Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What?! (august 11, 2014)

Hello Family! 

This week has been one of odds and whats?  Tuesday we had a good day.  I honestly can't remember what we did, I just remember it turned out good.  I forgot last transfers planner. 
Quick lingo reminder: a transfer is a period of 6 weeks. 
So we just had a transfer end on Sunday, and I have news... but that is for later.

Wednesday we had district meeting.  Well.  that was fun.  We did the training part and we related how to teach while you find to John 3.  When Christ is teaching Nicodemus. That actually was really fun.  Then we helped these members move an old sleigh out of a super old barn.  The barn was falling apart, and the member was like, oh, don't step here or here or here because you could fall.  What?    Well there were 3 of us doing the work.  Sister Welling and I and the member. I think that we had some help, because that could have ended very badly. 

Thursday we went contacting people and then we went to finally finish weeding a members garden.  It took so long.  4 weeks.  But it is finally finished.  By the time we were pulling weeds Thursday they were taller than me. :/ It was really bad.  As soon as we finished it started to pour rain.  So we ran around and had fun for a few minutes before we went to our next thing.  The member gave us some blue Twinkies for helping weed.  They looked very interesting.  So later that night we gave our to the elders.  Well.  They didn't want them.  So they put them in our bag.  SO we put them on their car.  They put them in our shoes.  So Friday we went and helped a member more dirt with the Elders there too.  We went back to the church to do planning and the Elders had to clean the font cuz they had a baptism Saturday.  Well we were on a lunch break so we may have pranked the Elders car.... yeah.  That's all I can say.  We are waiting for their response. 

Saturday we had a crazy day.  We got a violin for me to play at the baptism, well somehow the leather strap on the bottom that holds the board that holds the string broke.  I have no idea how but it did.  I tried fixing it so many times, but it didn't work.  So we called around found another violin and picked it up.  This violin is old, but beautiful.  Well as I was trying to tune it the A string broke.  So I didn't play at the baptism.  Unfortunately, I found that there was a spare A-string in the case. If I had looked earlier I still could have played.  I was a very stressful moment and I was very sad that it did not all work out.  That day we also had a wedding for a member and his non-member wife.  He is working an being able to baptize her.  We are excited for them.  They are a fantastic couple.  I really like them.  It was a beautiful wedding and reception. Well right after the wedding we went to a members house to work on our talks which we had been assigned to give the night before and we had a missed call from President Stoker!  What?  It was transfer call night, but we usually don't get calls until 9.  E called him back and he gave us the news.  SIster Welling is leaving going Senior companion.  And Sister Lundahl is staying and training a brand spanking new missionary.  What?!  I am not too excited to be honest.  training is scary.  But there are so many miracles that come from training, so I am at least excited about that.  Plus a new missionary... that will be fun :)

That is about it.  Sunday we gave our talks.  I forgot my notes for it, so I just gave what I remembered.  Then we said goodbye to people and yeah.  That is about it.  I hope things are going well at home!  I love you all and can't wait to here from you!

Love Always and Forever,

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