Monday, December 15, 2014

Last Week.

Hello Family and Friends!
So this last week has definitely been really odd! All of our plans cancelled because the snow came and came and came!  Wow!  So monday night we went on exchange and to our surprise we had snow and we got grounded.  So we walked 4 miles to the memorial and then got stuck due to snow.  So a senior couple gave us a ride home after we got permission.  

Wednesday we had the great experience of exchanging at 7 in the morning while the road were good so I could get Sister Erickson back.  Then all our set appointments cancelled and we headed out to the memorial to do chat.  We got home rather quickly though because the snow started coming and everything else that evening got cancelled.  Even the electricity.  We slept like we were camping.  Sweats and sweatshirts.
Thursday again everything cancelled so we walked around and then we went to the memorial and we ended up sleeping there that night because we didn't have power. 
Friday we went home to power and it has been back ever since.  And that was great!  We had a traditional maple candies and sugar on snow. 
 We saw some people but our appts still got cancelled.  :(  Even though we could go out. That was it for the week.  They are taking Sister out of So Ro. This is my last e-mail so I want to say that I am so happy that I've been a missionary and I am so happy that I have been able to learn so much!  I love this gospel and it has changed my life.  I know this Gospel is true and I will see you all soon!


Sister Lundahl

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