Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hey everybody!
I love holidays!  They are pretty awesome! And who doesn't love Thanksgiving?  hmmm?  And I am so glad we have members who invited us over.  :)  So on sunday our thanksgiving was looking a little sparse because we only had one member invite us over, so we were praying that we would be able to get some more places to visit, and thankfully we did. :)  
So Tuesday was a wonderful day.  It was one of those days that we could definitely see the Lords hand leading it out.  It just worked out perfectly.  We went and taught a lesson to Arnez and Linda, and then we went to see a potential investigator and help her move some furniture and stuff.  It was great because we were able to share a scripture and hopefully we will be able to keep serving her.  She is a cousin to the Thompson's who just moved out to Utah.  Actually to  Orem.  So we went and helped her and then had to go to the Royers to feed their fire.  He is our branch mission leader and he got something in his eye and had to go to the hospital so we were making sure their fire didn't go out while they were gone.  We then went to a Relief Society activity.  It was great.  We made menu boards which we converted into a planning chart.  :)  We then went back to feed the Royers fire.  well, I didn't put as much wood on it as I should have... so I had to work to get it going again.  Luckily we still had a few coals left.  Unfortunately the wood was taking a while and then the smoke started to billow back at us instead of out because the chimney wasn't open.  It was a little crazy but we were able to figure it all out and got a roaring fire going again. :) Especially since we got snow for the first time today.  It was beautiful.  And not very much.
Wednesday, was quite a bit less eventful.  We had district meeting.  And then we went and saw Sister Gove.  We taught her a little bit, and she gave us some egg nog.    That was the main(e) highlight of the day.  -haha get it Maine... main... ok nevermind. -  So we were able to work and get some things done though and that was good.  WE also got a ton of rain!  It was crazy.  The river is still overflowing.  But we were able to make it down to Topsham with no accidents. :)  
Thanksgiving!!! Boy it was crazy to not worry about black friday shopping.  It felt like a regular odd day.  We went and watched a movie with Linda and Arnez and arnez's granddaughter, Jillian  We wanted the full length restoration dvd.  It was good.  And then we went over to the Kanewske's  we were able to talk with then for a bit and share our Thanksgiving scripture which was Mosiah 24:21.  We focused on how they poured out thanks to god.  It was good.  The husband brought up Man's search for meaning, by Victor Frankl and I knew what he was taking about.  All those books I read in high school paid off. :)  We then went to the Dyers for dinner!  It was delish!  I love the Dyers!  They are a fantastic family who are so fun to be around. :)  And thanksgiving was the bomb!  We then went over to the rest home and sang a few songs for a family who was there.  
Friday we had to do a last minute exchange cuz we couldn't fit it in earlier in the transfer, so that was really good.  After weekly planning we went out on the exchange, so I had Sister Hoffman with me for the night.  We went and taught a few people. We have been seeing some of these investigators and we never get a full lesson in, but this time we were able to teach both families full lessons!  It was fantastic!  It was a really great day!  
Saturday we went to try and find some potentials and some former investigators, and we were able to go in and see this really nice lady who is willing to let us come back!  So we will keep working with her she is a very nice lady!
Sunday was super, between the elders and us we have about 8 investigators at church!  And about 10 nonmembers.  It was so cool.  And then I got up and bore my testimony.  Because I was so glad we didn't get a call the night before telling us that we were splitting so now I get to stay in Waldoboro for Christmas!!!!! 
Well I got to get going Love you all!!!
Love always and Forever!
Sister Lundahl

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