Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week One of Training (august 18, 2014 so sorry it's late)

Aloha Family!

So the news for this last week is as follows:

Monday we pulled a prank on the Elders.... Hopefully we will see no retaliation especially since I am training.  

Tuesday we had to get up really early.  to drive down to Manchester. It was a very long drive.  about 3-4 hours.  Yeah it was long.  I met my new companion.  She is fresh from Provo Utah.  In fact she knows some people I know. :)  Her name is Sister Kayla Dastrup.  She is 19 and really nice. We have already had a ton of fun together.  We had a long 3-4 hour drive home and then we had dinner with a family and that was about it.  It has been crazy, cuz I am trying to go through everything with her, explain different phrases etc.  I am not used to this. I have to explain everything. I feel like I haven't shut up for the past 5 days.  

Wednesday we had district meeting.  Sister Dastrup was able to meet all the missionaries in the district.  It was good. We ended up seeing a ton of people that day too.  We went and taught about 4 less actives and then tried to contact a bunch of people.  It was really busy and exciting.  I didn't take her tracting.  I figured I would wait a little bit longer until I do that.  

Thursday we had the glorious task of doing more 12 week.  So in the first 12 weeks as a missionary you need to have 2 hours of companionship study.  It is a lot of study. So we did some service.  We went to a members house and snapped beans.  Unfortunately, I got lost driving there.  Idk how it happened because I've been there a couple of times but we got lost so we back tracked and eventually made it there.  I was very grateful I got the GPS the next day.  Anyways, we snapped beans and washed them, so she could do her canning.  We then went to stop by a member that lived close by.  We walked in, and they invited us to have dinner.  Wow!  That was crazy!  We had a very fancy dinner with steak and creme brulee.  It was delicious.  That was god.  We then taught Book of Mormon class.  Well, to be honest I taught it because Sister Dastrup is still brand new, so she made a few very good comments.  It is very hard for me to teach all the time.  I guess I've become too reliant on my companions cuz now I need to step it up and teach.  

Friday we did weekly planning. This also entailed looking at everything in the area book and teaching what everything is.  It was a long time to show what is what.  We are also going through a bunch of things and trying to fix this area up because right now we only have well... one investigator, and I wouldn't even say she is an investigator, just a kind of investigator.  We then went tracting... in the rain... in a trailer park... yep.  I'm so mean.  We went out and I made er knock on her first door.  She did a really good job.  She was scared, but she overcame and while the lady was not interested, it was a very good experience. We then had dinner with a member who wants us to practice teaching them because we have so few investigators.  So we are going over every week now to try and get better at teaching.

Saturday went to see some less actives, and then we helped at a yard sale.  We also started to work on our area stuff getting things in line.  It is going to be a lot of work, I am glad that my companion is really good at just sitting and getting things done.  We then had dinner with a member who is struggling a little bit.  It is a little odd, they have decided to take a little break from church.  Personally, I don't think that you should take a break, but what do I know I'm just a 20 year old kid.  So anyway...

Sunday we Sister Dastrup had her first sunday ever.  It was a good one.  The members were really kind and invited her right in.  She was able to do the classic new missionary items of bearing her testimony and being really confused.  It was great! lol.  What wasn't so great was walking into church and remembering that you are teaching sunday school!  Woops.  Totally spaced that one.  So I studied during sacrament and gave one of the worst lessons ever.  But we survived, and the non-member who was there said it was good, so I guess the spirit was there to help him know what was going on.

So that has been the week we've had.  It has been really long.  but now I have a GPS so I won't get lost, which is really good because we have to go down to Manchester this next week.  And we have interviews with our mission president this week.  It is just great.  I am so excited to be on my mission and be able to serve with all my might mind and strength.  It is such a pleasure and an opportunity.  I love this gospel so much! 

Love always and Forever,

Sister Lundahl

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