Monday, June 2, 2014

Did someone say miracle?(late)

Hola Familia! 
How art thou?  This weeks marks a week of miracles on the Eastern country side.
Monday for p-day we went and played games like wiffle ball and ultimate Frisbee and just had fun.  I must say I am really out of shape.  Actually all missionaries are.  One Elder said, the reason why missionaries get injured is because they go on their missions get out of shape, but whenever there is an opportunity to do something they do it and then they injure something because  they no longer have the ability to do what they used to.  I think that is very true. 
Tuesday we went to facilities management.  There we worked out on the grounds at the JSM and spread mulch around the trees at maple lane.  It was tiring.  We were so sore afterwards.  Really it was hard.  Then we went and saw a referral.  His name was Bob.  Well we went to the house let me just say the directions were not good.. at all.  We had to ask for some help.  Well we made it there and when we got there, there ended up being 2 Bobs.  Actually one was Rob and the other Bob, but they both had the same name of Robert,  it was a father and son.  We talked with them for a little bit and then set up a return appointment.  It was amazing that it all worked out because we were leaving their door right as they came to it, so we talked to them and set up a time for this week. :)
Wednesday we had a few changes in some plans, but we went and helped a member in the ward cut down some trees.  That was fun.  Definitely not the usual service.  Then we went home to have lunch and clean up.  Well I was debating if I really needed to take a shower or not.  I did and good thing too because I found a tick on my clothes!!  Thank goodness I took a shower!  That was a little crazy.  We then went and saw Debbie.  We taught the Word of Wisdom.  It went... well it went.  Ok, it actually went really well.  SHe has no problems with it, except, she is a social drinker. So we talked about that for a while, and we promised her blessings.  Well she has been having problems finding a job, and miracle of all miracles when we left, later that day someone called for an interview.  coincidence?  I don't think so!  hahahahaha the gospel is true.  
Anyways, then we went and had dinner with the Egans.  One of the senior couples here with their daughter Mackenzie who has special needs.  It was fun.  They are so great!  Then we went to young womens where they are getting ready for girls camp.
That was fun.
Thursday we had our last district meeting as a district.  That was fun  we went to a cafe and had district lunch,  Then we came back and gave a tour to Misty the LA that we are working with and the n we went to the community dinner down in woodstock to serve down there.  That was fun.  Then we stopped by the perrons on the way home. 
Friday we had weekly planning which we did not finish because we had lunch with some women and  Eatons sugar shack.  2 of which went through the temple the next day for the 1st time. :) 
Then we went to the JSM to give tours.  After which we had dinner with the Olado's.  He used to be the Ward mission leader last summer.  Sister Olado is a really good cook.  She made some spaghetti and brownies.  She said that if we gave her a recipe that she would make it for us.  I am totally going to give her the raspberry truffle brownie cake.  :)  yumm.
Saturday we had coordination with our ward mission leader then we went to a post card fair!  I got some cool post cards.  :)  just 3  for some reason if they are old they cost more money, and all of then were old.  I will send some home.  One was for that old salt palace resort that used to be on the Salt lake.  I thought that one was really cool.  After the post card fair we helped pick up.  Oh, that was fun.  because al lthe people were really grateful and wanted us to get involved in things in the community and help them out.  :)
We then went and helped milk some cows.  It was sister smedley's 1st time.  It was fun.  It was a different experience than the 1st time.  We then went to a lesson.  Well.. we wanted to but we smelled so bad that we called a member to see if we could come to her house for a minute to change, she basically forced us into the showers.  haha.  That was good because then we came to the lesson all good smelling.  That lesson was a miracle.  So we were with a member and he called us and told us about this friend that was going through a hard time and wanted to turn his life around.  Well the member told him he would help, but that he had to meet with the Sister missionaries, aka us. :)  So we set up a time to have dinner and a lesson with him.  And that was a really powerful lesson.   Hopefully we will continue to be able to help him :)  We set up a lesson for this week.  his name is dave. 
Then sunday came around and we had church.  No investigators came to sacrament meeting, but Dave came to the linger longer afterwards.  yay!
We then went to the jsm and gave tours it was really busy and we were busy until the end of our time and then we went and had dinner with a senior couple the Mooneys.  That was fun.  He is a carpenter and he just had to bring his lathe out here to work.  lol.  So he made then the table that they have.  It is cool. 
So that was the week.  it has been busy and crazy.  And full of miracles.  Thanks for all your love and support!
Love always and forever, 
Sister Lundahl

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