Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Great Week In Waldoboro!!

Hey Family, 
1st I would like to say, that I am extremely grateful to even be writing you right now.  Today all the libraries are closed, and we were not going to be able to write e-mails home, but then we came to Topsham for district p-day and now we can write e-mails. So tender mercy from the Lord.

This week was amazing.  We picked up an amazing investigator.  Her name is Arnez, and she is soooo excited.  She is so awesome.  She wants to be part of the gospel, and ever since we taught her the first lesson she said she feels like she has had a heavy load lifted off her.  We are so excited to keep teaching her.  She already understands the importance of church. We just need to get her to come.  She committed to coming this week, then for some reason she didn't and we are concerned, so we will be seeing her tonight to see what happened.  

We also met with another family, they are the Seversons and they are really nice and sweet.  I know that as we teach them the gospel they will want to come to church and grow.  They are already really awesome, they just need this little extra push.

We are starting to see more and more success.  It has taken a while, but as we have been diligent, we have been able to find more people.  And it is a blessing to be able to see the work starting to pick up.  

Also transfer call are this week again.  I feel like we just got here.  How can transfer call already be here?  We think we will be staying, but there is always that dread that somehow we will be moved.  And I love the area so much that I don't want to leave.  But I guess that just means that you are going to leave.  I sincerely hope not. 

Yesterday, another tender mercy from the Lord.  A member had their family visiting, and the mother sings in the Mormon tabernacle Choir.  So I went and asked her if she knew Tracy Warby and Valerie Jensen, she did.  Apparently, Tracy has adopted a little baby!!! I had no idea. That is so exciting!! So as were talking she pulled out a cd, and said, "Would you like a cd?"  of course I said, "missionaries could always use a cd."  And when I saw the cd, for some strange reason I just burst into tears.  It was so embarrassing.  here I was crying, and then she started to cry.  And it was just a huge mess.  The cd she gave me was "Consider the Lilies." And what did that remind me of?  Grandma Lundahl's funeral, and for some reason it just hit me right then and I started weeping.  But it was such a tender mercy, because I knew that Heavenly Father is watching out for me, and so are our ancestors.  Including Grandma & Grandpa Lundahl.  It was such a tender experience, and I am so grateful that Sister Barker was willing to share and give the cd.  

So now that you all know that I am just a silly person who cries.  But i want everyone to e-mail or write me their favorite song/hymn so that everytime I hear/ sing it I can remember you all.  That sound a little cheesy, but it is those little things that can help a person in those times of need. :)  So for future reference, if you feel so inclined, and if you want you can also tell me why.  if not that's cool too.

Well I love you all!!

Love Always and Forever,

Sister Lundahl

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