Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week 2 of training

Hello Family!  

How are you all doing?  This week had been much more exciting than some previous.  Thank goodness.

It started on tuesday where we went around really just trying to see less actives that live in the newport area.  That turned out good.  Apparently there has been an ice bucket challenge going around on facebook and a Less active did it while we were there. lol.  It was very amusing.  We had dinner at a members house and practiced teaching her the restoration. :)  Then we stopped by a potential investigator of the Elders that they said we could see.  They live off the grid, but in a good way.  They have solar panels and running water still, but they are a little extreme and they plow their fields by an ox.  They are super cool.  I really like them.  

Wednesday we had interviews with President Stoker.  As always they are great.  I love having interviews.  It is just so much fun to be able to get to talk with your mission president.  Also sister Stoker gave us plan of salvation cut outs.  They are really cute. After our interviews we had zone meeting.  This transfer they want us to really focus on developing our Christ like Attributes.  The one I am working on is Patience... big surprise I know. We then went home and contacted some former investigators.  They seem really open and nice.  They couldn't meet right then, but we are going to come back this week. We had dinner with the Watsons after that.  They are so great. We also asked them for help.  The Dover Elders were having a baptism the next day and needed someone to play the piano. Sister Dastrup plays the piano.  So they asked if we were going, we didn't have any investigators so... no.  They talked to some people got us permission, so we had so find a ride cuz there is no way we had the miles to drive ourselves.  So we talked to the watsons, and they offered us a ride. :)  Thank goodness.

So Thursday comes around and we had an appointment with a potential investigator that went really well.  She reminds me of Grandma Lundahl.  We taught her and she is open to us coming back. :)  Then we went to the Watsons where they took us up to Dover-Foxcroft for the baptism.  We got there and guess what?  The original lady who was going to play came, so Sister Dastrup didn't need to play, but I still led the music.  There ya go the music sisters.  So we drove up there got to watch a baptism and came home. it is like a good 45 min drive.  So once we got home we rushed up to an appointment we had in Dexter at the library with a potential/former investigator.  He was really open and said he will be coming to church sometime soon.  Hopefully sooner verses later.  And those are all the exciting things.  Then the usual Thursday stuff of Book Of Mormon class and coordination.

Friday we went and did some major service.  We tore up the floor of a house.  It was linoleum and then some particle board stuff underneath.  It took a long time and was a lot of work.  The Elders did most of the heavy work.  We then went to a different home to pull nails out of board.... yay.... Then we did our weekly planning.  

Saturday we had a branch activity. It was a pioneer activity.  We played tug-a-war.  The Elders and sisters so 4 of us vs all the young women, young men and primary.  They won the first one, but we won the second round.  Strategy.  It works.  We then went to see a guy, he wasn't home so we tried contacting a referral.  No luck there either, so we finished up weekly planning.  and went and had dinner with the McKinneys.  She is a great cook. She asked for recipe's so I gave her the Raspberry truffle brownie dessert, but then ran out of flour, so she is going to make it next time :) It was really good stuff. 

Sunday was another great day of church.  We taught the relief society lesson and then had lunch with the Reitze family.  It was good stuff. Then we saw a less active and delivered the song the primary is singing for the primary program. :)  That will be fun.  We are going to go over it with the kids too, they weren't there, they were at their dads.  

That was basically it for the week.  Today we are driving down to Manchester for the new missionary meeting tomorrow.  It should be fun!  I am excited.  a good 4 hour trip. :) insert some sarcasm....

Anyways, that is all for now!  I love you all!

Love always and Forever,

Sister Lundahl

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