Sunday, March 30, 2014

All is a Days work (march 10, sorry it's late/out of order)

Hey All,
So this week has been really crazy.  And a little different.   So tuesday we finally had time and I saw the bullying video.  Oh my goodness it is amazing!  I love that video.  It is perfect as it describes high school to the T and really puts things into perspective.  If anybody has not seen it click here and it will be one of the top ones.  We went and taught Mary.  She is an old italian woman who is so funny.   She turns 80 and doesn't look it.  Unfortunately we think we are going to have to drop her. We hope not, but we will see.   T

Wednesday we had a busy day of confirming addresses and teaching lessons.  We found some moved and were pretty sure this one person lives at the address but can't confirm it yet.  Well as we were contacting sometimes you meet some really awkward and creepy people who the spirit says go away, and when that happens you give them to the elders. :)  Yeah.  That's all I want to say about that.  We had a pretty good lesson with the Marcoux kids.  They are so funny and doing ok, but they haven't been keeping commitments or coming to church so we are trying to figure out what to do with them.    

Thursday we had district meeting which was really helpful and we also went tracting!  We both haven't done that for a while.  It was actually fun and really good.  We were able to contact some great people and now our potentials list is being added to. :)

Friday we had weekly planning and We milked a cow!!!!  Yes I totally milked a cow.  Not by hand.  Sorry do disappoint, but with the milking machine thingys and it was so much fun.  I actually liked it.  So I didn't just milk one I ended up milking like...5 or 6. :)  We also fed a calf and played with some pigs.  It was fun.  I love farms. :)

Saturday I got to complete another task off my bucket list.  We went tapping!  It was fantastic.  We went and hung the buckets and the lids just like in the olden times.  Only we had snow shoes and didn't do very many.  It was really cool.  So now I've been apart of the sugaring process here is Sanbornton NH.  It is really cool.  :) 

Sunday church was great.  BTW I'm speaking in church next week. I'm excited... not really.  I hope It will all work out though.  We had a lesson with Judi our recent convert and then we had dinner with the Ayer family.  I think I mentioned this before, but the know the Brocious family.  :)  Small world right?  

Well that's all for now.  I hope everything is going good there!  

Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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