Monday, June 2, 2014

The best is here

Hey Familia!
So last week we had a really odd week which I know that you heard a little bit about, monday was the parade and then Tuesday was our p-day, then Wednesday was odd too!
Wednesday we went to district meeting.  We usually have it on Thursday, but since they mission was having MLT (mission leadership training)  And that was on Thursday we had to move district meeting to Wednesday.  The reason MLT had to be moved is becasue there there some people from the mission department that came up.  So wednesday we went to district meeting then we went and did chat at the memorial.  Well we got a call from the mission president saying the people from the mission department were coming up for a tour.  Well... Luckily we didn't have to give them the tour we were doing chat that day and we were having dinner.  But in the middle of our dinner we were told that they wanted to meet us.  I'm not sure exactly why, but we went and met them.  They were really nice and it was crazy, because one was Brother Donaldson and he was the mission president for the District 2.  So if you go watch it on he is the mission president.  And the other one, Brother Hemingway was the other person who came and he was the executive producer for the District 1.  It was kind of cool to be in their presence.  So we talked with them for a minute then went back to dinner while Elder Osborn took them on a tour.  Then we went to Young Women's that night,  They were doing camp certification.
Thursday we had to change a few of our plans as an investigator texted us to let us know that she had strep. :(  Not good.  So we went and tried to see a less active and we did some area work.  Basically fixing up our visuals.  We then drove up to Randolf so we would be able to so see Rob and Bob!  Our great investigators who are progressing so well!  We went and Taught the Plan of Salvation.  We only taught half of it.  And Rob had already read the pamphlet.  He is so good about that.  We tried to help him out as best as we could.  It was great!  We then went to a members house to do some service.  We stacked some wood and then we had dinner with them.  They are a very funny couple. 
Friday we went and did our weekly planning.  So I guess we didn't really go anywhere.  But we did our weekly planning and it was good.  While planning we got a call from a member who wanted us to go visiting teaching with her.  We said of course!  So we went with her to see some members and go visiting teaching.  It was really good.  We then had dinner with her and her family.  They are triplets and those little kids are so cute!  They are adorable.  So we saw them and then tried to finish our weekly planning.  Unfortunately we sill are not finished.
Saturday we had another great and sad day.  We went and had coordination, and then we went to see Dave.  The investigator from Brother Sypher.  It was amazing again!  We taught him and Brother Syphers sons were there so they added to the lesson a bunch.  It was so good.  We had a great time! It was amazing!  We also taught him part of the Plan of Salvation.  We also unfortunately had an investigator drop us that day too.  They gave us a call and left a message.  It was sad.  But we moved on and went to the JSM to give tours. And then we went and had dinner with the senior couple here at the JSM it was the Ogdens.  He was the principle at AFJH.  They are so great.  I really like them.  They also know the Jensen's in our ward.
Sunday we had a good time at church.  Unfortunately none of our investigators came to church, but we were really happy anyway.  Because it was a good day.  We had choir after church.  And I really like the song we are singing. We then went to the JSM for tours.  After giving some tours to some great people we went and did the stop smoking program with a person who is struggling.  It was good.  We are sure she will be able to do it. :)  Then we went to the Perrons.  While there we saw our investigator Dave!  He was there with Brother Sypher.  They were taking a piano.  It was kind of really funny.  It was really good to see them. 
So that was our week.  It was a really great week.  I am really liking it here right now and things are really great!  
That is all for now! 
I love you all!  Also I need you all to do me a favor this week.  I need you to write a note to my companion Sister Smedley and send it this week.   Just send it to the address:
136 Caron Circle APT #14
South Royalton, VT 05068
She could realy use a note!  So please send one!
Love you all tons! 
Love always and Forever!
Sister Lundahl

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