Monday, December 30, 2013

Freezing Rain (from december 23)

Hey family!
So this week had been crazy!  We have been doing a 12 days of christmas challenge given by our zone leaders.  And so far our district is killing with a perfect score! 
on monday we had to share 4 luke 2 messages.  mind you that is our p-day and we had to drive to go on exchange... so we got creative.  WE memborized a scripture and shared it with people we met.  like the lady who works at moody's gift shop and the dollar tree cashier, and others.  It was intersting.  Very awkward, but we did hit success. :)  And we had to drive down to topsham and back. So sister tait came back with me to Waldoboro.
Tuesday we went out and taught Linda and Arnez again.  We finally taught the law of chastity.  WE didn't wait because we were scared, but because we had already gave them the pamphlet and they read through it.  but we still needed to officially teach it.  o worries.  THey are all good.:)  Then we went to go help a potential paint some furniture, but she wanted sister Huefenr to be there to paint so we cleaned the furniture and helped that way.  We then had to do our christmas challenge of contacting 5 former investigators.  So off we went.  We called people and drove to houses.  One house we went to had a bunch of creepy statues outside of it and it was hard to get to the door.  but the guy was nice.  He is an artist which explained the statues.  We also found a new investigator from it.  Her name is Cat.  It was really funny cuz we knocked on her door and she just yelled come in.  So we did.  And she wss super cill that we were missionaries.  And was very nice, and wanted to learn more. :)  We then came in a little early due to the fact that we we're getting another storm so we worked on visuals and things like that. :)
Wednesday we woke up to another 1.5 ft of snow.  We also needed to drive down to topsham so that we could unexchange. We were also grounded... So we shovelled ourselves out and called our branch missionleader he gave us the go and we went out and about to get to topsham.  I drove, and all the road were clear except for thedriveway to the elders apt because it was crazy steep, but we made it and picked up the elders and drove to topsham.  :)  no problem.  We called all the people we usually see and told them we would be late... we ended up being really late, but they understood.  S. Russel one less active we see actually made us dinner!  So we had waffles!  My 1st waffles in new england.   And they were very good.  So funny story: my companion doesn't like tea and s. Russel always gives us herbal tea, and so S.H. tried to sweeten it with syrup... then she put in honey... then sugar... needless to say it did not improve the flavor.  But she choked it down with a happy face :D  It was really funny.  We also went caroling that night with the youth in the branch.  It ended up being a wonderful day. :) 
Thursday We needed to invite 7 people to do something from  DId you know you can download free music from  so we asked 7 people. :) We had a lesson with Linda and Arnez and Tom at the Duffy's-the family we lived with for 3 weeks.- and it was great.  WE re-taught the plan of salvation and it was great.  We then went to melanie's the potential and really painted the furniture.  And somehow we were able to invite 7 people.  We had to call a few, but there was no way we were loosing our perfect score.
Friday was a car fast.  We had weekly planning and that took up most of our day. And the rest...was not very exciting. :0
Saturday we went and taught linda and arnez again.  It was great.  WE watched the testaments with them.  It was great.  We also had to ask for 9 christmasy referrals.  So we went caroling that night and asked for people we could sing to next.  It was great!  We we're able to carol to our neighbors with the elders and shared christmas cheer.  :)  It was a really good day.  But everyone was preparing for an ice storm...which came
sunday.  Due to the ice, church was cancelled.  And good thing too.  We had about .5 in of ice on everything.  Although the road was ok since it had been very sanded.  But since we had no church and we can't go and shovel ice we had a very creative day of helping our land lady sister brooks.  We made 2 pies with her and did a ton of thankyou cards. and somehow we were able to deliver 2 christmas baskets which we also made with sister brooks all so we can still say we have a perfect score... needless to say, our district is winning. :)
Which brings us to today.  Where it is still raining although it is just warm enough that it is not freezing and we need to do 2 christmas fhe's with members.  So we have one scheduled.  We jsut need to figure out the other one... but we will succeed the lord will provide.  And tomorrow we will be singing 12 christmas carols.  And that is what we are doing.  It has been a crazy good week. :)
Love always and Forever,
Sister Lundahl

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