Friday, November 22, 2013


Hey everyone!!
Another great week in the Waldoboro area!  We have been busy.  So last week we had our zone conference and stuff and it was fantastic!  We then had p-day on Tuesday.  So I will start about Tuesday night.
Tuesday:  We were chauffering the Elders around because their car is in the shop.  So they needed rides everywhere.  We then went to August for exchanges.  I picked up Sister Wray and brought her down to Waldoboro with me.  Sister Wray and I went to high school together actually.  So it was lots of fun! 
Wednesday:  We then got about doing some great things.  I basically taught all the lessons because sister Wray was very shy, so I taught the 10 commandments to Linda, and Arnez.  It was very difficult, but it turned out great!  I totally felt the spirit with be helping me teach them, because I had no idea what I was doing. 
We then went and saw Sister Russel.  She is the less active we read the book of mormon with.  She is soo sweet.  Everytime we go there she has something for us.  Either a baked good or a drink or something.  And she is sharp.  She understands the Book of Mormon really well and she gets around doing stuff too.  She is 81 and lives alone and is amazing! 
We then went and taught the restoration to another less active.  She is very nice, and we were able to teach in some unity.  we asked Sister Gove to evaluate how we did teaching and she said that we did a very good job, and that we are great teachers.  She also said some other crazy things like, I'm a confident person or something... lol.  She is super nice. 
We then had coordination with the Elders and Bro. Duffy.
It was a good day and then we exchanged back.  It was so much fun. :) 
Thurday:  We taught Linda and Arnez again.  Arnez has officially stopped smoking.  It is awesome (as of now it has been like 6 days. :D)  She is still going through some withdrawals which is to be expected, but it is so cool to see how the gospel influences people's lives.  She is doing great, and is making tons of progress!!
We then went to go try and find out what happened to a member.  She just disappeared.  And nobody knows what happened.  Her house was all padlocked and everything.  So we went and talked to her neighbors and found out she moved.  So that was good, and sad, but she is going through chemo and is now closer to her family.
We talked with some her neighbors and there is some good potential there. :)
Friday. We had another lesson with Arnez and Linda.  We were only going to see them 3x this week, but then scheduling stuff happened and people got confused so we saw them 4x last week. :)  Oh well.
We then went to go see a really cute and sweet old couple and they weren't feeling good.  So we tried some other people.  And of course we had weekly planning. So that took up the rest of the day.
Saturday: A family got sealed!!!! A couple in the branch got sealed on Saturday.  It was awesome.  We couldn't go, but we heard it was amazing. We heart attacked them.
On the way there we passed a car that had steam billowing out of it, so we pulled over to see if we could help.  It was all beyond our understanding, but we tried.
We then went a saw some other people who have been struggling and they were really happy today, so that was great!
Also there is  amember here who is an art major who is really interested in drawing my hand. :)  So we stopped by so he could take some pictures.  He and his wife are so cute and sweet.  And he was so excited to be able to have all these pictures. :)  It was funny.
Sunday:  Church is always great when you have investigators there  And of course linda, Arnez, and Tom were there.  They even brought food for the linger longer, and they basically fit right in.  They just get to work and help.  They are so fantastic.  We then went and taught S. Gove again.  She is so sweet and nice, and was great.  We still hadn't finished weekly planning so we went to finish that as well.  Unfortunately we still are not done, but we are getting close.  Also another cool thing that happened was one of our less actives passed the sacrament in church!  :D
So that was basically our week.  Lots of good things and funny times.  Meeting people is definitely interesting! :)
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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