Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Hello All!
Life is still crazy here in the Waldoboro area!  Do you prefer when I list out what we do each day?  or general things like I usually do?  Today I will do each day.
Monday of last week was crazy as we had to drive back and forth doing laundry and shopping and such.  Definitely not the most effective use of our miles but we did finish everything.
Tuesday: We had another lesson with Arnez, Linda, And Tom.  Actually Tom wasn't able to hitchhike over to Linda and Arnez's so we just retaught the Book of Mormon and helped fill in the many gaps which they were starting to gain.  It was really helpful because they actually asked questions and are trying to learn everything.  It is so cool!! 
Wednesday:  We had District meeting.  We then went on exchanges where I went to Topsham to be with Sister Tait and Sister Huefner stayed in Waldoboro with Sister Hoffman.  It was so cool.  We did a bunch of street contacting and met this really cool lady in the park.  She had gone to  a religious school over here where they had studies the book of Mormon from an academic point of view it was very interesting to hear the difference.  She then shared with her Moroni's promise and invited her to read the Book of Mormon in a new way.  She said she would.  We wish we could teach her but she lives in Portland area with is like 1 hr away.
We also met a few other people on the street.  A statistician who doesn't believe in God, and a another lady who is a catholic.  It was definitely different, because the Topsham sisters are in a car share, and the day I was there all we did was walk.  And walk and walk and walk.  No we did not sing.... ok maybe for a little bit.  But it was really cool to go there and work in another area and see how they work.
That night we had a member meal, and a little girl gave me some crab apples and said the would fix my hand.  She was super cute and funny!!
Thursday:  Sister Tait and I had to wait to exchange back so we went out to find people.  It was so cold!!  One day is was medium weather and now it is starting to get really cold!  I'm not ready!  I just want it to stay mediocre. So we went out and we met an old investigator of sister Tait's.  She was very nice and apologized for some things she had said, and then prayed with us... It was interesting, but hey now they know they could probably come back and see her again.  We then ran into a lady who is Pagan. Like the believes in a mix of Native American things and old Celtic stuff.  It was a very short interesting conversation.  We eventually were able to exchange back, and we then got to work in Waldoboro.  We tried to contact an investigator, but he wasn't there, so we tried to other people until it was time to go to a relief society activity.  We made pumpkins out uf long sleeve t-shirts.  I should have taken a picture, but I will send one home next week.  They were actually kind-of cute.  I think if you really want you could find out how to do in on pinterest. 
Friday:  Friday is Weekly planning.  And boy is it a long day.  We basically try to figure out where we are going to be and work.  It is fun.......  I am learning to make it fun. :)  We then had a meal appointment.  It was really good and the people are originally from Utah.  It was a very good day because we had other lesson with Linda and Arnez, and this time Tom was there.  So we finished talking about the Plan of Salvation.  They are so excited.  Unfortunately they will not be able to make it to church this week because of Arnez's grandson's Birthday. 
Saturday:  Oh today was so cool because there was a baptism!!! Not one of our investigators but the Elder's investigators.  There were 3 people who were baptized A couple and a 14 year old girl.  They were all confirmed on Sunday!  But the rest of the day we so cool because we were able to see how the Holy Ghost was able to guide us to different people.  From one house to the next we could feel how we were helping these people come closer to Christ and it was such a blessing to share that Love.
Sunday:  We helped with the primary program, and it was super cute!!  All the 3 investigators are not members and a lady who was there to watch said she would be back next week!  We I need to Go I love you All!!!
Love Always And Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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