Monday, July 7, 2014

Where'd Sister Lundahl go?

Hello Everyone! 

How are you doing?  This week has been one of craziness and fun. Very busy though.  It all started last Monday when I had to hurry and finish packing.  Thankfully I was able to get everything in my suitcases.  Which was really good.  They were heavy, but that was ok, because I was able to fit everything in them.  We found a ride down to transfer meeting too.  WE took tons of pictures with everybody and it was just great!

Tuesday we hurried and got ready put my stuff in the car and then rushed off to transfer meeting.  Where I sat and waited to hear where I was going and who my companion was going to be.  Sister Smedley was panicking because there were only 2 options for her companions.  Me, I had quite a few.  When they announced who I was going to be with I didn't know where I was going.  It took me until I met her to find out I was going to the top of the mission to Newport Maine.  It was pretty funny, because Sister Huefner opened this area as well.  So that very first night we had a meal and a lesson with member and 2 new investigators!!!  Oh it was great.  The lesson may have gone all over the place, but it was really good.  They were asking some hard questions.  Their names are Steven and Linda.  IT was also an interesting dinner.  We had scones and sausage and then we also had peppers and onions on the top with Powdered sugar and maple syrup.  It was odd, but good.  But still a little odd. 

Wednesday we went and served Sister Mason.  We helped her clean windows and she made us an awesome BLT sandwich.  It was great.  We then went home and saw an investigator.  Her name is Felicia.  And she has some great potential.  She wants her kids to be baptized, but unfortunately she doesn't quite understand the need for authority.  We are going to help her figure that out soon.  So then she can have a testimony of that, because if it's not the right authority, then it isn't really official.  Anyway, she is very nice though.
We then went and tried some people then we tried some service places, but they weren't open.  Then we stopped by a members home.  They are the Reuters.  And I really like them.  They are so nice!  Their son in on a mission and the companion that he has is being sent home because he won't do missionary work.  And he shared some of his letter with us.  His son has only been out for about 5 months.  It is so crazy that is happening to him so soon.  But he has been strong and really understands the importance of missionary work.  We then had dinner with a member.  Her name is Sister Morgan and she as she puts it, has been single for a very long time.  But she a great.  She has 6-8 kids and is taking care of her mom right now.  She joined the church when she was 16.  We had a fun time with her.

Thursday we had district meeting.  That was good.  The people in my district are E. Quinn and Davis- elder Quinn was my district leader in So Ro but is now a Zone leader here.  E Parry and Beck, and S Dixon and Danner.  They are really cool.  We then went and saw some people.  Some less actives and recent converts in the elders area.  That was good.  We had dinner with the Masons.  Brother mason is super funny.  So is sister Mason I really like them already.  We went to a western place called Cervasas.  It was good. 
We went to yw and then a BOM class, and then we had a mini coordination and rushed home.

Friday we had the 4th of July breakfast with the branch here.  I met a ton of people and I don't remember all their names.  As we were helping clean up a little deacon was trying to help and unfortunately the table was bigger than he was and he dropped in on the back of my right ankle foot area.  It was ok.  IT just unfortunately bled a bit and is a little purple today.  and a little hard to run with.  But I'm trying.  WE then went home and did some weekly planning.  After which we rushed off to help the Kinnies with some service we ended us just dusting a shelf because it was raining outside.  We then went and filled up our water containers at the Watsons  a members home.  That was good because our water smells like sulfur.  It is kind of concerning.   but we don't drink it so that is good.

Saturday we were supposed to be in a parade in the morning, but they postponed it because apparently there was a hurricane going on over here so it was raining hard.  So we tried to finish weekly planning.  And then we went and saw a less active who just got a kidney stone taken out.  It was bigger than a golf ball, but smaller than a baseball!!  HUGE!  Yeah.  I don't know how that was in her.  So we then went to the Elders and went to the parade.  We walked with The Dows car.  They were driving a corvette.  1965 blue and beautiful.  It was followed by a 1965 mustang. I got pictures of sitting in both, but I forgot my camera today. :(  So that was really great though.  We handed out over 200 pass along cards and pamphlets to people between us and the elders.  Very productive I would say.  Then we went to Linda and Stevens for a meal and a lesson.  We also got to milk a goat by hand!  That was cool.  And see a few fireworks.

Sunday I met even more people. and not all of them are actually in this branch.,  One of the kids Micah is going on a mission to Guatemala.  So it was his farewell.  That was really good.  I also bore my testimony as it was fast and testimony meeting.  Unfortunately we had no investigators at church, but we did get to go to Micah's farewell party after church.  There were some non-members that we talked to and we also got to set up some apt for visiting teaching.  We have a goal of have 75% this month.  So go do your visiting teaching! 

It has been a really crazy week.   But I am so glad to be here.  It is so wonderful to be able to share the gospel with so many wonderful people! 

I love you all!

Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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