Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Amazing week in Waldoboro, ME

Hello all!!!
Boy has this been one crazy good week. I love having people who want to come closer to Christ and are willing to make the changes to do that.  And that is what has happened this week.  Starting with lots of other craziness.
So Monday we drove to Augusta so we could meet the Wintrop Elders and drve down to Portland where sister Huefner and I stayed the night.  It was a super fun drive with the Elders and the I met Sister Griffin and Sister Beus.  They are so nice and great missionaries. 
Tuesday Sister Huefner and Sister Griffin got picked up and went to MLC and I stayed in Portland with Sister Beus and got to work.  It was fun.  We tracted a little bit and did mormon.org time, and then we went and helped  a member in their ward.  She was sick and didn't really want us to come over, but sister beus forgot the phone so we came over and helped anyway.  Her daughter was there too, and usually she doesn't do very much, will come out then go back to her room, but she stayed and helped us clean.  She was super funny and sweet. I wish I could be with her more, because she is less active and doesn't come to church, but she did promise me tat she would read her scriptures everyday.  So I hope and pray that she will be follow through.  The only problem is I won't be there. :/  but the other I know the Sisters there are great and will help her. We then met up with the other Sisters and Sister Huefner and I went back to Augusta to pick up the car.  It was a very interesting ride.  Some of the Elders were very tired, and one asked me where I was from twice in 5 minutes.  Of course he was the one driving, so that was interesting....  But we made it and it was great and then we drove home and didn't gt home till super late...late missionary terms. 
Wednesday was really good again.  We had been studying the question of polygamy in the early church so we could answer the concern of a woman in the branch who is a little bit less active.  I was kind of concerned that it would become confrontational, but it didn't and somehow we were able to pull in a bunch of other information and doctrine.  It was so cool to be able to see those how that all worked out.  And then we had a meal appointment with a family called the Hovances.  They are so great!  Sis. Hovance is pretty young, like 24 and she is so funny ad we love to talk with her.  They have 3 kids.  And are so delightful.  Sister Huefner shared the message with them, and did a fantastic job of making it fun for them. :)
Thursday we went and say Arnez, and Linda.  We are teaching them the word of wisdom.  And we knew that Arnez smokes and drink coffee.  Well we started it by using the pamphlets and Linda jumped ahead.  Arnez was so excited, because she wants to quit smoking but when she heard no coffee, she was not happy.  But she decided that she wants to come closer to Christ and will do it.  And to far she has not ad another cup of coffee since.  And she has gone down from 1/2 pack of cigarettes to 4 and maybe even less now.  We are so proud of her and are constantly praying for Linda and Arnez to continue to come closer to Christ.  Also they were watching TV and they saw a show called Mormons in America and it talked about Polygamy.  We were so prepared to answer that question!  It was so cool how the Lord was able to prepare us not only to answer S. Gove's question but also Arnez and Linda's! 
Friday was a lot of planning again.  Weekly planning of course.  We then went and Painted 2 walls and a ceiling for a member who is moving to Utah.  In fact, she might be interested in going and visiting you, so if you get a call or a drop by by Bev. Thompson, don't be surprised. :)  It was a lot of work.  In addition to more planning etc.
Saturday we taught Linda and Arnez again, and this time Tom was there.  It was great!  He too decided that he is not going to drink coffee anymore.  :D  We went and helped Bev again, since she need all the help she can get. 
Sunday they came to church and really liked it.  We forgot to get Arnez a blessing for quitting everything, but we will get her one soon.  She really thinks and knows that it will help. Our other appointments fell through unfortunately.  So that was fun.  But we got to go to a meeting in Topsham where Elder Gifford Nielson spoke to us.  Or the guy at conference who talked about exclamation points.  :)  It was sooo good and he gave some really good advice. One thing that stood out to me was the fact that he talked about daily testimony building.  I think that is sooo important to try and do that all the time.  That is what we have promise our savior to do.  And it is when we actually do that, that we feel the spirit that much more. :)  Loved it!
Monday was Zone conference in Augusta so we got up at 5:45 so we could both be ready.  Elder Nielson was the presiding authority and he talked a bunch to us.  It was really incredible.  Everything was so inspiring and helpful as missionaries.  I feel so lucky to be here at this time.  I wish I could tell you all the wonderful things that I learned, but the one thing that really stood out to me the most was when he talked about how we are still fighting the same war that we were fighting in Heaven, and we need to decide today where we will stand.  And he asked and committed us to NEVER leave the Lords side.  Because while the Lord knows us so well so does Satan, and he will do everything in his power to keep us from being happy.  For some reason that just stood out more yesterday than ever before.  I think of all the times I've let Satan get me down and I know that as we stand firm and true God can help us even more.  It truly waay great day. :) 
And that is why I'm e-mailing today, because today became our p-day.  Well that was basically the week.  It was great and fun and I'm so excited to keep working.  Random tid bit, I've almost been out on my mission for 6 months!!!!!!  Where did the time go?
Love you all and I'm so grateful for all the love and support you give!
Love Always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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