Monday, July 21, 2014


Bonjour Family!

How are things going?  Things have been going pretty well here.  WE have been trying to stay busy.  

Monday: the day was pretty much the same old P-day.  We had dinner with a member who has 2 boys and they are adventurous little 9 and 6 year old kids.  

Tuesday the miracles of the day involved going visiting teaching with a member.  That was lots of fun.  I actually really like visiting teaching now.  I wish I would have been better at it before my mission.  A funny thing that happened was we had dinner with a couple in which they told us how they met.  Needless to say they went from dating to marriage in 2 weeks.  It was quite the story.  We also had a great miracle of stopping by a family that the Elders have been working with.  We talked and they know Freddie and Tiffany.  The awesome mother and daughter that we were talking about last week!  Now we know where they live, so we are going to go and visit them!

Wednesday we had some awesome plans that kind of fell through a little bit, but we rearranged and made it work.  WE had district meeting and then an appt.  with an investigator. Well she wasn't home so we went and tried some other people.  We walked to some potentials and found some solid new potentials.  Then we went VT with a member.  Te person we were supposed to VT was not home. :(  So we took her to see some other people.  We called a few members on the way and ended up VT 3 other people. :)  Then we had a meal appt with a member who invited her grandson to come over and learn from us!  He is our new investigator!  We are so excited!  He is 12 and really nice.  He loves baseball.   So while I may not know anything about baseball, there are boys in the branch who do. 

Thursday we went and did some more VT.  And went and saw an old less acive lady.  Her husband in 92 and he served in WW2 and went across on D-day to Omaha beach.  He is really cool.  He also played the violin. :)  It was also Sister Welling's year mark of being a missionary.  And we had a meal apt.  But unfortunately there was some confusion about the time, so we went to pizza hut. 

Friday The miracle of the day was going to have dinner with Brother Reitze.  His car broke down in Farmington, and he came back for work but his family is still there.  And they just sent a missionary out on his mission, so things are a little crazy for him.  So we had dinner with him outside.  Bug spray was needed and used profusely. 

Saturday we went and did more service for a family.  We moved some dirt.  I feel bad, because for some reason when you move dirt it really is hard to see how much you have moved.  But I got some good blisters on my hands.  We picked some raspberries with some Less actives who are coming back to church.  It ended up being a great day.  

Sunday we had church.  And unfortunately we did not have any investigators come to church.  But the Less actives that we picked raspberries with came.  We finally finished weekly planning.  Which honestly is a miracle.  This is the first week that has happened.  And that is about it for miracles.  I really liked one of the stories that a member told us.  How some missionaries that found him and his wife.  They just appeared at the right time.  The Elder had the skills to fix a tractor, and now they are members.  It is so great to see how the Lord will prepare us before our missions for where we are going, and who we will be helping.

That is all family!

Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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