Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween On A Mission

Hey All!
So This week has been crazy good and way busy!!!  1st I have a question, do you prefer my letters to be separated into the separate days or not. I recieved no reply on this subject, so if you have an opinion please let me know. :)
Monday:  P-day was great!  It was a wee bit crazy though because we had to do an exchange with the Oxford Sisters who basically life on the other side of the state.  We determined a halfway point for our meetings which was super helpful. We drove I picked up Sister Jensen, then drove back.  Luckily we were able to get a ride this time.  The Duffy's gave a a ride.  They are so sweet!
Tuesday:  So Sister Jensen and I went and taught Tom, Linda, and Arnez.  We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was so good.  I loved teaching with her.  She is so nice and has lots of missionary experience.  She is one of the few sisters who have been on her mission for over a year.  All three of them committed to coming to church and we really want to baptize them all.  Unfortunately Arnez and Linda cannot be baptized for a while, but hopefully we will be able to behere when Tom gets baptized.  We then went and did service for a member in the Branch.  She is super sweet and we gave her an idea on how to prevent JW's from trying to teach her.  :)  Basically give her a Restoration Pamphlet.  I can't wait to hear the results.  We then did our Mormon.org time.  and of course I showed Sister Jesen my favorite videos.  I suggest everybody goes and watches Lindsey Stirlings mormon.og video.  It is sooo good!!!  Then we drove to exchange back. 
Wednesday: It was such a good day!  We had district meeting and we Sister Tait a sister in our district gave sound advice which is very true, Learning Patience take patience.  Yeah, I still am working on that one. But it was such a great district meeting.  We then went and read the Book of Mormon with a Less Active. She is such a sweet old lady, but she goes to the church she grew up in which is sad, and we are trying to help her cuz she still has a testimony.  But she was telling us a story about how she waas driving to home from Boston and it was late and she got lost and she said some very inspiring words, "I didn't panic, I prayed."  I just thought how many times do I just start panicing?  I definitely need to work on that.  We then went to the Branch Truck-or-treat.  Which was good, the Sister in charge asked for our help, and it was so funny.  We picked up the elders and set up our trunk with candy and pamphlets and passalong cards.  Well the Elders decided to get in the truck and they turned into major goofballs trying to get people to take the stuff. It was super funny.  Everybody loved it, and it turned into the happening truck of the trunk or treat. :)
Thursday:  We taught Linda, And Tom today.  Arnez had to go and take care of her grandkids.  But it was good to see how they were understanding the gospel.  We taught them pray often, obedience, and study the scriptures.  It was really good.  We set up to come and see them again tomorrow. We then went and saw a few other Less actives and taught them.  And them we came in @ 5:00.  Basically they think that it is a good idea that missionaries aren't out tracting while kids are trick-or-treating.  I guess that would be a good idea....  So we deep cleaned our apt.  Which turned into organizing everything.  I'm not going to lie it looks really great.  And that was the excitement of our Halloween.
Friday:  We taught Linda and Arnez about prophets.  They really liked it.  They totally thought it was great.  Especially when we watched some of the clips of the special witnesses DVD.  It was really cool.  They said they will for sure be coming to church and we can't wait to see them there.  We hope they will be there.  We then did our weekly planning that day.  We actually got most of it finished.  It was such a miracle!  And then we went and contacted a media referral!!  So Sweet.  We went to her house and she said that her friend was telling her about how great the church was and answered a buch of her questions and she said she would try to come to chruch!  We reallu hope so.  She was super sweet!
Saturday:  It was very interesting.  We went tracting and basically we were tracting the same road some Jehovah Witnesses had tracted earlier that day. :/  so we were a little dicouraged, and then a lady let us help her with her garden.  She was super nice.  Her name is Afila, she changed it from Barbara in the 70's. :)  She was really cool.  It was really nice that we were able to help her. 
Sunday!!!!! I love Sundays!  and this Sunday was the very best!!  It was Sister Huefner's birthday and it was like heavenly father was sending his love in tender mercies and random miracles.  1st Linda, Tom, and Arnez came to church.  Then Arnez bore her testimony!!!! Crazy!!  And another nonmember bore her testimony.  And then we found out that ever since we went to a members house for dinner they have been reading their scriptures together every night!  A random girl walked into the church building as we were doing comp study and she wanted a book of mormon to take with her on an airplane ride somewhere.  It was just really crazy! And it all ended up being just a really good day.  Which I'm glad cuz it was a nice present for Sister Huefner from Heavenly Father. :)
Well that's all that happened this last week.  This coming week is going tobe crazy cuz we  are driving down to portland tonight because sister Huefner needs to be at Missionary Leadership Council in the morning in Manchester, NH so tuesday I will be serving there, and then more craziness will happen as always.  But I hope everybody is having a great day and week!!
Love Always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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