Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 2 in Newport (july 14, Late)

Dear Family,
So this week for my big e-mail I am going to write about the miracles we saw each day. 

Monday we went and stopped by the Reitze family.  Their son Micah is going on a mission to Guatemala in fact he just left on Tuesday so we had so hurry and stop by really fast and see him before he left.  We got there just  a little bit before they had to leave to go to get him set apart.  I think that another miracle for the day was I finally got a soccer ball.  It is not pumped up, but that will change. :)

 Tuesday the miracles of the day were being able to contact a less active and she was fairly receptive to us coming by.  She was nice enough and we are going to come back with another member.  We also had a very interesting meal apt with some members.  It was odd because we had pulled pork sandwiches and hushpuppies.  There were no vegetables or fruits.  It was kind of funny.

Wednesday we had an amazing lesson with a less active Kala.  She is super nice.  She is going through a hard time, but she is doing really good, and I really wish that she would come to church.  We then stopped by the McConkies and I think it was so much fun to hear the great stories that they had to share.  They are really great! 
While we were out and about we were contacting formers, and we were going to see one and Sister Welling said lets stop by this less active that lives on this road.  We were driving and of course I had no idea where it was that we were going so when we said, here we are, I had to slam on my breaks going 40 mph and we stopped to see her.  That was a good stop by.  And I think we were supposed to go that former just so we could stop by that less active because the former wasn't home.  Sometimes the Lord puts us in different places for reasons we do not understand.

Thursday was a miracle day where we now have a new key indicator.  We basically count anybody that we talk to and share a message with.  They are not investigators, we are just leaving them with the invitation to learn.  Thus they are called ITLs.
We went to a Less actives house to share a message and while there her 2 less active children showed up.  So we were able to teach both of them and share the awesomeness of the gospel.  The daughter said we could stop by her house when we are in the area. :)  We re excited.  Then after that great moment we had dinner with some members and convinced them that we needed ice cream.  They took us and we sat across from these 2 ladies.  A mother and daughter, and they started asking us questions.  It was great!  They were fantastic.  So not even a day later we had a golden ITL!

Friday we had the miracle of being able to serve at a place called pennywise.  Iti s a thrift store and we sere able to help them sort through things.  We were also able to pick out a few things as well. But they sell things there for super cheap.  $3 a bag!  afterward we went and helped an old lady week her garden.  I must admit.  Her garden is completely overran. It was great to help her. 

Saturday I think that the miracle was digging for 4 hours and making a wonderful hole.  It was amazing!  We dug the foundation for a swimming pool, and I'll be honest when we started I was very doubtful that it was going to turn out, but before you knew it we had a level spot and foundation.  I think I was in the most shock!  The other miracle for that day was I got to milk a goat again.  By hand. :)

Sunday the miracle was being able to have dinner with a member.  She is super nice.  Her name is Sister Holmes and she is so helpful.  She came and picked us up and then drove us back.  And was asking how she could help us.   That is a very rare thing. 
Then we were walking in Corinna and stopped to talk with our neighbors.  She was almost baptized at one time!  Miracle that we found her.. well probably a planned thing from the Lord.  She is really good friends with some people that live in another branch.  :)  Oh yeah!

That is all for this week!  Things are going great!  I love the area, and my companion is super fun!

Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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