Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Miracles!

Hey everyone!
So this week was crazy!  I'm not sure I will be able to write about it all, but I will do my best.  It all started Monday when we got a snow storm and had to drive to Augusta.  It was a scary drive but we made it.  We then had to wait 2 hours for the other missionaries to get there. And then drive to Portland, pick up another sister and drop me off, and the rest of the sisters had to keep driving down to Manchester.  So that was the start.

Then on tuesday Sister Beus and I went out and about in that area.  I met a member who has made a stuffed animal sewing book.  Her last name is Goulders and she is amazing! I absolutely love her!  The then went about trying to find and teach people, we met a quaker on the street and met some other really nice awesome people. :)  And then Sister Huefner picked me up and we drove all the way back to augusta where we then drove back to waldoboro.  Getting home way past our curfew and 11:00 it was not good...
We still had to get up at 6:30 and get to work.  It was great.  And that night I was leaving the area again so we could go on exchanges with oxford and so I quickly unpacked and then repacked and we had to go about doing all our usual stuff.  We taught linda and arnez again,and then helped a lady named Melanie move some things and clean a few other things.  Which was fun.  And the rest of our usual Wednesday stuff, because we didn't have district meeting because we had interviews on friday.  

So thursday was fun.  I met the people in oxford.  The sisters there really have some great members that are just fantastic!  They are very helpful and are very missionary minded.  And the Sisters have been able to find some great investigators over there too.  I love all the people there.  We taught this single guy who has already made a bunch of changes in his life and it a really great guy.  We also taught this Golden family who called the missionaries because they left a card and now they are learning and wanting to know more and are really comfortable in the gospel.  It is cool to see how the other sister's areas are doing. :)

Friday is when we had interviews and we had quite a bit of travel time from oxford, but it was fun with Sister Jensen who I was with.  I love having interviews because you get to talk with the mission president one on one.  And talk about anything.  Which is very helpful.  Interviews were of course running very late so we had to hurry home.  Of course while we were at interviews we found out Sister Huefner lost the phone.  SO we were hoping that it was at our apt.   So we hurried back and couldn't find it anywhere.  So we said a quick prayer and the Elders found the phone outside- they were giving us a ride to the branch christmas party since we gave them a ride to interviews- apparently the phone had fallen out of Sister Huefner's bag on the ground.  We were so luck that it didn't get ran over!  Then the Christmas party was great.  WE had good ol' funeral potatoes. :)  And they were yummy, and we also had ham and veggies and stuff like that. :)

Then Saturday wen't crazy because we needed to help sister brooks get ready for the storm so we stacked about a cord of wood then went into the forest to cut down our own Christmas tree. :)  It is kinda sparse, but cute and is awesome.  I just think it is kinda funny that we just went into sis. Brooks backyard and found a tree.  We then had another lesson with Linda and Arnez.  It was good.  Tom was there.  I can't remember if I told you all but tom and Arnez broke up and tom didn't realize he could still come to church, but we hope that he will be able to now. Then we helped the Duffy's with their tree, so that was fun getting it into the stand.  All their cats we're funny when they saw it, they had to keep checking it out.  Then we started our weekly planning and prepared some more for the storm.

Sunday was a really crazy miracle day.  It was great.  1st church got cancelled.  Yes, kind of odd.  I've never heard of church getting cancelled until I came out here, and it was a good thing it was because there was a lot of snow.  I think that we got about 1-1.5 ft of snow.  It is crazy.  There is so much snow everywhere.  And so we got out and shoveled ourselves out and then tried to help shovel our neighbors out.  Of course our cars were grounded so we couldn't drive any where so we got walking.  As we were walking we saw a person outside shoveling, and thought, perfect someone we can help.  So we go over to try and help. We went to ask him and he said you must be the Mormons.  Are you out of the damariscotta branch? It is very rare for someone to know that term.  So while we were in slight shock we find out he is a baptized member!  He was baptized at 8 and has a little family and live around the corner from us and his records aren't on our list.  We are determined to fix that, and go and see him again!  It was crazy.  Just around the corner and there he was.  He said he didn't need out help, but that he appreciated it.  So we went back to walking around when I guy stopped and asked if we needed a ride.  We said no, but asked if knew of anybody that needed help shoveling.  So he send us back down the road to an older couple called the browns,  We made the hike, talking to a few people along the way, and came just as Todd Brown was exiting his house to start shoveling.  So we asked if we could help and got to work.  Then his wife and him invited us in to warm up and we talked with them for a while.  Told them we were singing in church and they said they might come.  They even wrote down the address.  So that was exciting.  Then as we were heading back to our apt/ sis brooks home we saw 1 house whose drive way had not been shoveled.  And we were ready to go back and finish our weekly planning and be done for the day, but we said a quick prayed and went back and met a really nice guy named Barry who invited us over for dinner with him and his wife. :)
So even when the snow comes down and the flood and whirlwinds come the lord will deliver us to those who are prepared for the gospel.
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

ps, I forgot that we are also doing a Christmas challenge as a zone the 12 days of Christmas and yesterday we also had to hand out 3 Christmas DVDs.  We succeeded.  And today we are going to be sharing 4 Luke 2 messages and so on.  It is crazy fun! we are competing with all the other districts in the zone. :)

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