Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is coming!!!

Hey everyone!!
This week has been so crazy!  Some of it good, some of it less than desirable.   You'll know what I mean.  But to start with all the crazy good things that have happened. 
We have been going non-stop somedays.  So Tuesday we taught a lesson to Linda and Arnez, who are both doing fantastic. Then we went to the Royers and moved wood.   Lots of wood.  We had to not just move it to a new spot but onto the secone story of a barn.  It was fun.  Actually we were really lucky that we were ablt to move it all. I'm not sure how we did it.  We had a huge stack that we needed to move in 20 mins and somehow we did. :)  
On wednes day we did not have dictrict meeting because the Topsham missionaries had a funeral so we got to do our mormon.org time and help a member whose washer and dryer broke.  IT was actually a lot of fun.  She has the cutest little girl.  We then went and read the book of Mormon with a less active.  Then we went and taught a lesson to another less active.  That night the young women were sharing family history stories, nd luckily I was able to look some up on family search.  I am so glad somone put those stories up .  They were very interesting. 
Thursday we had district meeting and it was so muc fun we read Heleman 14, Mat1-2, Luke 2 and 3 Nephi 1, as a pre study and then we acted them out.  Yes I recorded them.  I think it was my favorite district meeting so far.  It was so much fun!  We then went and helped a lady decorate her house for christmas!  It was very fun.  She has quite a few decorations though.   
Friday was great.   We did a bunch of weekly planning and then went and had a lesson with Linda and Arnez.  It was great.  unfortunately Alrnez fell of the bandwagon a little bit and smoke some.  But we are showing her that we will love her and support her and want to help her.  We then had our exchange with Augusta and they came and dropped S. Lassen off with me.  
Saturday:  We after studies we go to grab the keys and get to work and I can't find the keys anywhere. So I call s Huefner.  Guess where they were?  In her pocket.  In Augusta.  Not in Waldoboro.  So we had no car and the nearest place we needed to go was about 5 miles away.  But wait, then I was supposed to drive to Augusta later that night... with no car.  So we called our investigators and headed out to walk.  They said no way and came and picked us up on the way.  Linda and Arnez were there.  Tom.. was not.  Aparently Arnez and Tom are not happy with eachother right now.  Anyway after our lesson with them, they drop us off at the goldrups who have pity on us and sis goldrup drives us everywhere.  She took us to the Royers so we could take care of their dogs while they were at the temple then she took us to an investigators house.  And then the investigators took us home.  And then Sis Goldrup came and picked us up and took us to Augusta.  So while not exactly the ideal, it turned out to be a great opportunity to get to know sis. Goldrup even more and have faith that we were going to make it everywhere we need to go.  
That's all for crazy excitement.  This week is going to be even worse with mlc and zone interviews and an exchange.  Wow, life it just so busy!   
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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