Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Family and friends,

This week has been an adventure of many different things.  We have had the good and bad, and boy is it hard but rewarding. :)

So starting with last monday.  We had dinner with a less active named misty.  I may have mentioned her last time I was here.  We had a great meal with her and her non-member mother.  Her mom then invited us to thanksgiving!  What?!  Yep yep!  We are going to thanksgiving at the red door church in town.  It is a local church and that is where this family has thanksgiving every year because there are so many of them :)  It will be an adventure. 
ps. happy birthday dad!

tuesday We had a good time walking around Randolph.  It is getting a little chilly and while I want' quite dressed for the weather we had a fantastic day.  We were able to talk to quite a few people and we met with some of our investigators.  It was great!  We had a great lesson with Elizabeth who we invited to come to church and then... she came!  We found her a ride and they picked her up and we think that she really liked it.  

Wednesday we had a really good district meeting.  We have some funny Elders. We are the only set of Sisters in out district. Also one of the boys in the ward was there because he is getting ready to go on him mission.  We then had lunch, which the future missionary made for all of us.  He is a good cook, so his companions will like him.
We then went and tracted around to some different people.  We met a very nice Jehovah's witness and we also had a dog barrel right toward us.  We didn't run because we didn't have anywhere to go.  So we just stood there as a dog came racing towards us.  Luckily it was a nice dog.  I am really glad because Sister Erickson got bit by a pit bull earlier in her mission and she has only been out 4 months!
We were supposed to have dinner with an investigator, but she is sick so we went about doing some other missionary work.  Going through the area book and such!  YAY!....

Thursday we went to FM aka Facilities management.  We moved around costumes and then we helped put up the stable on the hill.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it.  It is dark now so we can't see it.  They do a live nativity the first couple of days after thanksgiving!  I am really excited.  We get to be here for it.  We had to drive way out for a lesson with an investigator.  It was really good.  She is doing well.  She has been reading and she came to church. :)

Friday we had weekly planning. :)  Yay!  We got most of it done.  And then we went to the JSM to do chat.  We get some very interesting people online.  Some lady got on just to tell us how wrong we are.... I don't understand people sometimes.  We were supposed to have a lesson with a potential investigator but that didn't happen.  She was inside.  She could hear her, but she wouldn't open the door.  Some people just aren't quite ready for the gospel yet.

Saturday we went less active contacting and we found out that a few have moved and a few still aren't interested.  We did read with one.  And that was good.  He is confined to his home because of health reasons, but his daughter was there and she really appreciated the visit as well.  

Sunday we were super blessed with having 2 investigators at church!  Both of which got there independently of each other!  I am so happy!  I feel like this is what it is all about, people coming and learning and feeling the love of the savior at church and learning more and more.  I love it!

We had dinner with a fantastic family.  the Turinetti's!  They have 6 girls and 4 boys!  It is one party for dinner!  I love them. :)  They are a great family.  We have so much fun with them.  

Well that is about all.  I gtg.

Love you all!  Love,
Sister Lundahl

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