Monday, August 4, 2014

Redneck wedding? (july 28)

Hello!  Family,
How are things going at home?  It is so good to hear from all of you.  So the good things of this week include so very odd event. lol
Monday we had an awesome district p-day with playing ultimate Frisbee and wiffle ball.  I am not the best as wiffle ball, but I can at least hit the ball now. :) We also had a meal apt with a member and I am sure that I saw a bear!  but my comp didn't so alas  I cannot confirm it.  I will need to keep on the look out, because I really want to see a bear on my mission I've seen a bunch of foxes and turtles and groundhogs and porcupines etc.  But no bears...yet. Or any moose.  But I'm not sure I want to see a moose.  Anyways.
Tuesday we had zone conference.  Crimany! it was great!  We talked about our purpose as missionaries and had some great times.  It was so cool to gather as so many missionaries and to see the growth as a mission.  There are a bunch of missionaries going home soon that I have worked with and I am so glad that I have been able to serve with them.  This zone conference was longer than any I've ever been to in my entire life.  It was great though.  Very inspiring. 
Wednesday due to zone conference we do not have district meeting, which throws the whole week off. but we went and weeded for a member.  We uncovered another row of onions.  And next week we are going to be uncovering the peas.  It has been a process to get everything weeded for her.  She is really old and can't do it herself anymore, but we are glad to help :)
We saw some Less actives and we also went visiting teaching.  We also got really lost.  It was bad.  we ended up using a ton of miles because of it.  We had some good times and we were able to meet some great people even though we got lost.  :) 
Thursday we had an appointment with an investigator, but he didn't show up.  We have been teaching him at his grandma's house. We saw a less active.  Her father just passed away, and she is dealing with it surprisingly well.  She is a sweet lady.  We were supposed to have Book of Mormon class, but nobody showed up.  Which was a little sad because we had a pretty good lesson planned.  We had coordination too.  So a member went to the beach.  She wanted us to come, but of course we couldn't.  So she said she would bring us something back.  So, of course, beach equals sea shells!  She brought us a sea urchin shell too.  So cool!
Friday we went Visiting teaching.  And weekly planning.  Oh weekly planning. That takes a very long time. But we chugged away at it.  And then we proceeded to go some less active members and we had a meal appointment.  We had a meal with some members who invited their friends to be taught the missionary discussions!  What!?  It is crazy.  We are so excited to teach and help them!  They are great.  We will see them this next week. To help break up the stress they decided to psycho analyze us.  It was really funny, and pretty good.
I also picked up the moccasins that I ordered.  They are pretty sweet.
Saturday we went and I met one of out investigators.  She is a very... interesting lady.  She is very nice and has a talking bird.  She likes to smoke a bit too.  So we smelled pretty good the next little bit especially since we went to a wedding after.  Now this wasn't any typical wedding.  This was a classic redneck wedding.  Camo and pink and orange were the colors.  The men wore camo shirts and jeans and the girls wore this odd shirts with jean shorts.  It was a very odd wedding because as soon as the vows were said, they groom and 2 groomsmen pulled out the beer and started chugging.  Yeah.... Nothing too crazy happened.  We were there to help the member, whose daughter was getting married serve and clean, etc.  It didn't get out of hand, or we left before it did.  It was interesting.  I really made me glad for the knowledge that we have.  We have a God who loves us, and we are able to have a family that can be together forever.  What more can we ask for?  If anything, it strengthened my desire to get married in the temple.
Sunday we taught gospel principles. That was fun.  WE taught the word of wisdom.  Oh my. I just want people to know that caffiene is not against the word of wisdom.  That's all. We had some good discussions.  That is all the exciting stuff.  The rest is just lessons with less actives, etc. 
It was a great week.  We had some intersting times, and some great times.  You never know what a mission is going to bring. :)
Love always and forever,
Sister Lundahl

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