Thursday, June 12, 2014

One more week of awesome! (june 9, 2014)

Hello Family!
So this week has been lots of fun!  We had some really good experiences this past week.  I'll start with the very beginning I guess. 
Tuesday!  We changed our schedule around so that we go to FM on Wednesday now instead of Tuesday.  So we had tuesday to go and see some people.  Wow that was a little crazy!  We went and stopped by some less actives then we went over to Sister Pease.  She is an old lady that can't come to church so we played our violins for her and helped her out a little bit.  Then we dropped some cookies by to an investigators who was sick.  We then had a meeting at the JSM. It was a good meeting.  We talked about prayer, and I thought about some ways that I could improve my prayers.  Like having a more of a conversation for prayer instead.  We then went and saw some people in Randolf in preparation for a dinner that we were having up there.  They only problem was that we got up there earlier than we expected.  So we decided, the first house with a red door we will stop driving and knock on their door, because they will be ready.  Well that is exactly what we did.  And guess what.  She was ready. We had a great conversation with her, and she has great potential.  I know that that was where we were supposed to be.  We then went and had dinner with the family and guess what!  They had someone there for us to teach!  What?!  That was really cool.  We had dinner then we shared the Restoration with them. Unfortunately he didn't want to learn any more, but at least we gave him the option.
Wednesday we went to FM and we weeded for a very long time.  It was good though to be outside.  The only problem was that we got a few black fly bites.  After which we we went and helped out Marie.  She is a potential, and we helped her around her house.  Then we went to dinner.  Well the couple gave me the wrong address, and we got a little lost.  It was sad because we had some members following us to the lesson... yeah.  Awkward.  But we found the place and made it all right.  This was a lesson with Tim.  He is a recent convert and he just got married.  So we are teaching the new member lessons with him.  It is good.  We had dinner with them then we taught him about priesthood and auxiliaries. We then stopped by some members house and gave them some cookies that we made too.
Thursday we had District meeting.  That was really cool becasue they told us about this new thing, or I guess old thing that they want us to do.  They want us to be able to teach the Restoration in 5 mins.  Using the pictures in the pamphlets!  What?  Yeah it is cool.  We have started at 7 mins and let me just say that it is hard.  We always want to put in a bunch of fluff, but if the apostles say it is possible we will do it.  We were told we will 2x baptisms if we do this.  So we are doing it!  Well on the way to district meeting we were having some car issues.  So the member we rode with called her dad he came and they took the car to get fixed.  Well, apparently the lug nuts had fallen off.  How? IDK.  But they fell and the wheel was therefore having issues and if we had driven home we would have lost a tire along the way. :(  But since they took it to get fixed, we are still here to tell the tale of what would or could have been.  Thank goodness.  So because of that little dilema we were a little late in getting back to the JSM for Chat.  But it turned out ok.  We had a good chat with some people and then we scurried off to Woodstock to help at the community dinner there. That was really good. 
Friday we were supposed to have a lesson with some investigators, but then he called to cancel.  It was Rob.  He had a bunch of things come up and he was actually upset that he had to cancel.  
 So we just did our weekly planning and then we went up to the JSM to give some tours.  Well.  then we went home and did some more weekly planning... yay.
Saturday we were supposed to have coordination, but that fell through and it was also the mormon media blitz.  So we decided to go crazy and get to work!  We went to the bishops house and we called a bunch of people to come out with us and take pictures etc.  Well that is what we did and we had some good times.  We were a little crazy in everything that we ended up doing, but we are missionaries.  We went and talked to some people and shared the restoration in 7 mins.  It actually turned out to be 10. But it was so cool.  The lady accepted a soft baptismal and not only that she said we could come back and teach her more!!!!!!  It is working already!  So we were super pumped about that.  Then we went to the JSM.  We were there then we went to Camp Joseph where they were having a YSA activity and we went to go say "hi" to a less active who was there. It was cool cuz I saw a family from Laconia there!  Then we went to Dave's lesson.  He actually made us dinner. It was general Tsao's chicken.  It was really good.  And we had a great lesson about the plan of salvation.  He is doing a great job!  After that we played our violins and the piano so that Sister Brock and Brother Sypher could post them on facebook.  So now they are out there for all the world to see.  If they so desire. So that was about it for Saturday.
Sunday we had church and then we had linger longer.  That was fun because people took pictures of us there and posted them on facebook and all over.  Then we went up to the JSM where it was super busy with us giving tours all over the place. After we gave tours we drove down to see an investigator down in South Royalton to set up a return apt.  Because we haven't been able to see her for a long time.  So we set that up then we went and stopped by a less active.  She is not interested at all.  In fact she is actually going to a different church now.  Which was sad to hear.  She doesn't want anybody to stop by her at all.... we still were able to have a nice chat with her about different things.  Then we went and had dinner with a family with 6 kids.  The youngest of which is 2.  She is a very cute girl.  And sometimes those cute girls are the ones who do silly things. For example,  on Sunday we were in Gospel principles.  And well, this little girl coming running in and says while lifting her dress, "Mommy look!  I pooped!"  Haha.  That was so funny.  We all just started laughing.  Well of course that meant what she did was a good thing, so of course she tried to do a repeat in relief society, but her mother was able to stop that from happening.  It was super funny!
Well that is this week for ya.  Today we have a tour group from amerian fork and lehi and surrounding for heritage tours.  So thats all for now!
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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