Saturday, July 5, 2014

Transfer... :(

Hello family,
So this week was good and sad.  It all started Monday.  We taught the FHE group that meet at the memorial.  It was lots of fun! Then we went home to finish weekly planning.
Tuesday we went and tried to really finish weekly planning.  We then Had our meeting with all the other missionaries at the JSM.  I love them all so much!  I have so much fun here.  They are really the greatest, and they spoil us.  So much.  But we love it.  :)  Afterwards we went up to Randolph to see some people.  We stopped by a less active named Buffy.  She has Bed bugs and they are all over her apt.  It is really bad.  Her foster son has  them all over his body.  :(  I had some hydrocortizone cream with me so I gave it to them.  They needed it way more than I did.  We taught a really fast lesson to Dylan, he is 7.  And he really likes it when "the church people" come over.  So we then stopped by a members house and had one of their children show us some art he has been working on.  It is actually really good.  A little dark, but good.  We then had dinner with the Likes.  They are one of the senior couples.  They took us to this fancy-ish place.  The food was really good.  Then we had to rush down to meet with Misty.  We had a great time, because we were able to get a member to come with us and we read through 2 Nephi 2:1-14.  It was a really good lesson.  I really enjoyed it.  The coolest thing happened that night.  We were laying in bed and there was this odd light flashing out side our window.  We kind of panicked a little bit thinking there was somebody out there.  But then we remembered what some members had told us, and we hurried and opened our blinds and there they were, a bunch of fireflies!!!!  It was so cool.  We just sat there and watched them for a little bit.  They just lit up the area in little splurts of light that would flicker.  I enjoyed it!  We fell asleep a little later.
Then Wednesday we went to FM.  It was not hot thankfully.  I think I don't like heat too much.  And we cleaned windows.  We did all the windows at the memorial.  Of course as soon as we got them all cleaned, what happened?  It rained.  Oh well.  We helped them clean out some of the storage units that they have behind the shop.  A bunch of the things were covered in mold so we wore the awesome face masks.  Well while we were working we got a text message.  It was from Bre.  She was the girl that came to church on sunday.  She was wondering if we could find her a ride to church!!  What!  Of course we could.  We were so excited.  I was practically jumping off the walls.  Oh how I love it when people want to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Anyways, after that we went and saw a referral we had been give.   She is a cousin of Misty's.  The Less active we saw.  So we went and talked with her, and guess what?  She is now a new investigator!!  Whoohoo!  It was awesome.  We were so excited.  We walked out and just thought, wait a minute, we jsut reached out goal of having 2 new investigators... oh my goodness.  The second one was Marcee she was able to set a return appt. with us.  After Sarah we went to the Perrons.  We had a nice visit with them.  Then we went to young womens.  That was fun they are getting ready for camp and we totally want to get involved somehow. :)  After that, we decided we needed to eat some dinner so we went home for a late dinner.
Thursday we had a great district meeting.  It was so good.  We talked about using out time best.  I loved something somebody said, it was from a general conference talk.  " There are more good things in the world than we have time for."  So that is why we need to fill our times with the best things.  Wow.  That has hit me hard.  I really want my time filled with the best.  So ever since then Sister Smedley and I have been working to do that.  After district meeting we came home, no car troubles and then we did chat at the JSM.  We had a few good ones, but nothing that really stood out much.  We had coordination with our Ward Mission leader. After we were driving to our next a backup appt because ours fell through when we saw an investigator that we have been trying to get ahold of for a long time.  So we totally stopped around the corned and got out our car to go and talk with him.  He was with a member, so we talked to the both of them, and the girl they were with is the daughter of one of our investigators.  We were shock they all knew each other.  But the Lord works is mysterious ways. We then drove to the backups house and talked with her for a bit.  We taught her the restoration.  She was really interested, and really wanted us to come back.  We are hopeful that she will start progressing.  She is an investigator that the Sisters before us found, but lessons have always been super scattered.  So that was realyl good.  Then we had dinner with the Hostetters.  They know one my friends from Utah.  So I was able to get her e-mail from them and I just e-mailed her.  Anyway  we have a great dinner with them and lesson.  Also as we traveled back there were a bunch of fireflies that we could see. :)
Friday we did weekly planning.  Yeah.  That wan't too fun.  But then we got to go and milk cows after we had JSM.  We had a great time.  We were able to feed a baby cow that was only about 3 days old.  It could barely stand on it's own.  It was also the 170th anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith.  It was good day though.  Although we were starting to worry about transfer calls.  And for good reason too. :(
SaturdayTansfer call day.  We went and saw some potentials and finished up weekly planning.  We set up some return appts.  and then we went to the JSM where we were busy with tours.  It was so good to be able to give some tours.  Afterwards we went and had dinner with the Hart family.  It was so cool because they both served missions.  and they have really strong testimonies.  Then we stopped by a few people and then had the inspiration that we needed  to stop by Pat.  We rushed to grab our violins and went over there to play for her.  She was home and we played.  We played some songs from her hymnal and from ours.  Quite a few of them are the same.  It was cool.  Well we got home and we were like we aren't getting a call there is no way.  I just felt so calm and sure of it.   Especially when it got to be 10:15.  We sat on our beds smiling saying, we are safe.  No we weren't.  10:24.  6 mins from our bedtime we got a call.  Yep.  That's right.  6 mins.  And guess what the call was.  Well Sister Lundahl you are leaving! and staying senior companion.  What?  For real.  I just got here.  I just sat there and was so sad.  I don't want to leave here.  Especially Sister Smedley.  But that was the call.
Sunday.  We went and picked up Bre and then went to church.  Sister Smedley was telling people that I was leaving.  It was sad.  I said goodbye to a bunch of people.  And after church though we were able give Bre a tour.  WE weren't able to set up a return appt. ith her yet so she is not a new investigator, but she will be.  She is so amazing!
And that brings us to today.  I have been busy packing and panicking trying to get everything ready.  So that is about it.  I love you all I will let you know where I am as soon as I can.  I won't find out till tomorrow.  We are going to transfer meeting. 

Love you always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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