we didn't do anything, that was all the Heavenly Father, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
They ended up coming to Church.  At least Tom and Arnez.  Linda had a headache and didn't come.  She has 3 brain tumors.  And I guess Larry, Moe, and Curly were being a little problematic.- that is what she named them :)
It was so cool.  We then gave them a church tour afterwards to show them the rest of the building.  We ended at the baptismal font and committed them to be baptised on Nov. 23.   They said YES!  AHHHH!!!! Neither Sister Huefner nor I have ever had a baptismal date and people who will actually strive to meet it.  Stressed much?  Not yet, but I'm sure we will feel it later.

So wood stoves, I know I've mentioned them before, but we now are using one to heat our section of the house.  It is outside our apt.  So sister Brooks the member whose house we now share usually takes care of it, but she is going to teach us what we need to do to keep it going and how to work the furnace/ stove and what not.  Sometimes, I remember that I really am a city girl especially when it comes to wood stoves. :/

Well, I'll see if I can send some more pictures today.

Love you all!

Love Always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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